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she asked a cameraman at the bottom of her run. Before today, Ledecka had been most well-known as a snowboarder -- that's where she's had the most success, including world titles and a trip to the Sochi Games in 2014. But she has refused to specialize in one sport, and she started racing on the World ...
Photographer David Indge's project Coast Road captures on camera people and places along the A149 road from King's Lynn to Great Yarmouth. Pictured is a paraglider at Cromer. Photo: David Indge. But photographer David Indge has managed to create a unique exhibition of art from the 85-mile A149 ...

Multimedia Group's Photojournalist David Andoh was on Friday January 10th heckled at the Accra High Court by a police officer while he was covering the story of officials of the National Communications Authority (NCA) who were standing trial for allegedly embezzling public funds. The Ghana journalists ...
The Media Association of Jamaica has described as "most upsetting" the pepper-spraying of a Gleaner photo journalist by the police. In a release this morning, chairman of the Media Association of Jamaica, Christopher Barnes joined calls by the Press Association of Jamaica for a speedy investigation into ...
"Darkest Hour" cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel reveals that he and director Joe Wright were more interested in exploring "the character" of Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman) than in "the historical moment" surrounding him in their biographical drama. In their visual approach, they wanted to highlight the ...

A man convicted of kidnapping a toddler from a western Sydney shopping centre has avoided jail. Anthony John McGualey, 41, faced the possibility of ten years' imprisonment, but instead, walked free from Penrith District Court on Friday. The father-of-three was sentenced to an 18-month good behaviour ...
Binghamton, N.Y. - The BU Forum hosted an alumnus Thursday night who is an award-winning writing and photographer. The University Art Museum, which is exhibiting photos by Peter Guttman, hosted him for a lecture titled, "Kaleidoscopic Magic Carpet Ride Around planet Earth." Guttman graduated ...
Video shows protester lash out at cameraman after Jacob Rees-Mogg talk at UWE erupts into melee. WARNING: Video contains language some people may find offensive. A group of masked protesters burst into the event at the University of the West of England and caused chaos. Share; Comments. By.
Canton police are on the lookout for three suspects believed to have robbed a pharmacy. In the surveillance video taken from Mississippi Discount Drugs, you can see two of the three suspects exit from the passenger side of a white Tahoe SUV. Canton police say these men used a crowbar to break in the ...
The combination of Bob Myers' press availability paired with the LeBron storyline had more cameras at practice than usual. During Kevin Durant's interview, two cameramen were jostling for position and things got a bit heated. One thought the other was cutting him off. One thought the other should move ...
The first rule of Cameraman Fight Club is you don't talk about Cameraman Fight Club. And amazingly, this wasn't even the only boneheaded media moment from the Warriors' practice Thursday, as someone else tried to get head coach Steve Kerr to violate the NBA's tampering policy by commenting on the ...
Their firing was racially motivated, they say, and stems from an "unsolicited racist and misogynist text message" the two cameramen received from a stagehand working on the Tonight Show. The complaint doesn't identify the stagehand; nor does it include the contents of the text message--just that Decker ...
It didn't invite a woman to join until 1980, when it admitted Brianne Murphy, reportedly the first woman to work as a cinematographer on a major Hollywood studio film (Fatso, directed by Anne Bancroft). As of 2015, Deadline reported that just 4% of the ASC's members were women, and last year, the society ...
"We will deliver the report to the international centers, consulates, and international journalists organizations." In the aftermath of the Oct. 16 takeover, a Kurdistan TV cameraman, Arkan Sharif, was murdered in his Kirkuk home in front of his family. More recently, a Kurdish photojournalist working for Reuters in Kirkuk was ...
A BBC cameraman filming for Blue Planet II was nearly killed in a tussle with a playful baby whale. The five-ton sperm whale grabbed his leg with its mouth before dragging him around underwater. Luckily, he escaped injury from the over-excited youngster and they both returned to the surface unharmed.
The two former employees of WBIN-TV NH 1 had the story lined up when the owner of the station shut it down and laid them off in February 2017. They decided to do the story anyway, using their severance checks and help from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to trace the flow of drugs from the Dominican ...

