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"Progressive values ARE traditional American values.

We are proud of the victories for equality and against hierarchy: the emnancipation of the slaves, women's suffrage, the union movement, the integration of the armed forces, the civil rights movement, the woman's movement, the environmental movement, and the gay rights movement.

We are proud of FDR's conception of government "for the people" and his rally for hope against fear.

We are proud of the Marshall Plan, which helped to erase the notion of "enemies."

We are proud of John Kennedy's call to public service, of Martin Luther King's insistence on nonviolence in the face of brutality, of Cesar Chavez's ability to bring pride and organization to the worst treated of workers.

Progressive thought is as American as apple pie. Progressives want political equality, good public schools, healthy children, care for the aged, police protection, family farms, air you can breathe, water you can drink, fish in our streams, forests you can hike in, sognbirds and frogs, livable cities, ethical businesses, journalists who tell the truth, music and dance, poetry and art, and jobs that pay a living wage to everyone who works"

Progressive activists—for living wages, women's rights, human rights, the environment, health, voter registration, and so on—are American patriots, working with unselfish dedication to making a better world, a world that fits fundamental American values and principles."

George Lakoff, Don't Think of an Elephant
"And that our nation can no more survive as half democracy and half oligarchy than it could survive "half slave and half free" and that keeping it from becoming all oligarchy is steady work our work."
Bill Moyers
Bill Moyers
Bill Moyers
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updated Sun. April 30, 2017

