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BRIGHTON, Mich. (AP) -- Richard Alberta went from not believing in God for 10 years to preaching the word of God for 40 years. On Dec. 31, after 26 years and more than 3,100 sermons as senior pastor at Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Brighton, Alberta stepped down from the pulpit.
Business and educational leaders agree that more needs to be done to encourage Michigan high school students to consider pursuing careers in skilled ... Lawmakers are discussing two bills that would require schools to provide students with more career information and help create a talent portfolio for ...

Tyson Chandler has a long list of accomplishments throughout his 17-year-career, and on Sunday night against the Pacers, Chandler added one more milestone. With 8:48 remaining in the fourth quarter, Chandler grabbed his 11th rebound of the game and 10,000th of his career. "When you come into this ...
"When you get into Oprah's orbit it doesn't affect your career, it defines your career," said Phil McGraw, who started hosting his eponymous talk show hit more than a decade ago. "I had no desire to be on television before and she made me see the value of it and she made me understand the power of it and ...
Careers Counsel | Five Questions You Should Ask at Your Next job Interview ... Careers Counsel is a weekly roundup of the most helpful and inspiring advice for boosting your career. ... There are few sectors of the economy that offer as wide and interesting a range of career opportunities as fashion.

When planning for their careers, students should keep in mind two things: what skills are required for a job, and what skills they themselves possess, according to education services specialist Robert Gaston. The Career Exploration Program helps them with that by coupling their ASVAB scores with an ...
January is National Skating Month, and being energized by all the wonderful skating in the 2018 U.S. Figure Skating Championships that recently took place and the upcoming Olympics, I've decided to combine two passions of mine: figure skating and career advice. Here are some lessons I've learned ...
Three Ways To Highlight Your Career Successes On Your Resume. Stop lamenting your lack of work success and make the most of your ... It's amazing how often someone I'm working with will begin lamenting their lack of career success. And almost every time, during the course of our chatting and doing a ...
If you're thinking about making a career change in 2018, you're not alone: More than a third of hiring managers expect more employees to leave their jobs in ... only on median pay for different professions across the country, but also how much employment and wages are expected to grow in the near-future.
The Farmington Hills/Farmington Commission on children, youth & Families invites students, parents, veterans, and career changers to explore alternatives to a ... plumbers, realtors and professionals from the HVAC, automotive, and environmental professions, who will share their career success stories.
Many people daydream about jumping ship into a new career; few make the leap. Seniority, stable paychecks, and comfort zones are sometimes enough to placate any aching FOMO. These nine women prove that it's never too late to forge a new path. (And, if you need a little extra courage to make the ...
What does career success look like to you? Is it starting your own company? Building a thriving freelance career that allows you to work from anywhere in the world? Climbing the corporate ladder and landing in the corner office? Whatever your lofty career goals may be, success doesn't happen overnight.
Biochemist Jahan Marcu has found "a very rewarding career" working to assure the safety of medicines. "It is really touching to see patients using our products and leaving opioids behind," says Adam Kavalier, a phytochemist who works in the same industry. The fast-growing field where these scientists ...
A few months ago Xbox platform chief Mike Ybarra teased that Microsoft was looking into ways to extend the Xbox achievement system beyond Gamerscore, and this just might be it. We've seen some features that Microsoft is currently testing that refer to a new "Career" system for Xbox Live, and while it ...
Big Step recently partnered with the Madison Metropolitan school District for Career Pathways In Construction. Over the course of two weeks, Big Step brings trade workers to Madison's four comprehensive high schools for a day of hands-on learning in trades like plumbing and electrical work for middle ...

