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Tareq Ayyoub
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updated Wed. January 25, 2023

Journalists in Kashmir are being unfairly targeted for doing their jobs, as the Indian state fears the bad publicity their work can bring. Tags: Kashmir, press freedom. In almost every modern conflict, journalists are at the receiving end of hostilities from both state and non-state parties. From Tareq Ayoub in Iraq ...

Tareq Ayyoub died in Kabul; hit by an American tank shell just when he was readying to go live. Several others, including cameramen, have been killed in the line of duty. Journalist Sami al-Hajj spent years in the Guantanamo jail; picked up from the Afghanistan-Pakistan border on the unproven suspicion ...
The day before this photograph was taken a U.S. plane had attacked the Al-Jazeera offices in Baghdad, killing Tomasevic's colleague and friend Tareq Ayoub. Recalling the day he took the iconic images of the statue being toppled, Tomasevic said: "I didn't care, I just wanted to finish the job and go home.".
“On April 8, 2003, during the US-led invasion of Iraq, Al Jazeera correspondent Tareq Ayoub was killed when a US warplane bombed Al Jazeera's headquarters in Baghdad. “The invasion and subsequent nine-year occupation of Iraq claimed the lives of a record number of journalists. It was undisputedly ...
An American A-10 Warthog in attack formation appeared overhead, mid-broadcast, launching missiles and disappearing off the screen. A camera on the roof of those offices captured the impact moments later, as journalist Tareq Ayyoub was blown to pieces. American engineers built that aircraft and those ...
Tuesday's first victim was Tareq Ayyoub, a 34-year-old Jordanian reporting for al-Jazeera. Ayoub and his cameraman Zuheir Iraqi were wounded when US missiles struck al-Jazeera's office in Baghdad, less than a mile from the Palestine hotel. Ayyoub died shortly after in hospital. Nearby, coalition artillery ...
Al Jazeera journalist Tareq Ayoub was killed in a US airstrike during the US-led invasion of Iraq. His daughter Fatima was 14 months old at the time. [GALLO/GETTY]. On April 8, 2003, during the US-led invasion of Iraq, Al Jazeera correspondent Tareq Ayoub was killed when a US warplane bombed Al ...
Al Jazeera correspondent Tareq Ayoub was killed in Iraq when a United States air strike slammed into Al Jazeera's Baghdad bureau on April 8, 2003. He had given a live report just moments before he died. The 35-year-old Jordanian became the twelfth media worker to be killed in the Iraq conflict. He had ...
Rainer Hachfeld drew this in response to the 2003 U.S. missile strike on al-Jazeera's Baghdad Bureau, which killed one of its correspondents, Tareq Ayyoub. It was cut by Neues Deutschland. “Cartoons are unquestionably the most popular part of an editorial page because they hit us on a primal, gut level when very little ...
Its reporters have been banned at times from Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority. Controversial Arabic TV news channel al-Jazeera seems to make the news as often as it reports it. So, Control Room, a documentary about the channel's coverage of the Iraq war should be an ideal ...


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