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"A good reporter used to make as much as a bartender or a police sergeant; he now makes as much as the average doctor or lawyer, and probably a great deal more. His view of the world he lives in has thus changed. He is no longer a free-lance in human society, thumbing his nose at its dignitaries; he has got a secure lodgment in a definite stratum, and his wife, if he has one, maybe has social ambitions."
H.L. Mencken, 1927
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The European Federation of journalists and several partner organisations of the Council of Europe Platform for the Promotion of Journalism and the Protection of journalists, have called for "close international scrutiny over Daphne Caruana Galizia's murder". The EFJ and several other journalistic ...
We're currently engaged in a great debate over the value of an independent press. President Trump gives "fake news" awards to reports media already have corrected and he calls journalists "enemies of the American people." I beg to differ. As chronicled in the Pentagon Papers movie, "The Post," ...

journalists in the country are now fearing for their lives as the latest homicide is one among many targeting reporters critical of those in power. According to the Los Angeles Times, eleven reporters were killed in Mexico in 2017 with very few arrests made. The perils surrounding political commentary has ...
The Committee to Protect Journalists, a New York-based press advocacy organization, criticized the Sudan authorities in a statement, saying they should "cease harassing and arresting journalists and confiscating newspapers, and should allow journalists to report on matters of public interest without fear of ...
journalists at The Los Angeles Times voted overwhelmingly to form a union despite aggressive opposition from the paper's management team, reversing more than a century of anti-union sentiment at one of the biggest newspapers in the country. Shortly after the final vote count was announced on Friday, ...
A communications lecturer has said the performance of journalists at this year's Meet the Press at the Flagstaff House with the President was unacceptably poor. Esther Armah said the poor sentencing and problematic backgrounding to questions were the direct results of poor journalistic work. Contributing ...

Civil watchdogs claim it is a part of continuing attacks on anti-corruption activists in Ukraine and pointed out that it stands out amid dozens of other attacks on journalists remaining uninvestigated. In a statement published on Jan. 19, the largest coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations in Ukraine, the ...
Press associations in Asia and citizens concerned about threats to press freedom around the region are calling call for the immediate release of two Myanmar journalists employed by the Reuters news agency through a petition on Wa Lone, 31, and Kyaw Soe Oo, 27, were charged in court on ...
The United States has condemned Sudan's arbitrary detention of journalists after reporters from the French news agency (AFP) and Reuters were arrested covering a street protest Friday. The U.S. state Department said it was aware of the detentions and was closely following the reports. "We condemn the ...
US journalists faced challenges before last year's change in administration, but the inauguration of President Trump marked a sea change. So ubiquitous were the "fake news" accusations bandied about by Trump and his advisers that the phrase became word of the year in 2017. journalists who dare to ...
America's journalists, relentlessly attacked by President Trump, are also taking a beating in public opinion. However, their information-gathering cousins, librarians, are riding a cloud of popularity. Is there something journalists can learn from librarians? The Knight Foundation and Gallup gave the latest bad ...
The arrest and prosecution of two Reuters journalists in Myanmar has cast a pall over media workers in the country, with veteran reporters and editors conveying fears that any journalist could be the next victim of intolerant authorities and colonial-era laws. Reporters have expressed frustration with Nobel ...
journalists at the Los Angeles Times have overwhelmingly elected to form a union, a first for the 136-year-old news organization that for much of its history was known for its opposition to organized labor. The union drive was launched publicly in October and culminated in an election earlier this month.
The crackdown on press freedoms by right-wing US President Donald Trump started on his first day in office, January 20, 2017, according to rights groups and reporters. Aaron Cantu, an independent journalist, was one of several journalists who were arrested along with protesters, bystanders, legal ...
Moscow, January 17. /TASS/. Latvia has 'blacklists' for Russian journalists, Ambassador to Russia Maris Riekstins told TASS when asked about deportation of Anatoly Kurlayev, a reporter with the Russian TV Tsentr television channel, and his wife Olga Kurlayeva, a journalist working for the VGTRK ...
Scrap president media encounter; journalists asking shallow questions - Gyampo ... "If journalists won't seize the opportunity to ask thought-provoking questions, then the president should go to the market, ask traders of their needs and they will be able to tell the president exactly what they want," he said.
