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updated Sun. April 24, 2022

An analysis of the relationship between Macron and Trump, and Macron's approach to key issues, is provided by Karen DeYoung at the Washington Post. The meeting is set to test Macron's ability to act as a “Trump whisperer,” while he has cultivated a relationship with the president, it remains to be seen ...
By Karen DeYoung. The Washington Post. The reaction of the international community would “not be pleasant” for the United States if President Trump decides to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions on Tehran, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Sunday.

Macron and Merkel met in Berlin last week to discuss their concerns, and the EU is preparing a proposal to forestall the levies again, The Washington Post's Karen DeYoung reports. Trump is coming off two days of meetings with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago last week during which he ...
Karen DeYoung, James McAuley and William Booth report at the Washington Post. A Trump administration initiative is seeking to establish a force consisting of troops from Arab nations to send to northern Syria and replace the U.S. military contingent once the Islamic State group has been defeated.
"So our support would not be conditional on the continued allowance of food, fuel medical supplies and other human assistance into the primary port of Yemen," Young said with visible frustration. - - -. The Washington Post's Kareem Fahim in Istanbul and Karen DeYoung in Washington contributed to this ...
Washington: The Trump administration has told Turkey it will move to rein in Kurdish fighters that have been the backbone of the US campaign against the Islamic State in Syria, in an effort to repair tattered relations. The first step and "the crux of the matter", a senior Turkish official said, is to withdraw the ...

Via The Washington Post's Josh Dawsey, Missy Ryan and Karen DeYoung, several White House advisers said President Trump did not completely grasp the ramifications of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Excerpt: "Several advisers said he did not seem to have a full ...
Karen DeYoung and Loveday Morris report at the Washington Post. An insight into the debates within the Trump administration over recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital is provided by Anne Gearan at the Washington Post. A private meeting between the Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas ...
People walk inside a camp for earthquake displaced people after a rain in Port-au-Prince, Friday, May 28, 2010. A hurricane season predicted ...
"As Persian Gulf crisis persists, alarm in Washington deepens" by Karen DeYoung: "Tillerson has gone out of his way to bolster Qatar, calling ...
... fraternity attended event, which also featured a conversation with Washington Post's senior national security correspondent Karen DeYoung.
8 from 6–9 p.m. at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., will include a discussion with Karen DeYoung, Washington Post associate ...
Alexander W. Riedel, Associated Press U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson walked with Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohammed ...
Karen DeYoung reports at the Washington Post. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held a phone call ...
... holds its graduation program at the National Press Club in Washington with longtime Post reporter-associate editor Karen DeYoung the main ...
The event included a discussion with Karen DeYoung, Washington Post associate editor and senior national security correspondent.
... China and Russia to support the sanctions resolution at the United Nations on Saturday, as The Washington Post's Karen DeYoung reported.

