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updated Tue. September 6, 2022

Daily Mirror foreign correspondent Anton Antonowicz reported on the second Iraq War in 2003, from the 20 March invasion. This is his ... They are images and scenes of joy in Baghdad for which we have all longed. ... I run downstairs passing Lara Logan, the former GMTV reporter who now works for CBS.
The organization represents some of the most prominent names in journalism, including Abrams, Brooke Baldwin, Ashleigh Banfield, Dana Bash, Carl Bernstein, Gloria Borger, Margaret Brennan, Alisyn Camerota, Anderson Cooper, Bill Hemmer, Jodi Kantor, Brian Kilmeade, Don Lemon, Lara Logan, ...

Former Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta will be a featured speaker, joined by Lara Logan, a 60 Minutes correspondent. Panetta, who also served as director of the CIA, will be honored with the VOICES Leadership Award in recognition of his lifetime commitment to public service and unwavering ...
Gymnast Kurt Thomas is 62. Rock singer Perry Farrell is 59. Comedian-actress Amy Sedaris is 57. Model Elle Macpherson is 55. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, Democrat of Nevada, is 54. Movie director Michel Hazanavicius is 51. Actress Lucy Lawless is 50. CBS News correspondent Lara Logan is 47.
CBS News correspondent Lara Logan is 47. Actor Sam Hazeldine is 46. International Tennis Hall of Famer Jennifer Capriati is 42. Actor Chris ... Sweet is 30. Thought for Today: "The fate of love is that it always seems too little or too much." — Amelia Edith Barr, American author and journalist (1831-1919).
Next season's Tulsa Town Hall lineup was recently announced and includes Vicente Fox, the outspoken former president of Mexico, and journalist Lara Logan. Maxa spoke for nearly two hours, an hour-long lecture that was preceded by an hour-long question-and-answer with some of the season ticket ...

Other speakers scheduled for 2018-2019 include CBS' “60 Minutes” correspondent Lara Logan and photographer Platon, whose distinctive portraits of ... affairs journalist describing some of the many stories she has covered in her career, from reporting live at the fall of Baghad during the Iraq war and her ...
“60 Minutes” correspondent Lara Logan had been set to interview the show's executive producer, Jeff Fager. TRAFFIC TROUBLES: Here's your list of SXSW downtown street closures. No other details about the cancellation were immediately available. Austin has changed quite a bit since the 2017 edition ...
... actor/writer/producer/director Lena Dunham, journalist Christiane Amanpour, best-selling author and journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates and “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King. 5. Saturday's lineup has seen one prominent bit of programming drop off the schedule: Correspondent Lara Logan and executive ...
The war in Afghanistan has lasted for more than 16 years, and in that time, America's goals and strategies have changed, "60 Minutes" correspondent Lara Logan reported last month. Mr. Trump has sent 3,000 more troops to train and assist the Afghan army. In the Afghan capital, you don't have to go far to ...

Jeff Fager, the ep of CBS's iconic newsmagazine, has been named a featured speaker at the 2018 South by Southwest conference, set to take place in Austin March 9 – 18. 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan, who calls Texas home, will be conducting the interview with her boss. It's part of 60 Minutes' ...
Lara Logan, Feb. 5. The “60 Minutes” correspondent's assignments have taken her from the front lines of the Ebola crisis to the forests of central Africa, where she ... The White House chief information officer under George W. Bush and head of intelligence on the CBS-TV reality series “Hunted” spoke Feb.
Even before the attack, Afghanistan's president admitted to "60 Minutes" correspondent Lara Logan that he is unable to protect his own capital. ... CBS News Radio correspondent Cami McCormick says those stolen vehicles had been used in recent attacks on Afghan security forces, who the U.S. troops in ...
When you watch old episodes of Murphy Brown, which I did after CBS announced that the show would be back this year for a 13-episode revival, the first thing you notice is the clothes. A sitcom that premiered in 1988 was naturally a showcase for '80s-era fashion, and TV journalist Murphy Brown wore the ...
A two-mile stretch of road drew 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan to Afghanistan for a report on the broadcast this week. The road runs from the ... "And it's very frustrating, too, because here is this extraordinary place and fascinating people and all I want to do as a reporter is go out." But she and the 60 ...
As costly as America's longest war has been, to fail in its mission there would be even costlier says the U.S. commanding officer in Afghanistan, Gen. John Nicholson. Lara Logan interviews Nicholson and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, for a report on the War in Afghanistan to be broadcast on 60 Minutes, ...
CBS News correspondent Lara Logan brought her very personal story of rape and recovery to the “Women 2 Women” event last week, reducing the ballroom full of mostly women to intense quiet as she recounted her experiences as a woman journalist on the job in a foreign country. “I was here two years ...
Journalist Lara Logan of CBS News appears in Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq November 17, 2006. ... By Isabel Teotonio Living reporter ... But in recent years, the correspondent for the CBS News magazine 60 Minutes has become the headlines, enduring a brutal sexual assault in Cairo during the Arab ...
(AM 760 KFMB) — What was meant as a talk on Syria turns into a deeply personal conversation about 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan's attitude towards life. Lara joined Armstrong & Getty for a discussion on the current state of the civil war in Syria. But seemingly weighed-down by a preponderance of stories about ...


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