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 Elisabetta Burba

Elisabetta Burba is a reporter for the Italian current affairs weekly Panorama. She said that she was given documents by

a security analyst purportedly showing that Iraq wanted to buy uranium from Niger. She was unable to confirm that the documents

were authentic, so she did not publish the story, and turned the documents over to officials at the American embassy in Italy. The documents turned out to be forgeries. George W. Bush and Tony Blair never-the-less referred to the documents as they sought

to convince the world that Iraq was attempting to obtain weapons of mass destruction.

I realized that this could be a worldwide scoop, but that's exactly why I was very worried. If it turned out to be a hoax, and I published it, I would have ended my career. I went by myself and give [sic] them the dossier. No one said anything more to me, and in any case the decision not to publish it was already takenwith no further way to check out the reliability of those papers, we chose not to risk.
Elisabetta Burba

Elisabetta Burba

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updated Sat. July 6, 2024

UPDATE: Abbiamo pubblicato questo articolo il 27 aprile 2017. Tra i casi indicati c'era anche quello del prof. Luigi di Bella. In riferimento alla richiesta di rettifica ai sensi dell'art.8 Legge 47/1948 del Presidente della Fondazione Di Bella Dr Giuseppe Di Bella, pubblichiamo la seguente nota di rettifica:

He pounced on the report and ordered the intelligence community to go on a full-court press for more detail. By the fall the U.S. obtained virtually all the bogus documents from an Italian reporter, Elisabetta Burba, who had received them from a SISMI agent trying to sell them. Burba had wanted U.S. verification and reaction.
Silvio Garattini, direttore dell'istituto di ricerche farmacologiche Mario Negri, come presidente della giuria del premio giornalistico "La cultura equivalente" (bandito da Teva Italia) in una cerimonia al Circolo della Stampa di Milano ha premiato due nostri colleghi. Elisabetta Burba, per la categoria Quotidiani ...
That's double the usual length of a 60 Minutes report, signaling the significance executives at CBS gave the segment, which took six months to produce. Jacoby wrote that it featured the first on-camera interview with Elisabetta Burba, the Italian journalist who received the fake Niger documents in 2002 and ...
Rocco di nome", si presenta lui ai microfoni della Cbs) li consegna alla giornalista di Panorama Elisabetta Burba che, con rigore e tenacia, dopo un viaggio in Niger, li verifica come falsi ("Falsi scadenti", osserva con la Cbs). Copia dello scartafaccio, per decisione dell'allora direttore di Panorama Carlo ...


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