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updated Sat. December 30, 2023

Despite unanimity over Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews serving as a case study of a future peace, there was, however, disagreement of what a final peace deal between Israel and Palestine looks like. Benjamin Pogrund posited that the “two-state solution is the only viable solution” and “is the only game in ...
... Promised Lebanon and Jordan to the Jews, Too. As the First World War raged, the imperial powers raced to recognize Jewish self-determination. France put out its pro-Zionist statement five months before Balfour, while Britain worried that enemy Germany would also pre-empt it. Benjamin Pogrund.

When the now discredited and severely biased report came out that Israel was an Apartheid State, Benjamin Pogrund wrote an article for the New York Times called, “ Why Israel is Nothing like Apartheid South Africa.” He outlined many of the same points I have made regarding this issue, his viewpoint was ...
Benjamin Pogrund, an activist who was jailed for opposing the apartheid regime in South Africa, wrote in The New York Times last month that Israel “is nothing like South Africa before 1994. Those who accuse Israel of apartheid — some even say, 'worse than apartheid' — have forgotten what actual ...
In an impassioned New York Times op ed, Benjamin Pogrund lays down the best possible arguments for why Israel is not an apartheid state. He brings out the full arsenal: his personal experience as a South African. His knowledge as a reporter who investigated and exposed the horrors of the system.

JERUSALEM — Among critics of Israel, it has become ever more common to accuse the Jewish state of imitating apartheid South Africa. This month, an obscure United Nations agency, the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, whose membership comprises 18 Arab states, caused an uproar ...
For Israel too: the left must remain unflinchingly committed to core beliefs of Zionism and democracy and freedom for Palestinians, best seen in a two-state solution. In Afrikaans, they must "Hou moed, hou koers" – "Keep strong, stay on track." Benjamin Pogrund's "Drawing Fire: Investigating the accusations ...

Later, in the post-tour gift shop as we awaited the ferry back to the mainland, I picked up a biography about Sobukwe called How Can Man Die Better, written by Benjamin Pogrund. It details the life, hardship, courage, intellect and superhuman character – and sadly the death – of Robert Sobukwe and it ...
Veteran journalist Benjamin Pogrund began his career in 1958. He tells Tim Modise about his friendship with South Africa's 'most feared' struggle hero Robert Sobukwe. He laments the fact that Sobukwe has been airbrushed out of history in the New South Africa. Pogrund also reflects on press freedom and ...
Israel has many injustices. But it is not an apartheid state. Benjamin Pogrund. In South Africa, I saw real apartheid up close. These claims against Israel are a distraction from the battle for justice for Palestinians. Fri 22 May 2015 02.00 EDT Last modified on Wed 29 Nov 2017 12.52 EST. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter ...
The death of Nelson Mandela has inevitably led to an outpouring of articles which have searched for lessons from his life for Israel in its conflict with the Palestinians. The problem with these reports is that only too often they are based on an imperfect knowledge of Mandela and of history. Combined with the ...
Bluntly articulate, with a deep throaty laugh and a keen sense of irony, Benjamin Pogrund sits in an armchair in his apartment in a leafy Jerusalem neighborhood, remembering his friend, Nelson Mandela, who died on December 5 at 95. Born in South Africa, Pogrund, now 80, began as a cub reporter for the ...
It's fashionable these days in South Africa to offer the country as an exemplar for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: “We created a unitary state and so must you,” they say. The argument is that blacks were oppressed under apartheid, and Palestinians are oppressed by Israel, so the same solution applies to both situations.


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