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updated Wed. February 22, 2023

Yr Wonkette will keep you on top of the Arizona and Colorado walkout news; we're pretty glad to see teachers all over the country insisting that their own pay is only part of the problem. We're also reminded of an old Molly Ivins line: They say you can't solve the schools' problems by throwing money at ...
(Unlike in former Star-Telegram columnist Molly Ivins' searing books, Democrats appear in “God Save Texas” only in small supporting roles. Same as in Austin.) Wright devoted a couple of pages to state Rep. Jonathan Stickland of Bedford, a Tea Party darling with a “Falstaffian beard,” and his near-fight ...

I'm only sorry Molly Ivins wasn't still around to cover it.) In the end, perhaps the most important message of the book is the one Wright doesn't say: Let's not count on God to save Texas. Instead, let's do it ourselves. Richards, born and raised in Texas, has been a lifelong activist for women's rights and social ...
Janis Joplin, Molly Ivins, Buddy Holly, and Barbara Jordan are time-capsule voices. Austin City Limits. Sam Rayburn. Roy Orbison. LBJ. Few states better represent the vitality and abundance of this country. Few match its wealth of resilience. Texas turned deserts into farms, and transformed empty range ...
... the wealthiest taxpayers. The primary job of public policy makers in both parties is to explain this situation to their constituents. Where is the leadership? HJW III. Polarizing people is a good way to win an election, and also a good way to wreck a country. —Columnist Molly Ivins ...
WRIGHT: Sure. (Reading) Richards wore designer suits but picked her teeth, and she cleaned her fingernails with a Swiss army knife. I think she was always a little amazed after storming the ramparts to find herself in the seat of power. But she cherished the comedy of the situation. Molly Ivins once told me ...

The legendary late columnist Molly Ivins said, “Sirota is a new-generation populist who instinctively understands that the only real questions are 'Who's getting screwed?' and 'Who's doing the screwing?'” “David Sirota is one of the finest investigative reporters in the country, and he promises to take Capital ...
Years ago, Large took a three-month fiction writing program, and that reenergized his writing. It persuaded him to think that maybe he could try writing fiction. Large has been inspired by many writers, including Walter Mosley, Octavia Butler, Molly Ivins, and Mike Royko. “It's one of those things that you don't ...
The Richardses were always a political family, working on Democratic campaigns in Texas and counting people like Molly Ivins among their friends. But after having four children, writes Richards, her mother “pursued her role as a housewife with purpose.” While the reach of that purpose—baking elaborate ...
But I sweated a little: This op-ed page then had nationally syndicated writers like George Will, Molly Ivins and others. What right did I have, I thought, to even share the page with these journalistic stalwarts? A friend and mentor, a professor of journalism, had some good advice. He said: “We all bring different ...
Our mothers were friends and colleagues at Broad St. Elementary School. Is this really what you think of me and others who disagree with you politically? You would do well to meditate on a quote from newspaper columnist and political commentator Molly Ivins. “Polarizing people is a good way to win an ...
... were modest one-story affairs, the exception being a handsome brick semi-mansion belonging to William Broyles Jr., the editor of Texas Monthly and my boss at the time, who would later become a notable screenwriter. Molly Ivins lived several blocks away. Despite the celebrity of some of our neighbors, ...
Recalling the famous Molly Ivins line, Koprowski says he may not have been born on third base, but certainly on second. He grew up in South Florida, the son of a lawyer mom and an accountant dad. “I had this simplistic notion that where you end up in life is a function of how hard you work,” he says. Then, at 22, he was ...
To paraphrase the late, great, Molly Ivins from her 1991 critique of Camille Paglia in Mother Jones (later used by Charlie Pierce in his review of Bill Simmons's Book of Basketball), you are not the cosmos. Your existence is not the alpha and omega of human existence, so you do not need to present a ...
As a second-best listening alternative, one could also listen to NPR's Radio Times with Marty-Moss Coane. In the not-so-recent past, Fresh Air was noted for its interviews with mental heavyweights like Susan Sontag, Molly Ivins, Christopher Hitchens, Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton, Richard Clarke, and Al ...
Molly's Chunky Texas Chili from the book “Stirring It Up” With Molly Ivins. (Evans Caglage/Dallas Morning News/TNS) NO MAGAZINE SALES MANDATORY CREDIT; NO SALES; INTERNET USE BY TNS CONTRIBUTORS ONLY. ARTICLE OPTIONS. A A. print this article. e-mail this article. There's perhaps ...
... to the upbeat call to action of Pots And Pans, a song inspired by renowned Texas political writer and humorist Molly Ivins. From the humorous advice of Life Of The Party to the poignantly optimistic World Full Of Love, the intensity of Ball's conviction never wavers while, simultaneously, the fun never stops.