"McMaster had been told by CIA Director Mike Pompeo that some intelligence officials had problems with Cohen-Watnick and didn't think he was up to the job," the Washington Post's Karen DeYoung reports. But the staffer went above McMaster to Jared ...
Karen DeYoung: "Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has withdrawn retired senior diplomat Anne W. Patterson as his choice for undersecretary for policy after the White House indicated unwillingness to fight what it said would be a battle for Senate confirmation.
... the Washington Post's Greg Jaffe and Karen DeYoung. The new rules would allow the Pentagon to take strikes without the authority of the White House, and scrap the "near certainty" rule of avoiding civilian casualties put in place by then-president ...
Late last month, the film, which was available on demand from a leading Turkish cable provider, was quietly removed. Faiola reported from Berlin.
Turkey ordered the immediate shut-down of the Oregon-based Mercy Corps' Turkish operation, putting an end to a program that regularly assists hundreds and thousands of Syrian civilians and refugees, Karen DeYoung and Dan Lamothe report at the ...
Stephen Townsend said yesterday, Karen DeYoung and Dan Lamothe reporting at the Washington Post. "Modest achievements" are expected in the latest round of peace talks in Geneva following a week of discussions focusing on setting an agenda for ...
The Trump administration accused Russia and China of "outrageous and indefensible" action Tuesday after they vetoed a U.N.
The Trump administration's developing plan to defeat the Islamic State may lead to major alterations in the Syria strategy Trump inherited from former President Obama, reports Karen DeYoung at the Washington Post, citing US officials. An immediate "top ...
As my colleague Karen DeYoung reports, the Trump administration may be contemplating a larger commitment of troops on the ground to speed the battle.
Karen DeYoung, senior national security correspondent for the Washington Post, will discuss the new national security adviser and the leaks coming out of the intelligence community.
If Karen DeYoung wanted to boil all this history down to one paragraph, it might go: "The Ukraine conflict began when U.S.
READ THIS -- "Trump turns Mar-a-Lago Club terrace into open-air situation room," by WaPo's David Fahrenthold and Karen DeYoung. ****** A message from the Lift the Cap Campaign from Better Medicare Alliance: Millions of Medicare ...
As The Washington Post's Karen DeYoung reported in 2015, Scowcroft is renowned for running a tight ship and keeping a low profile.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky., center, joined from left by Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., and Sen. John Thune, R-S.D.
My colleague Karen DeYoung has already delved into the question of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, an institution at the heart of the regime in Tehran.
Going through with the order could endanger US troops in Iraq and the fight against the Islamic State, senior defense and intelligence officials have warned, Karen DeYoung reporting at the Washington Post. Trump could end up making an enemy of the ...
Washington Post correspondent Karen DeYoung's report on UNSC 2334 offered readers a highly flawed picture of Israeli attempts to make peace over the past eight years.
ISTANBUL - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President Donald Trump had their first telephone call late Tuesday, a highly anticipated conversation in which Erdogan was expected to press the new U.S.
It was never implemented because of legal challenges. ---. The Washington Post's Anne Gearan, Abigail Hauslohner, Katie Zezima, Spencer S. Hsu, Aaron Blake, Mike DeBonis, Karen DeYoung, Fenit Nirappil and Mark Guarino contributed to this report.
It was never implemented because of legal challenges. The Washington Post's Anne Gearan, Abigail Hauslohner, Katie Zezima, Spencer S. Hsu, Aaron Blake, Mike DeBonis, Karen DeYoung, Fenit Nirappil, Abby Phillip and Mark Guarino contributed to this ...
Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson speaks at a press conference outside U.S. District Court in Seattle on Feb. 3, 2017.
IMPORTANT STORY -- "Trump warns Israel that new settlements 'may not help' achieve Middle East peace," by WaPo's Abby Phillips and Karen DeYoung: "The White House on Thursday gently warned Israel that new or expanded settlements in the West ...
This is the story of how, in the hyperactive Age of Trump, something that initially appeared to be a major change in policy turned into a nothing-burger.
"This may be an initial signal the Trump administration realizes that working on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict requires working with Jordan," he said.
National security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn delivers a statement daily briefing at the White House in Washington, Feb. 1, 2017. By Karen DeYoung, The Washington Post. Posted Feb. 01, 2017, at 7:15 p.m.. WASHINGTON - The Trump administration said ...
The Washington Post's Emma Brown, Lalita Clozel, Brady Dennis, Karen DeYoung, Darryl Fears, Ann Gearan, Amy Goldstein, Joe Davidson, Dan Lamothe, Peggy McGlone, Carol Morello, Ellen Nakashima and Lena Sun contributed to this report.
The presidential directive established Bannon's policy influence and gave the man who was reportedly directly involved in shaping the immigration mandate something no previous president has bestowed on a political adviser, writes Karen DeYoung at the ...
"I hope that his attitude to foreign policy will be like to some sort of business deal. People who will work with him will be telling him 'Mr. President, we are taking a risk here,' and he will agree.
Trump is considering executive orders requiring a review of parts of the US's national security infrastructure, including the approach to cybersecurity threats and the designation of organizations as terrorist, the Washington Post's Karen DeYoung and ...
By Anne Gearan and Karen DeYoung. A number of career Foreign Service officers were informed this week that they will not be asked to stay on in senior or sensitive posts that are under direct White House control, creating an unusual leadership vacuum ...
"While all are Muslim-majority countries, the list does not include Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and numerous other Muslim-majority countries," Abigail Hauslohner and Karen DeYoung report. Trump's move, while stopping short of a full Muslim ban (which ...
Youths climb on the rubble of the collapsed minaret at the heavily damaged Great Mosque of Aleppo, in the Old City of Aleppo, Syria.
Karen DeYoung reports at the Washington Post. The Trump administration is in "the very beginning stages" of discussing moving the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said yesterday, Ayesha Rascoe ...


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