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Paolo Moretti is set to replace Edouard Waintrop at the helm of Directors' Fortnight, the section that runs parallel to the Cannes Film Festival, starting in 2019. Moretti will join Directors' Fortnight for its 50th edition from the Roche-sur-Yon Festival, where he has been artistic director since 2014.
This year's Cannes Film Festival has announced its first section, the Cinefondation Atelier, an international co-production forum, and some of its ... "A Rooster on the Fire Escape," San Francisco-based Guetty Felin's second movie after "Ayiti Mon Amour," is a tale of an immigrant Haitian family in the U.S..

According to The Wrap, the duo had met with DC Films and expressed an interest in revisiting the Flash movie following Famuyima's 2016 departure. Last May, reports surfaced that Spider-Man trilogy helmer Sam Raimi and The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb had ...
Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley are still in negotiations to direct DC's Flashpoint movie for Warner Bros., and they're excited about all the possibilities. The Flash solo movie was first announced alongside the rest of the core DCEU films back in 2014, but it has been lagging behind ever since.
Prominent Seattle Director Lynn Shelton Talks About Her New Film Outside In, Which Screens at SXSW Next Weekend .... He and I spent a lot of time in preparation for the movie, looking at reference films like Five Easy Pieces, films where you really feel the weather. We talked a lot about lenses, about ...
It is timely, then, that Paramount and the Oscar-winning director Francis Ford Coppola have announced they will be dedicating a studio to the only female director from Hollywood's Golden Age: Dorothy Arzner. Arzner directed 20 films in 21 years. She discovered Ginger Rogers, propelled Kathryn Hepburn ...

Film director Alex Garland, whose movie "Annihilation" includes an ensemble including Latino actors Oscar Isaac, Gina Rodriguez and Tessa Thompson, told NBC News he doesn't know why Hollywood directors don't hire more Latino actors, but he asserted that ethnicity has nothing to do with how he hires ...
"The DGA mourns the passing of Lewis Gilbert whose more than 70-year legacy as a film director has served as an inspiration to so many," the Directors Guild of America said in a statement. "Not limiting himself to any one genre, Gilbert found strength in tackling a diverse slate of films; from war dramas like ...
It is tempting to imagine that a white director of the movie might have kept their powder a little drier, for fear of accusations of cultural appropriation. In the case of Wonder Woman, yes, there are male directors capable of shooting movies from a feminist perspective, but Jenkins's involvement helped to make ...
Filmmaker and actor Kevin Smith says he suffered a "massive" heart attack after performing on stage - and that he had accepted he was about to die. Smith, the director of Clerks, Mallrats and Red State, had finished one of two shows when he fell ill on Sunday. The 47-year-old was rushed to hospital and ...
Anyhow, despite her modesty, all Ramsay's feature films - Ratcatcher, Morvern Callar, We Need to Talk About Kevin and You Were Never Really Here ... A familiar film trope, but Ramsay turns the genre inside out, giving us the oppressive, fear-filled tension of a gun-for-hire movie, but one that's flooded in ...
With the not-so-surprising news that Joss Whedon has quit the DC Extended Universe's Batgirl, the coming days and weeks will see Warner Bros. scrambling to find a suitable replacement, and really, the only smart choice is to give the job to a woman. Hollywood has a real problem giving female ...
Duncan Jones' massive undertaking was technically impressive, but otherwise, the movie left a bit to be desired. ... thing he's ever written, he seemingly considers the film a learning and experience and is glad he went through it once, as it now makes dealing with those sorts of things on other films easier.
Deadline has learned that Netflix has secured the rights to Life Sentence, a movie take on a Matthew Baker short story about a future where authorities wipe the memories of criminals instead of sending them to prison. Matt Reeves, the director of the two most recent Planet of the Apes movies, is producing ...
The project has been in development for at least three years, but it does have some impressive talent developing it in the form of director Francis Lawrence, perhaps best known for the Hunger Games franchise. Lawrence recently gave an update on the film, and was able to confirm that he is still involved ...
If John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein end up not signing on for Flashpoint, then it might be time to start once again worrying about the Flash movie. Based on the original plan for the DCEU, The Flash's film was supposed to debut on March 16, 2018. However, issues with keeping directors, ...
The director said he attempted to make the film he wanted to make, but became the victim of multiple rewrites that, he believes, coincided with ... The studio was sold again to Wanda, one of the biggest Chinese Conglomerates with a hefty influence over Hollywood films, especially blockbusters like Warcraft.