After strong showings in two special elections for congressional seats, Democrats are beginning to believe they have a real shot at winning control of the House of Representatives next year.
Milo Yiannopoulos has seemingly laid low in the months following his departure from far-right online publication Breitbart amid his comments on pedophiles, but in the time since, he says he's already bankrolled millions off his provocative (leaning ...
New England College held a town hall with Commissioner Frank Edelblut. It was information, interesting and showed how much Edelblut cares.
Former Breitbart tech editor and professional troll Milo Yiannopoulos announced a new media venture on his facebook page Friday. Yiannopoulos was recently shunned by conservatives after videos surfaced of the provocative commentator condoning ...
My friend and mentor, Irv Homer, used to call random observations and thoughts "brain droppings." He offered many of them, and often.
Pressure on House leadership to advance HR676 comes as legislation reaches new milestone.
Boston -- House and Senate progressives, eager to seize whatever momentum there might be for comprehensive criminal justice reform this session, implored their colleagues Tuesday not to let the chance slip by to overhaul all aspects of the justice ...
Regarding the letter from Kevin Sheasgreen ("Progressive political rally in Portland was a sham"), I want to disabuse him of his notion that the people on stage were "bought-and-paid-for" and "carefully assembled.
obama-trumpedited-1 Donald Trump is having the worst first hundred days of any president - that arguably includes William Henry Harrison who died 31 days into his term.
It is the nature of a democracy that people - on either side of the political spectrum - are free to be vigilant, even to the point of absurdity, about any subject that captures their attention.
Congressman Tom MacArthur speaks during an event launching HeroCare Connect a new initiative by Cooper University health care and Deborah Heart and Lung Center at the Eden-Stanley American Legion Post in Pemberton Township on Tuesday, April ...
President Donald Trump's plan to sign an executive order requiring the U.S. education Department to study and scale back the federal footprint in K-12 education came as no surprise to accountability hawks critical of the administration's retreat and ...
Now, though, feminists have recruited fellow progressives in a widespread effort to oust the far-left Vermont independent from Democratic ranks.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (left) and national economic adviser Gary Cohn introduce the Trump administration's tax plan on Wednesday.
The groundswell of progressive activists had energy to offer, and it made sense for the party to capitalize on it. "They were so discouraged after the election.
progressives disingenuously now deploy a "safety" argument to excuse their assault on free speech. A Sacramento Bee editorial, for example, says that "no one has told Ann Coulter to shut up.
Democrats welcome progressives in symbiotic alliance. Thousands of pop-up progressive activist groups have emerged around the country since November's election.
Nowhere is this truer than in the willful blindness of twenty-first-century progressives to their early twentieth-century counterparts' embrace of eugenics.
Official reviews on say that the book talks about Filner's personal problems as well as how progressives can make their values resonate with voters.
I am told by the establishment Democrats and their friends in the establishment press that progressives have a purity test.
Khalid Kamau, a very progressive activist lawyer endorsed by Our Revolution, earned a city council seat in South Fulton, Georgia, a newly incorporated municipality outside Atlanta.
On the other hand, I am still seeing that progressives are attacking each other wantonly. There are highly emotional and unreasonable anti Bernie and anti Hillary memes and fake news stories popping up daily on my internet feed, many re-posted by ...
Disciples of the movement, "progressives" posited that elitist college educated intellectuals should have the power and mandate to order familial, community and national structures to achieve desired social and political parity in income, occupation ...
The SLO County progressives Democratic Club will host a citizens' Summons with Congressman Salud Carbajal on Saturday at Pacheco Elementary school in San Luis Obispo.
Bernie Sanders traveled to Nebraska this week to throw his support behind Omaha Democratic mayoral candidate, Heath Mello, who is running against the incumbent Republican mayor, Jean Stothert.
Camas resident Summer Wick holds a sign at a Camas progressives tax Day rally on Saturday, April 15. Pictured behind Wick is her husband, Brandon, co-organizer of the Camas progressives group, and Camas resident Rebecca Keith, who describes ...
In the past few weeks, progressives have gone into paroxysms of pleasure over the results of two special Congressional elections.
"Jon Ossoff's first-place finish in ruby-red Georgia shows the huge opportunities for progressive candidates across the country -- from Tom Perriello for Governor in Virginia to Rob Quist for Congress in Montana.
SPRING LAKE, MI - Gerrymandering was the word of Tuesday night at the Spring Lake progressives meeting. The group hosted Mark Brewer, attorney and former chair of the Democratic party, and Jessica Malinowski of Count MI Vote/Voters Not Politicians at ...
One major problem that hamstrings progressives is the inability of too many on the left to think strategically. For example, on my facebook feed this week, I saw quite a bit of commentary on the decision of Sen. Joe Donnelly to support the nomination ...
filmmaker Michael Moore told NPR this week that he talks with lots of Trump voters - and he believes that many of them can be flipped to vote for a progressive candidate who has the right message.
Revolted at the prospect of four years of Trump, many liberals and progressives are mesmerized at the Russia collusion story and whether we are watching Watergate II, ending in President Mike Pence.
Atlanta (CNN) Democrat Jon Ossoff's progressive grassroots-fueled campaign will fall just short of the 50% he needed to avoid a runoff, CNN projected early Wednesday morning, in a closely watched special election for a House seat in reliably Republican ...
He's one of the greatest unsung heroes of the 20th century. Breaking the color barrier in Major League baseball in 1947 was a much bigger deal than we realize today.
activists are calling for Craigslist ads offering housing in exchange for domestic labor or sexual companionship to be banned. Elizabeth Nolan Brown| Apr. 17, 2017 1:06 pm.
Medicaid expansion: It's a widely popular issue Democrats and progressives can win on - right activists protest during the "March for Health" demanding equitable and affordable access to quality healthcare, on April 01, 2017, in New York.
How a tax plan unites progressives, the Koch brothers and Walmart. By Joe Garofoli. April 15, 2017 Updated: April 15, 2017 4:58pm.
Trump supporters punch an anti-Trump protester after the protester allegedly doused the organizer of the event with pepper spray. (Cindy Carcamo / Los ...
Quick: Name an event you've attended recently where progressives and conservatives, and everyone in between, have come together to calmly and collaboratively discuss solutions for tackling a critically important global issue.
I read the letter "comments offensive" by Joanne M. Holcomp in response to Walter Crotty's letter. She managed to blame Donald Trump for mocking Mexicans, a special needs person and even Jews when he told a Jewish journalist to sit down.
Tens of thousands of Americans are expected to turn out for tax Day marches Saturday to protest Donald Trump's refusal to release his tax returns.
Activism in suburban Atlanta: Grassroots progressives hope to power a Georgia Democrat to victory. John Ossoff hopes to win a reliably Republican Congressional district thanks to a network of local activists.
Nearly three dozen men sit on death row in Arkansas, where capital punishment has been suspended since 2005. Unless clemency is granted, seven of them, an eighth man was granted a temporary reprieve, will be given lethal injections all within a 10-day ...
An extension of the millionaires tax made it in this year's budget - but progressives were hoping for and extension and expansion.
The Bernie Sanders show, which is filmed in the Democratic party's DC-based studio, is atypical in ways beyond just presentation.
Residents of the City of St. Louis have elected a new mayor, marking the end of Francis G. Slay's 16-year reign. To many progressives in the city, Slay's announcement that he would not seek another term as mayor presented a unique and valuable ...
In June 2016 the Supreme Court ruled on the biggest abortion case since Roe v. Wade, Whole woman's Health v. Hellerstedt. In ruling that regulations for abortion clinics must be rooted in medical necessity and scientific evidence, the court not only ...
What you need to understand is that the disintegration of the private health care insurance market is not accidental; the socialists and their progressives in government and in Congress meticulously planned it. What these socialists want is Great ...
Whether they realize it or not, progressives borrow their entire worldview from Christianity, and therefore have a fundamentally millenarian view of history.
In recent years, the European Union has suffered through a cascading set of crises, including the Eurozone crisis, the refugee crisis, the security crisis, and Brexit.




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