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, but I'm all for meaningful change. Developing a laundry list of things to do more or less of in the coming year is a setup for failure. Regardless of whether you had a burning ceremony or created a vision board, you still carry your professional challenges into the new ...
As 2018 approaches, many professionals desire a new job, promotion, or career change. When you start to feel like your career is becoming stale or stagnant, it's time to push the reset button and upgrade yourself the same way you upgrade the mobile apps on your smartphone. Every 12 months, when I ...
BoF asked fashion leaders including Dries Van Noten, Karlie Kloss, Dapper Dan and Natalia Vodianova for their advice on how to make the most of a career in fashion. Watch now. 2 Shares. Comment. By BoF Team January 9, 2018 14:29. Save. 2 Shares. Comment. By BoF Team January 9, 2018 14:29.
Of course, finding a person like this is definitely great for your career, but busy and important people don't always have time to be unpaid career coaches. And plenty of successful people have had thriving careers without one consistent mentor (WeWork's CEO and cofounder Adam Neumann is a great ...
To explore this question, we studied the theater, an ideal venue to learn more about career Sustainability among freelancers and rainmakers who are also caregivers. Careers in the performing arts are rife with irregular working hours and extensive travel demands. artists need name recognition and can ...
But there are barriers students face going into those careers, including the perceived difficulty, and a new PEW study shows gender is still seen as an ... This year, Shreck took the glowing chemistry class, but she also explored STEM at the same event last year, and now wants to pursue a career in science.
With a couple of exceptions, these works have been made since 1970 by, as the title implies, artists with careers of some length. .... It is a painting that the New Yorker Ed Clark made in 2009, when he was in his early 80s, having devoted most of his long career to handling large brushes and gorgeous color ...
After Brian Wong graduated college at age 18, he co-founded a company that received more than $32 million in venture capital funding and landed clients like McDonald's and Pepsi. The now 26-year-old CEO and start-up co-founder of mobile advertising app Kiip used a series of career "cheats" to ...
While it's tempting to stream your favorite show in your down time, reading a helpful book instead can give you the tools you need to actually achieve your goals. billionaires such as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Elon Musk credit much of their success to reading and learning. As Tesla and SpaceX founder ...
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When it comes to building an off-the-field career, there's no time like the present for NFL players to start, as the league, the players association and the sports-tech industry have collectively generated more opportunities than ever before. Experiences - and even their biometric data - count as a valuable, ...
While many people start out the year asking "how can I get a raise or promotion," that's probably the wrong question to be asking, says Lauren Herring, CEO of St. Louis, Missouri-based career coaching firm IMPACT Group. "Go a little bit deeper and ask yourself what your career goals are," she says.
Houston -- After Austin Rivers scored just six points in the first half on Friday night against the Houston rockets, his Los Angeles Clippers teammates had a message for him. "Austin, you've got to be more aggressive," Rivers recalled them saying. He certainly took their advice, scoring 30 of his ...
Kansas City, MO.--Amid a season of quarterback debacles and the Dolphins' offense playing like "garbage," to use Adam Gase's word, receiver Jarvis Landry is putting together the best year of his career. Good for him, too. It comes at the perfect time. Landry never seemed to worry much about Miami not ...
It is never too early to start thinking about the career changes you want to make in the new year. Employers are now discovering the ... More than ever, employees have the opportunity to take charge of their own careers to advance and grow on their own terms. Now is the time to take a deeper look at your ...
New Delhi: More and more job seekers in India and other parts of the world are looking for "flexible career" opportunities and getting inclined towards ... "With companies offering competitive salaries and generous perks along with great flexibilities, employees are increasingly exploring flexible career ...
students in Bibb County can enroll in CTAE programs at Hutchings College and Career Academy, and Houston County students can take courses at Houston County Career Academy. Pathways at the schools include health sciences, hospitality and tourism, construction, teaching, and audio, visual and film ...
One tends to catalog successes and losses in this frame of mind, which is not a bad approach for reviewing careers and job search efforts. Amy Lindgren ... This week, I want to encourage you to look back, with an eye toward celebrating or gaining closure on the ups and downs of your career path in 2017.
So when Doug Dillion, Vigo County school Corp. director of career-technical education, learned the state had reduced funding levels for "precision ... He also was surprised to see that education professions courses were cut from $500 to $400 per student/per credit hour, particularly with the teacher ...
It's also not going to solve your work problems in most cases if you're unhappy and unsatisfied not just with your company, but also your profession. ... While there are some emerging jobs where demand has forced companies to cast a wide net, in many professions it's still who you know that gets you hired.
Former Brazil attacking midfielder Kaka has announced his retirement from football following a decorated career at both club and international level. "I came to the conclusion that now is the time to finish my career as a professional player," the 35-year-old said in an interview with the Brazilian television ...
Konane Martinez's path to becoming a medical anthropologist started with an interest in archaeology and then moved to the field of cultural anthropology before a pivotal experience studying in Oaxaca, Mexico, in the 1990s moved her to her final focus. "While at Humboldt State, I completed a bachelor's ...
After a 23-year career at Microsoft and two-years at Juniper Networks, Bob Muglia has spent the last four years in his first CEO role, happily running a fast-growing cloud database startup called Snowflake. But Muglia will forever be known as a former key executive at Microsoft. He joined Microsoft under Gates in 1988 and ...
He used to drink two or three times a week and felt unfulfilled in his career. Last month, I achieved a milestone that I am certain has been a major factor in my growth as an entrepreneur: four years sober. Since I stopped drinking in October 2013, I was finally able to leave my day job and replace my salary at my own ...
Griffin offers health career classes. By Amanda Cuda ... The Griffin hospital school of Allied Health Careers in Derby is currently accepting applications for its winter Accelerated Certified Nursing Assistant program starting Jan. 15 and its Patient Care technician and Phlebotomy programs starting Jan 16.
Hester, who has not played this season, announced his retirement on his twitter page Tuesday following 11 years in the league. "Over the last year, I've spent time reflecting on my career surrounded by friends and family, and I realized it's time for me to officially retire from the NFL," he said. Hester also ...
Sherwood Middle school students got to learn about careers from their high school counterparts as Sherwood High school's Future Business Leaders of ... FBLA members from the Creighton school researched a career they were interested in pursuing and put together a presentation, ore than 25 in all.
Coursework on investment strategy can help prepare MBA students for a variety of lucrative jobs, including careers in Investment Banking, hedge funds, ... Typically, a business school investment club will host lectures with investment industry leaders and will assist members with career exploration by ...
My career path has been more of a winding road than straight highway. I started out with a psychology degree, heading toward medical school, only to end up at art school studying fiber design. Even after two amazing, frenetic years at Savannah College of Art and Design, I realized I still hadn't found the ...
GREEN BAY - The kick that arguably ranks as the most memorable miss of Ryan Longwell's career with the Packers is the one he calls "one of the biggest blessings." That in itself says a lot about how Longwell put together such an impressive career, which began with nine seasons in Green Bay from ...
Matt Barnes announced his retirement from the NBA Monday in an Instagram post. Barnes, 37, has played 15 years in the league, spending time with nine different teams during his career. Last season, he picked up his first career NBA title when he signed with the Warriors toward the end of the year after ...
We all think we have a well-defined sense of equity, but it is a very nuanced concept for your family, your career and your start-up. I am currently working with two young entrepreneurs who have decided to share their wealth with some of their employees in exchange for more personal free time - they are ...
To help give you that much-needed push off the diving board, author of the career change handbook Fearless and Free Wendy Sachs and co-founder of The Second Shift Jenny Galluzo weigh in with solid advice on how to figure out what you actually want to do next, and how to make it happen.


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