A commuter bus from the Double-M fleet which ply various routes in Nairobi. FILE PHOTO. By NAIROBI NEWS TEAM. Two journalists and an international boxer were among passengers in a city bus who were held hostage for hours on Tuesday night by gun toting gangsters who robbed them of cash and ...

Believe me, there are some people who would like to kill or injure journalists. They want us to "shut up" and not practice our chosen profession. I've met a few of them here in the United States in my time, but I am happy to say that most of the deaths of and assaults of journalists did not occur here but in such ...
PETALING JAYA (THE STAR/Asia NEWS NETWORK) - Sexual harassment of journalists has been kept under wraps for such a long time that it is treated like a non-issue, according to press freedom advocates in Malaysia and Indonesia. "The problem has been ignored for a long time as it is considered not ...
Beirut, January 17, 2018--Authorities should immediately release two journalists from the independent news website Jfranews who have been charged under Jordan's Press and Publication Law and Cybercrime Law, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. An Amman prosecutor yesterday ordered ...
7, a year after delivering an impassioned speech that would go viral and create a windfall of donations for the organization that she name-checked, the Committee to Protect Journalists. (About that windfall: In 2016, 2,031 individuals gave the CPJ a total of $977,845, and in 2017, 12,671 individuals gave ...
Bill Richardson said Tuesday that he hoped two Reuters journalists will be freed in conjunction with his visit to Myanmar next week as a member of an international advisory panel seeking to resolve the crisis in the country. Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo were arrested Dec. 12 after police accused them of ...
Officials said they were investigating to determine whether the attack was connected to Dominguez's work. He wrote frequently about politics, organized crime and occasionally their intersection -- a perilous beat in a country that was second only to war-torn Syria in the number of journalists killed last year.
The Deputy Information Minister was speaking at a press soiree organized by the Ministry of Information for journalists in the Ashanti region over the weekend. The meeting is part of efforts to decentralize government's information dissemination process to the grassroot level and to brief them on the ...
Rebecca told HTFP: "I'm now in the final stages of my fieldwork, which essentially is cross referencing the skills and tools highlighted in the advertisements and takes some inspiration from initial findings from my fieldwork to see if journalists working throughout the UK are using similar skills and tools.
An Ankara court has dismissed the case in which five journalists were charged with "targeting anti-terror officials" for covering a news story about the officials' responsibility for the deadliest terror attack in Turkey, which took place on Oct. 10, 2015. The Ankara 2nd Heavy Criminal Court on Jan. 15 dismissed ...
One of the advantages for journalists using their smartphone to shoot, edit and publish videos to social media when they are out in the field is being able to save time, once they have found a workflow that suits them. And for that process to work smoothly, the apps they use to produce their clips should be ...
Krif Ghana Limited, one of the leading dealers in superior office equipment and consumables and Electronic Cash as part it is 2018 corporate plans, has schooled some media men on the company's latest products. This was to enable them to appreciate the products which were launched onto the market ...
Mike Smith is a regular columnist for VTDigger. He hosts the radio program "Open Mike with Mike Smith" on WDEV 550 AM and 96.1, 96.5, 98.3 and 101.9 FM and is a political analyst for WCAX-TV and WVMT radio. He was the secretary of administration and secretary of human services under former Gov.
State officials said some of the forthcoming bill's provisions were partly inspired by proposals from a coalition of journalists and open government groups who are pushing for reform in Vermont, where limited access to records has spurred lawsuits and drawn scrutiny from national watchdogs. "It's enshrined ...
Reuters Editor-in-Chief Stephen Adler says two journalists facing 14 years in a Myanmar prison need the public's attention. Reuters reporters Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo were jailed last month for what Adler described as routine journalistic work. The Myanmar government claims they "illegally acquired ...
A ruling-party lawmaker accused of orchestrating the murder of two journalists in 2015 was arrested in southwestern Guatemala on Saturday. Public Ministry spokeswoman Yecenia Enriquez said Julio Antonio Juarez Ramirez was detained in the morning at his home in Suchitepequez department on a ...
Bangkok: Media leader and respected veteran journalist Suthichai Yoon announced his retirement on Friday (Jan 12) from the Nation Multimedia Group (NMG), which has grown into a multimedia giant after he co-founded a daily English newspaper 47 years ago. Colleagues and staff praised him as a ...
