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updated Sat. August 6, 2022

... have marched in Barcelona, demanding the formation of a new Catalan government. Madrid has blocked the moves and legal action has also forced the Catalan parliament to cancel this week's planned session to elect a new regional first minister. Al Jazeera's Karl Penhaul reports from Barcelona.

Catalonia make up or break up: Polls too close to call. Thursday's elections in Catalonia will gauge the feelings of the populace after Carles Puigdemont's government led a secession bid in October that was quashed by the Spanish national government. by Karl Penhaul. 20 Dec 2017 ...
Catalonia election campaigns set to end. Catalans head to the polls on Thursday for a vote that could decide if their province breaks away from Spain. by Karl Penhaul. 19 Dec 2017 ...
Catalans go to the polls on Thursday to vote in an election that could decide if their province breaks away from Spain. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy made a rare campaign stop in Catalonia on Sunday. His party stands little chance of winning the election, but Rajoy hopes a coalition of unionist ...
Spanish media are reporting that pro-secession parties in Catalonia's parliament are working on a declaration of independence for Tuesday. Catalans who support the unity of Spain say they'll hold a demonstration in Barcelona to denounce separatist leaders. Al Jazeera's Karl Penhaul reports from ...
There is a week to go until residents of Catalonia hold a controversial independence referendum, which the Spanish government has dismissed as illegal. But to many residents living in the heartland, this vote is bigger than politics or money, it is about retaking control of the region's cultural destiny.
Al Jazeera's Karl Penhaul, reporting from Catalonia, said the police are looking for any evidence of wrongdoing, "and evidence of support by the regional government for the October 1 independence referendum, which the central government has dubbed undemocratic and illegal". The operation comes ...
Spanish police confiscate Catalan referendum material. Spanish police have seized posters, promoting a planned referendum, on independence in Catalonia. by Karl Penhaul. 19 Sept 2017 ...
It was a commemoration of the fall of Barcelona in the War of Spanish Succession in 1714. However, this year demonstrators were looking to the future, not the past. The event came less than three weeks before a controversial referendum on independence. Al Jazeera's Karl Penhaul reports from Barcelona ...
CNN will no longer use international correspondent Karl Penhaul, after a series of tweets to Donald Trump and members of his family calling the Republican presidential candidate a racist. In the series of tweets, which appear to have been deleted from Penhaul's Twitter page but were captured by the ...


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