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 David Brock

David Brock

is the author of four political books, including the forthcoming

The Republican Noise Machine: Right-Wing Media and How It Corrupts Democracy
(to be released this month by Crown). His preceding book,

Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative
, was a 2002 New York Times best-selling political memoir in which he chronicled his years as a conservative media insider. Brock serves on the advisory board of Democracy Radio Inc. and is the recipient of the New Democrat Network痴 first award for political entrepreneurship. He is the President and CEO of

Media Matters for America

David Brock

David Brock

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updated Thu. February 2, 2023

“It appears to me that the marketing people at Disney, have latched onto a gold mine,” Disney annual passholder David Brock said in an email about the popcorn bucket lines, pointing out that the resort's most avid fans simply can't resist anything deemed as limited edition. Disneyland says the buckets willテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
Supreme Court Justice nomination hearings are never dull. But few observers expected the issue of whether Clarence Thomas should serve on the highest court of the land to become a firestorm—and a national referendum on sexual harassment. That all changed on October 11, 1991, when a universityテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...

Former Carl mayor David Brock will be returning to the post later this month. Brock was the only candidate to qualify during a special-election qualifying period for the vacant seat last week, according to city clerk Deana Davis. There won't be a special election as planned for May 22 and Brock hasテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
In his 2002 book, Blinded by the Right, openly gay Media Matters founder David Brock, a one-time right-wing hit man journalist, described former friend Ingraham as a one of his “fag hags” who, in a “drunken stupor, crawled on the floor” of a dance club. He also wrote about how Drudge Report creator Mattテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
David Brock Smith, R-Port Orford, veteran Karl Shank of Coos Bay and Winston real estate agent Valynn Currie. The 15 county commissioners from the five counties in District 1 have until April 9 to select one of the four to fill Kruse's seat until the end of the year. Other nominees included Douglas Countyテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
Tides funneled some $2 million to kickstart Republican-turned-Clintonista David Brock's Media Matters for America (MMfA), which was founded with help from the Center for American Progress in 2004 to “fact-check” (translation: attack) conservatives. According to MMfA's application for IRS nonprofit status:.

David Brock Smith, R-Port Orford; and Winston realtor Valynn Currie. The 15 county commissioners from the five counties in District 1 will meet to select one of those candidates to fill Kruse's seat until the end of the year. Other candidates who were nominated but not selected included Douglas Countyテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
It should, however, enable us to see a little more clearly how the wound was inflicted, and how a recurrence might be avoided in the future. Perhaps enough time has now passed since the impeachment of Chief Justice David Brock in 2000 to permit a dispassionate understanding of what happened and ofテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
State Rep. David Brock Smith announced Monday that if he was appointed, he would accept the senate seat formerly held by Sen. Jeff Kruse, R-Roseburg. “Working hard for the residents of our rural Southwest Oregon District in Salem is intense and rewarding, and the work leading up to and during theテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
After helping his father-in-law win the 2016 presidential election, Jared Kushner was in secret talks to sell his newspaper, the New York Observer, to two prominent liberals and Hillary Clinton supporters: David Brock, the founder of Media Matters and Haim Saban, a Clinton mega-donor and Univision chair.
Just days before heading to a West Wing job, Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was secretly engaged in talks to sell his struggling news organization, the New York Observer, to Clinton megadonor and Univision chair Haim Saban and Hillary Clinton ally David Brock — a progressive media figureテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
David Brock's L.A. Doors Experience, 9 p.m., 7 Cedars Casino's Club Seven, 270756 US Highway 101. Saturday March 24. • Jerry's Classic Country Band, 6 p.m., Sequim VFW Post 4760, 169 E. Washington St. • Mike Klinger B3 Organ, jazz/funk/blues, 7-9 p.m., Wind Rose Cellars, 143 W. Washington St.
David Brock Smith, R-Port Orford, was nominated by the Oregon Coastal Caucus as vice chair of the organization. The Oregon Coastal Caucus creates solutions and advocates for a variety of interests across the state, including ports, farms, tourism and housing, among other issues. “David is a worker whoテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
The legislation that awarded the money was supported by State Rep. David Brock Smith R-Port Orford, the son of a Navy lieutenant commander. “Our veterans and their families have sacrificed — some with their lives — for the freedoms we hold dear today,” he said. “This veterans' home will continue ourテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
David Brock Smith, R-Port Orford, who represents Curry and parts of Douglas, Coos and Josephine counties, said the home would improve services to veterans in southwestern Oregon. “Our veterans and their families have sacrificed, some with their lives, for the freedoms we hold dear today,” Brock Smithテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
Senate Bill 1550, proposed by State Sen. Arnie Roblan, D-Coos Bay, and Rep. David Brock Smith, R-Port Orford, passed unanimously through the House and Senate Tuesday afternoon. The bill will allow the Oregon Department of Agriculture to shrink the physical size of a crab fishery closure when aテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
Maybe we're hardwired for it, but I still find the human voice the most beautiful and moving musical instrument, which is why I love a cappella music. Of course, there's nothing wrong with some stirring instrumentation to augment the voice, and The Ten Tenors, playing Wednesday, March 7, at the Performingテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...