Opener "Matangi/Maya/M.I.A.," directed by Stephen Loveridge, is a portrait of the rapper M.I.A. that uses video diaries from the musician's youth, while closer "Hale County This Morning, This Evening," directed by RaMell Ross, follows five African-American families in Alabama over a period of five years.
Financing was a challenge -- at one point, her father sold his car for the equivalent of $8,000 for Bahango to make her movie. The film had stalled in post-production when Alain Modot, of the International Distribution of films and Fiction from Africa (known by its French acronym, Diffa), saw the movie's ...
Collider reports the pair have signed on to a new film from Robert Eggers, director of painstakingly period-detail accurate horror movie The Witch (one of The A.V. Club's best films of 2016). Entitled The Lighthouse, the production is described as a fantasy horror movie "set in the world of old sea-faring myths ...
But there is another way to make great films, and a group of younger, often female directors appear to have found it. One of this year's Oscar nominees offers a good example. Laurie Metcalf, talking about her Academy Award nominated Lady Bird director Greta Gerwig, had nothing but praise. "I think we all ...
"Black Panther," which opens today, is the first, major big-budget film with a black director and a predominantly black cast. ... At the helm of the movie is director and writer Coogler, best known for his films "Fruitvale Station" and "Creed," both of which also starred "Black Panther" cast member Michael B.
The movie industry is a cutthroat landscape in which box office numbers and Rotten Tomatoes scores can make or break a film's theatrical run. It can be mentally taxing for even the most seasoned filmmaker, but for Wonder director Stephen Chbosky, all of that melted away when a girl that he met admitted ...
Now, more than ever, movies are scrutinised for their choices, whether that's casting, how certain characters are portrayed or how sensitive subjects are dealt with (and ... "We're not making a small Japanese version of the film, we're making a global version of the film, you need a figurehead movie star.".
'Annihilation' Director Alex Garland On Whitewashing Accusations: "Nothing Cynical Or Conspiratorial" In Movie's Casting ... Action Network for Asian Americans) and American Indians in Film and Television -- took aim at the film for whitewashing its two leading characters, played by Natalie Portman and ...
'Kon-Tiki' actor Anders Baasmo Christiansen will also star in the twisted love story 'The Story of My Wife.' French actress Lea Seydoux has signed on to star in The Story of My Wife, the new film from Hungarian director Ildiko Enyedi, whose On Body and Soul won the Golden Bear at last year's Berlin Film ...
Berlin, Feb 6 (CTK) - Czech film director and actor Jiri Menzel will be awarded at the prestigious film festival in Berlin with the prize Berlinale Kamera, designated for the ... It is a road movie about two peculiar men who met by a coincidence to travel round Slovakia and learn the truth about their own past.
But the movie plays with time and memory in a way that feels entirely in keeping with all of Nolan's movies. Dunkirk ... Gerwig worked steadily with a number of prominent directors (including Woody Allen and Whit Stillman), breaking into more mainstream films after co-starring in Noah Baumbach's 2010 film ...
Other upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movies include; Avengers: Infinity war on May 4th, Ant-Man and the Wasp on July 6th, Captain Marvel on March 8, 2019, the fourth Avengers movie on May 3, 2019, the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming on July 5, 2019, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.
Richard Linklater is up to his old tricks again. The director has confirmed to The Houston Chronicle that he's currently at work directing a secret project in Houston, Texas. Linklater isn't ready to reveal any cast or plot details, but he's ok with letting everyone know the film will be a coming-of-age story that ...
Melissa Silverstein, founder and publisher of women in Hollywood, a gender equality initiative and film news site, denounced Tarantino's comments about Polanski, saying it signalled a watershed moment for the director that could have lasting impact on his career. "This feels epic. I think people are really ...
At the film's press junket, Collider sat down with filmmaker Will Gluck for this 1-on-1 interview, in which he talked about being nervous about bringing Peter ... what made James Corden his Peter Rabbit, the film's unexpected music, and whether he'd like to stay involved if there are more Peter Rabbit films.
A new report reveals that in 41 years of the Star wars franchise, 96 percent of writers and directors hired by Lucasfilm for the movies are white men. ... had concluded with the final installment of Lucas' prequel trilogy, Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012 and announced a revival of the Star Wars film series.
