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updated Mon. December 18, 2023

Doogue feared splitting the vote would be counter-productive. Connors, head of editorial quality and governance, sounds well qualified. Others in the running include Victoria's Karen Percy, Queensland news presenter Matt Wordsworth, NSW political reporter Brigid Glanville, senior news journalist Philippa ...
Behind the Media: Michael Ware's War. Don't miss Stephen Brook's latest Behind the Media podcast. This week, our media diarist, fresh from surviving an attack from a pack of possibly rabid Thai dogs, meets the ultimate foreign correspondent “dog of war”, Michael Ware. -. The long read: Besties get back ...

Michael Ware spent so long reporting on the Iraqi conflict that war-torn Baghdad became his backyard. ... It's extraordinary that the insular Americans adopted him as the voice of the Iraq war for Time magazine and then CNN, even when he publicly ... “Julian Assange is not a journalist,” he says. “Julian ...
A few months before, Time magazine published an in-depth article on the “new jihad” in the region. The jihadi insurgency was led by fundamentalists keen to capitalise on regional instability. Michael Ware revealed their plan to transform Iraq into “a training ground for young jihadists who will form the next ...
Audacious journalist Michael Ware is best known for his coverage as a war correspondent, spending nearly a decade of his life in some of the most brutal and hostile combat zones on the planet. Famous for his coverage of the Iraq War, Ware was given access that he deemed to be frightening, witnessing ...

New Eight-Episode Series Uncensored With Michael Ware Premieres Jan. 24 at 10/9c on National Geographic. (Washington, DC - Jan. 12, 2017) Audacious journalist Michael Ware is best known for his coverage as a war correspondent, spending nearly a decade of his life in some of the most brutal and ...
Friends and colleagues worried for his health and safety, concerned that the persona of Mick Ware, the madman Aussie war correspondent who'd take risks others wouldn't, was starting to obscure the excellent, often prescient work done by Michael Ware, the journalist. He went back to his native country of ...

"I had a couple before, to settle myself," says Michael Ware, sipping a beer at an Irish pub in Manhattan. It's just after 3 .... On the same day Ware sat drinking in Manhattan, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, a romantic comedy starring Tina Fey as a journalist who finds herself as a war correspondent, had just opened.
Former CNN wartime correspondent and Middle East geopolitics journalist Michael Ware said Russian President Vladimir Putin has played the U.S. and the world for fools. Ware made the comments on Friday's edition of HBO's Real Time with host Bill Maher. Ware and former Rep. Barney Frank argue over ...
Journalist Michael Ware spent seven years living in Iraq. ... quite the reverse: it propels a searing film-essay by the cameraman and subject of the piece, Australian reporter Michael Ware, who is unique among we correspondents ... “I was a writer for Time magazine, I wasn't making a film,” Ware explains.
The only war correspondent to survive being kidnapped by Al Qaeda in Iraq has opened up about his time there and what he calls "the dark chamber of my heart". Speaking to Lateline, Australian journalist Michael Ware said one incident during the war still haunted him. "There was an incident that I ...


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