It focuses on journalists at the Boston Globe who uncover the scale of abuse in the Catholic Church dating back to the 1970s. The Killing Fields (1984) was based on the experiences of American journalist Sydney Schanberg and Cambodian reporter and translator Dith Pran during the Khmer Rouge ...
Her longtime rep posted, "I've chosen to terminate our business relationship. I am sad as I write this; but at the same time I'm happy that I had such an adventure with the movie and with re-creating a new positive image for her in the public eye." "I, Tonya is now 'Goodbye, Tonya!'" That's how publicist ...
Barely a week after Mark Zuckerberg promised to "fix facebook," the site's co-founder and CEO has unveiled the first step in what he hopes will be "a much better trajectory" for the beleaguered social media giant: taking the news out of your news feed. The first priority on Zuckerberg's list is a drastic, but ...
Donald Trump is many things, a lot of them bad, but he's not among the world's foremost oppressors of the media, as the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) appeared to designate him this week. In defence of the non-profit group, which named Trump the winner of its prize for "overall achievement in ...
Any movie showing journalists as heroic, let alone played by cinematic icons such as Tom Hanks (Ben Bradlee) and Meryl Streep (Katharine Graham), is a tonic for a tough year for journalism. The Post reintroduces the power of journalism for the public good, much like what the Oscar-winning Spotlight did ...
Back in September, as Trump attacked African-American football players for kneeling during the National Anthem, I wrote that journalists have a difficult time labeling the president's comments for what they are, and advocated for a more direct engagement with the racist nature of his words. Last night, on ...
Cambodian journalists met with spokespeople from the government at the forum held on Friday. Their discussions centred on ways to better understand each other's standpoints on news coverage. Spokespeople from the CPP, from ministries, and other officials spent the day deliberating with ...
President Trump's new ambassador to the Netherlands, Peter Hoekstra, got absolutely hammered by reporters during his first press conference with the Dutch press on Wednesday over controversial remarks he made in the past about Muslim violence in their country. The reporters wanted to know whether ...
MANILA, Jan 10 2018 (IPS) - It's not just suspected drug users and dealers at risk of targeted killing in The Philippines. The International Federation Of Journalists (IFJ) reported last week that the Philippines is the most dangerous country in Southeast Asia for journalists. Globally, the island nation came sixth ...
The US and other foreign media have reported widely on the 'roasting' the new US ambassador to the Netherlands received from Dutch reporters when he tried to brush off statements about no-go areas and politicians being burned. Pete Hoekstra gave his first news conference on Wednesday at which he ...
"I hope that this decision will be a good example for the (cases of) the dozens of journalists arbitrarily arrested" after the coup, Erol Onderoglu, the representative of Reporters without Borders (RSF) in Turkey, told AFP before the Istanbul court decision was announced. According to Turkish officials, over ...
Donald Trump, who last week tried to ban a book that criticized his presidency, is busy preparing for his next assaults on the practitioners of the First Amendment that he so casually disregards. The president, who seems to be determined to make Richard Nixon look like a champion of press freedom, ...
Washington DC, Jan 11, GNA - Nine journalists from six countries including Ghana, Brazil, Kenya, United Kingdom and Pakistan are currently in Washington DC to participate in a reporting tour that would culminate in the covering of the one-year term of office of the Donald Trump Administration. The 18-day ...
As we head into this year's midterm elections -- yes, election season again -- our democracy would benefit from journalists restoring that lost trust. I do not mean going soft on candidates and elected officials. A hallmark of our democracy is the media's role in holding leaders and institutions accountable.
An Afghan media watchdog says that 2017 was the "bloodiest" year ever for journalists and other media personnel working in Afghanistan, with the Taliban and Islamic State (IS) militant groups being blamed for much of the violence. The Afghan journalists Safety Committee (AJSC) said in a report released ...
As the trial of two Myanmar journalists begins in Yangon, the case has now passed from the sphere of Myanmar's military, which retains full control of the police, to the sphere of the elected civilian government of Aung San Suu Kyi. Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, local reporters for global newswire Reuters, ...
The International Federation Of Journalists (IFJ) reported last week that The Philippines is the most dangerous country in Southeast Asia for journalists. Globally, the island nation came sixth on the list of most murderous countries. Joaquin Brinoes, Rudy Alicaway, Leodoro Diaz and Crisenciano Ibon Lozada.



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