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updated Sat. October 8, 2022

HE the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Sultan bin Saad al-Muraikhi met the Russian ambassador to Qatar Nurmakhmad Kholov in Doha yesterday. ... development in all areas, Sudanese Minister of Environment, Natural Resources and Urban Development Hassan Abdel Qader Hilal said yesterday.

Emirati couple welcomed a beautiful baby girl Al Maha Luai Al Saadi on the special occasion of Eid Al Adha. Abu Dhabi's ... Mr Abdel Qader Darwish, the father of the twins, said "The birth of our twins on this blessed night was a surprise for us, and now the memorable occasion is tripled for us. We named ...
... Abdul Qader Abu Shehada, during the protests against the killing of Saadi, and took them to the police station 'Yftah' in the city, where Abu Shehada was arrested from the center of 'Yvit', following the clashes that erupted between Police and youths angry at Saadi's death. Al-Saadi is the third Palestinian ...
Aboudi Kader Saadi, the managing director of Glee Hospitality Solutions, says a slowing economy, more conservative customers and, fewer tourists and more competition are all ... However, we have opened in Al Raha in Abu Dhabi, the capital is not as affected although they are not in seasonal locations.
Khaled Al Mheiri, Marka's vice-chairman and managing director, had been serving as the company's interim chief executive since the resignation of Nick ... “It is common knowledge in the market that Marka is looking for more money,” said Abdul Kader Saadi, managing director of Glee Hospitality Solutions.
Baghdad ( An Iraqi observatory has declared disappearance of a journalist in 'mysterious circumstances' in Baghdad. “Colleague Haidar Dakhel al-Atabi came from his home in Waset province to Baghdad for a work mission, when communications with him were lost,” a statement by The ...
During Ramadan the loss of daytime business can have a huge impact on revenue and affect an operation's bottom line, says Glee Hospitality Solutions managing director Abdul Kader Saadi. "It is of course quieter during the day, however, for most food and beverage outlets, we can increase volume during ...
... best effort every time. Abdul Kader Saadi, managing director of Glee Hospitality Solutions, has developed an addiction to his BlackBerry - something he blames on managing 250 people. ... Abdul Kader Saadi of Glee Hospitality Solutions, at a restaurant his company helped to refurbish. Jeffrey E Biteng ...


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