In movie theaters in Lebanon, "The Insult" is preceded by a terse disclaimer: The views in the film do not represent those of the Lebanese government. ... The government's ambivalence speaks to both Lebanon's on-again, off-again love affair with the film's director, Ziad Doueiri, and the difficult relationship ...
His latest film, The Post, was shot inside nine months, he says, during the lengthy post-production for Ready Player One, his special-effects-heavy sci-fi feature due in late March. "We didn't sacrifice quality," he promises. "If I had another 12 months, it would've been the same movie. I really believe that." ...
Brad Peyton also mentioned that he didn't even know what the "video game curse" was until two weeks after finishing Rampage, but he acknowledges that there's a lot of pressure to deliver on "spectacle" in the movie. Fortunately for the director, Rampage didn't require closely adapting an intricate storyline ...
"We've had a lot of interest in our film and sensed a lot of interest about these other films about strong women, but ultimately the gatekeepers in this business are white men," says Amy Adrion, director of Half the Picture, a film about the low numbers of female directors that has yet to find distribution. "Most of ...
Baker will produce the film himself, with The Florida Project co-producer Kevin Chinoy also expected to come aboard. The director says he hasn't decided whether he will shoot on iPhone, as he did on Tangerine, or continue to cast unknowns, having populated his last two films with Actors he found on ...
Over the past five years, the winner of the ADG's period film category went on to win the Oscar in production design twice, in 2013 for The Great Gatsby ... the guild also presented its William Cameron Menzies Award to Ron Clements and John Musker, directors of Disney animated films such as The Little ...
Corrie Hinschen, who reviews Asian films, says in the video that he's going to expose Indian directors who rip-off films from other languages shamelessly. ... Faasil, Remya Nambeesan and Vineeth Srinivasan, Hinschen claims, "This movie is an unauthorised remake of the South Korean film Handphone,.
Emily Atef, whose latest movie "3 Days in Quiberon" world premieres in competition at next month's Berlin Film Festival, is one of six leading German directors ... Mariette Rissenbeek, managing director of German films, said: "We are thrilled that, with our third edition, we are bringing these important 'Faces' ...
One of the next productions from DC films has picked up a ton of momentum in recent weeks with filming set to begin soon, but there's still a bit of confusion surrounding the movie Shazam! Ever since DC Comics officially changed the character's name from Captain Marvel, Shazam! has gone by the magic ...
Christine Dudley leads the Illinois Film Office promoting Illinois as a global destination for film, television and advertising production. As the gateway to government for the industry, the IFO manages the film production tax credit program, in addition to a full range of services that support production and ...
During his career, Miller made more than 500 movies, primarily about outdoor sports, but it was his ski films that he was famous for. "What made the Warren Miller films incredible was his connection to the audience and the film tour," says Chris Anthony, a professional skier who's filmed and toured with the ...
"In my opinion, 'Call Me' can be the first chapter of the chronicles of the life of these people that we met in this movie, and if the first one is a story of coming-of-age and becoming a young man, maybe the next chapter will be, what is the position of the young man in the world, what does he want -- and what ...
When most people picture a film editor at work, they see someone in a dark, quiet room -- illuminated only by multiple monitors -- meticulously cutting together scenes that arrive from sets all over the world. But for films using elaborate visual effects or stunts, those days may be long gone. The editors of ...
As you made your film during the increasingly chaotic backdrop of the last year, how did you as a filmmaker control, ignore, give in to or, conversely, perhaps creatively exploit the wild and unpredictable? What roles did chaos and order play in your films? The beautiful thing about chaos in film for me is the ...
A camera assistant who has worked on The Girlfriend Experience, Sense8 and Chi-Raq, 24-year-old Bing Liu makes his debut as a feature documentary filmmaker with Minding the Gap. The film was made with the help of production partners Kartemquin films, ITVS and POV, and it includes an executive ...
Patty Jenkins did win the award for best action movie for Wonder woman at the Critics' Choice Awards in January. Photograph: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP. Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman has received critical acclaim and smashed Box Office records proving that people do in fact want to see films made by ...
However, in recent times, movies are trying to break out of this mould - Nayanthara's recent success in Aram is one such example. Now, Trisha's Mohini will soon join the ranks of women-centric movies. Director Ramana Madhesh said that Mohini is all set to redefine what a mass-appeal movie is and will ...


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