Heard is the senior representative from Kruse's Senate district. Another name that might make it onto the shortlist for Kruse's replacement is Rep. David Brock Smith, R-Port Orford, whose House district also lies within Kruse's Senate district. All the Douglas County commissioners have indicated they're notテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
In 2000, four New Hampshire state supreme court judges faced impeachment threats, and one, Chief Justice David Brock was impeached on four charges, but not convicted of any in the state Senate. In 1872, two New York Supreme Court justices faced the possibility of impeachment because of theirテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
SALEM – Representative David Brock Smith (R-Port Orford) continues to champion rural Oregon values for local communities and their residents with common sense legislation that strengthens rural communities and the industries that support them. The House Committee on Agriculture & Naturalテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
A bipartisan bicameral piece of legislation introduced and sponsored by Senator Arnie Roblan (D-Coos Bay) and Representative David Brock Smith (R-Port Orford) looks to better track crab and other marine base food susceptible to domoic acid and other food-related issues that could pose a threat to human consumption,テδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
David Brock It's time for the Federal Election Commission to examine Trump's payment to Stormy Daniels. I'm filing a complaint to force them to investigate. The American people deserve the truth. Feb.12.2018 / 1:48 AM ET. Donald Trump during an event at the Hilton Midtown Hotel on July 16, 2016 in New York City.
In December 2016, Painter replaced in the position of Vice Chair … wait for it … David Brock. Yes, that David Brock, the consummate Democratic oppo-research attack dog, leader of Media Matters, and now American Bridge. That David Brock was Vice Chair of CREW tells you everything you need to knowテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
SALEM – Representative David Brock Smith (R-Port Orford) has long been an advocate for rural Oregon communities and their residents. As a former school board member for the Port Orford-Langlois School District, which is the 8th most impoverished school district in the nation, Curry Countyテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
David Brock Smith, a former Curry County commissioner. The notice names four others — County Commissioner Court Boice, his wife, Britt, former Port of Brookings Harbor Manager Ted Fitzgerald and commissioner candidate Jan Barbas — who Wiley alleges further defamed her by placing and sharingテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
Political leanings: Democratic/liberal. Spending target: Unknown. American Bridge 21st Century is a liberal super PAC that conducts opposition research to aid Democratic candidates and organizations. The group was founded in November 2010 by David Brock, a conservative-turned-liberal activist.
The 1990s Claremont school-funding cases, by which the Supreme Court constituted itself the supreme education policymaker, was the culmination of a series of cases by which the David Brock Supreme Court tested the willingness of the Legislature to resist the modus operandi the court adopted in theテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
He then reached out to a researcher at the pro-Clinton American Bridge PAC run by David Brock, thinking he was effectively reaching out to her campaign. “David Brock was all I knew of the campaign,” Mattes told Politico. “No one at American Bridge said, 'Call up Hillary, call up John Podesta or anybody.' .


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