There's perhaps no other single food group that is more Texan than chili, and over the years we've tested many recipes and talked to many Tex-perts on what constitutes a real big bowl of red. Here are our favorite chili recipes from The Dallas Morning News archives, from Molly Ivins and Lady Bird Johnson ...
Not disconnected is what I have described as a troika of elected officials, campaign organizers, and political donors. The late Jesse Unruh, California's Lieutenant-Governor in the 1960s, famously said that, "Money is the mother's milk of politics." Molly Ivins, the late Austin-based political commentator, wrote, ...
Where is Molly Ivins when you need her? Maybe the guy breaking into a girl's apartment, saying he was a paid masseur, was a pretty good trick -- one that made me grin and that I have never used. Luckily, no arrests have been made and we may yet have a chance to read of another break-in under cover of ...
Alan Pogue. On Thursday, The Texas Observer and the Texas Democracy Foundation awarded Shane Bauer with the 2017 MOLLY National Journalism Prize. The competition celebrates great American journalism and honors the memory of Molly Ivins, legendary Observer reporter, columnist and former ...
My favorite left-journalist icon Molly Ivins would be celebrating her birth on August 30th if she'd been lucky enough to survive what she called a “scorching case of breast cancer” that ended her life back in 2007. As a journalist, I've always loved Molly for her wisdom, politics and wicked sense of humor.
Kathleen Turner is one of my favorite actresses and Molly Ivins was a hero. I had the pleasure of seeing Kathleen Turner in Red Hot Patriot The Kick-ass Wit Of Molly Ivins at the Berkeley Rep. Here are 10 things I learned: 1. Molly Ivins was six feet tall. 2. Red Hot Patriot: The Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins is an ...
... a few weeks before she died of breast cancer in 2007, Ivins made a final plea to end the U.S. war in Iraq. “We are the people who run this country. We are the deciders. And every single day, every single one of us needs to step outside and take some action to help stop this war. Raise hell.” ― Molly Ivins ...
Davy Crockett said this after losing his Tennessee bid for re-election to the U.S. Congress. He wrote to his family back in Tennessee: “I must say as to what I have seen of Texas it is the garden spot of the world. The best land and the best prospects for health I ever saw, and I do believe it is a fortune to any ...
An interview with Molly Ivins had failed to gain him a staff position at the Texas Observer, which he describes as “the beloved muckraking liberal rag in Austin that had been home to Willie Morris, J. Frank Dobie and a number of writers I admired.” One of the writers Wright admired is John Graves, whom he ...
Of course, if any Republican would be vulnerable in Texas, it'd probably be Cruz (watching him one is reminded of what the great Molly Ivins used to say about another Texas GOPer, Phil Gramm: "Even his friends don't like him"). But what's most notable about O'Rourke's candidacy isn't just that he has a ...
Did the proposal to put “The Wildflower State” on Texas license plates so offend Texas manhood that it provoked an uproar in the state legislature? (Yes. Molly Ivins wrote a column about it.) Did Nieman Marcus founder Stanley Marcus really scandalize the people of 1960s Dallas when he grew a beard?


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