A Global News journalist who was briefly arrested while covering a fatal crash last year has filed a lawsuit against Hamilton police, alleging an officer used excessive force in an effort to prevent him from filming. Jeremy Cohn says Hamilton police Const. Jeffrey Todoruck -- who is also targeted in the lawsuit ...
TWO Kendal men provided aerial footage with drone-mounted cameras for an award-winning television show pilot shot in the Lake District. Andy Wills and Simon Handley teamed up with graduates National Film and Television school to help film for their reality television pilot 'Against All Odds'.
Yangon (Reuters) - Myanmar on Friday (Dec 29) freed two journalists for Turkey's state broadcaster, their local interpreter and a driver after they completed a two-month jail sentence for violating an aircraft law by filming with a drone, a prison official said. Cameraman Lau Hon Meng from Singapore, ...
83-year-old cinematographer Jost Vacano wins more nearly $700,000 in compensation, including interest, and will share in the future profits from the Oscar-nominated war drama. The Munich high court this week has upheld an earlier decision to award Oscar-nominated cameraman Jost Vacano ...
Getting the Olympics on TV calls for a large crew of cameramen, producers and engineers. One of the guys behind the lens calls Tulsa home. Tom Stone is the man bringing you the live pictures from half way across the world. Stone has been holding a camera all his life. He started at his church in Houston ...
If you're going to send it big, it's generally a good idea to be sure things are dialed in with the cameraman. Especially if you're going to huck something as massive as Jonathan Jean did on his snowmobile. Rightfully hooting and hollering after clearing such terrifying gap, Jean finds the rest of his crew a little ...
A camera operator of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporations (GBC) who was heckled by the security during the 2017 State of the Nation Address by President Nana Akufo-Addo, was full of smiles after his 'attackers' made amends a year after. Samuel Oduro Amofa, one of the lead camera operators, had a ...
After a few minutes, another officer tells the cameraman he is not being detained. There was no physical contact between the cameraman and the officers during the video. PSPD addressed the issue in a video statement posted to social media late Saturday night saying they had been made aware of the 38 ...
internet search engine giant Google honours the first female photo-journalist of India, Homai Vyarawalla, with a sketch doodle consisting of black-and-white and sepia line drawings. Vyarawalla's black-and-white sketch holding a camera that has been shown as the second 'o' of the logo. The sepia sketch ...
KCBS reporter Kristine Lazar and her cameraman Marvin Stone stopped reporting on the Sunland fire near Los Angeles to save horses. During a live shot Lazar told anchors the scene was "frantic" and "tense". Thick black smoke and flames could be seen creeping up on a ranch where the crew stopped to ...
Brendan North is on the set of Logan Paul's new Youtube Red film, a sequel to The Thinning, when suddenly he sees a camel. The film isn't set in the Saudi desert. It's set in L.A.. But one of Logan's friends thought that renting a camel would spice things up, so there's a camel. Just another day for the world's ...
Jammu, Dec 4: Five policemen, including three officers, a photo journalist and a JCB operator were among six persons injured in clashes with people during an anti-encroachment drive launched by the ... The residents also pelted stones and bricks on the team and the photo journalist covering the drive.
AWARD-WINNING York cameraman Dave Thorp has just finished shooting scenes for a feature film which has won Best Screenplay at a film festival. Dave Thorp, from Fulford Road, worked with Harrogate-based VPAC Productions to shoot Clouds, which features a young man's struggle with mental health ...
Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett got the start for the Big Ten Championship Game against Wisconsin on Saturday night. Barrett playing comes after he left the win against Michigan last week. Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said the injury happened during a pregame incident with a cameraman.
PHOENIX - Phoenix police and Silent Witness are asking for your help to find the two men who shot a woman in the arm, then stepped over her as they took off from a Valley restaurant. The crime happened after two men walked into the Mariscos El Cora Mexican restaurant on 42nd Avenue and Indian ...
Caught on camera: woman steals Christmas decorations from Pasadena porch. Error loading player: No playable sources found. After a woman was caught on camera stealing Christmas decorations from a home in Pasadena, residents say they are coming up with ways to make decorations harder for ...
Jerome Baker gives himself a 'D'; Mike Weber's collision with a cameraman: Ohio State football daily nuggets. Posted November 29, 2017 at 03:20 PM | Updated November 29, 2017 at 03:51 PM. Comment ...
He began visiting the island in 1972 as a documentarian, wanting to see for himself whether the revolution was working. Through many visits, Alpert came to befriend Cubans as well as Fidel Castro himself. Alpert's latest film, "Cuba And The Cameraman" premieres on Netflix and in select theaters on Friday ...
The cameraman in "Cuba and the Cameraman" is the indefatigable documentary filmmaker Jon Alpert, the director of the movie. Which begins inside a car, in Havana in 2016, as the death of Fidel Castro is announced on state radio. The streets are nearly empty and have a haunted quality. Havana has ...
A British cameraman has died while filming a stunt sequence for a BBC Two drama in Ghana. Mark Milsome, 54, whose credits include Sherlock, Game of Thrones and Saving Private Ryan, was working on the forthcoming drama The Forgiving Earth, which will be distributed by Netflix internationally.
SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. -- Cameras were recording as woman was held at gunpoint next to her car outside of a gas station on New ...
Some of the most famous photographs of past celebrities were taken by one man - photo journalist Harry Benson. He's photographed all the ...
Tent city resident John McEachern caught sight of CHEK News cameraman Steve Grebanier first. Then he saw Duncan and started screaming ...
A couple of weeks ago I wanted to get a picture of a large female Praying Mantis that was beginning to cannibalize her mate about half her size.
A cameraman of the Equator Broadcasting corporation (EBC) in the capital Juba has passed away this morning, November 13 at the age of 35.
This footage shows the moment a biker very nearly overcooks his wheelie - and risks his cameraman in the process. The video, which appears ...
The multi-award winning wildlife cinematographer has travelled all over the world capturing the wild, the weird and the wonderful on camera.
journalist Serge Enderlin and cameraman Jon Bjorgvinsson were arrested as they filmed an open-air market, and were held for more than 50 ...
Assisting Glaser in his first feature film was Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Thomas Del Ruth, the sharp-eyed shooter of such classics ...
Chris Hurst was living with fellow journalist Alison Parker when she and cameraman Adam Ward were killed by a former co-worker while ...
As CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot reports, those who work at a Libertyville boutique want the woman caught. "She was very friendly.
BBC cameraman Trevor Ferris unearthed hilarious images of the elephant ruining around a mile of camera and sound cables ahead of a ...
In a dash-cam video gone viral, a scantily clad woman traveling in New York last summer was caught stealing money from her Uber driver's tip ...


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