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updated Wed. April 25, 2018

Direct Care Workforce 2020 tried to solve the issue of worker retention in the health care industry today. It hosted an ... It also highlighted the need for professionals in the mental health field. "We're here to ... Health care providers are looking for workers that can be counted on in the long term. ...
Documents given to Vectren employees, obtained by the Courier & Press, provide a look at what laid-off workers can expect. ... "The employee will be paid their salary and employer premiums for healthcare, pro-rated for the remaining months of the 24-month period after closing. Additionally, the ...

"What's important about that is that they went to a hospital for conditions that didn't require hospital care but probably a general practitioner or other type of health care," Crain said to a group of homeless service providers and advocates. "But their practice and their habit is to go to maybe one of the ... Social Workers
Battle Ground -- Battle Ground Mayor Mike Dalesandro recognized several Battle Ground health care businesses and providers for their service to the community through partnership with Battle Ground Healthcare, a nonprofit faith-based organization. The health care organization's mission is to ...
He's also a gay man, yet no doctor has ever asked about his sexual history, and he knows many health care professionals who are even more uncomfortable with transgender men and women. "They don't know what to say," he explains. " They don't want to make a mistake, so they don't say anything, ...

In the medical world, the saying "To err is human" is associated with a well-known report that emphasizes that errors in health care are more often due to systemic, ... But the problem isn't bad people in healthcare; it's that good people are working in a system where they're not feeling safe to report errors.
Others, particularly young professionals and health care providers, continue to migrate away from the islands, leaving an older population with less family ... This brief provides an overview of the status of the recovery in Puerto Rico and USVI six months after the storms, with a focus on the health ... Rico
In the absence of a functioning state, outside NGOs are left to provide healthcare - even primary healthcare - to most of South Sudan. Yet those organisations continue to face major obstacles to doing their work: saving lives in a country beset by civil war is impossible without access to the wounded and ... workers Sudan war
PEBP meeting over health care abruptly canceled ... PEBP Board Chairman Patrick Cates said rate hikes would throw state workers into chaos trying to decide what to do about their healthcare. ... Haycock told board members the offer is reasonable and puts some cost controls on state worker healthcare. workers Sudan war
Researchers developed a new colour-coded visual tool called Infection Risk Scan, or IRIS, which is set to make it easier for healthcare workers to measure in which areas a hospital complies with guidelines and where it needs to implement measures to improve infection control and the use antimicrobial ... workers Sudan war
KINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS) — Some 60 healthcare workers across the island have benefited from training to identify and handle cases of gender based ... out as a training of trainers in the field, who will subsequently administer a similar training of the staff members at their respective health care facilities. workers Sudan war
Tom Wolf has yet to decide whether to sign or veto legislation that supporters say would make it less likely that people getting health care covered by workers compensation become addicted. Business groups have lobbied hard for the measure, which they see as a means of fighting the opioid epidemic, but ... workers Sudan war
The existing health care rule adopted two years ago says that sex discrimination — clearly forbidden by the Affordable Care Act — includes discrimination based on ... The administration has been zealous in trying to protect health care workers who object to performing procedures like abortion and gender ... workers Sudan war
The World Health Organization says health workers are at a high risk of physical violence all over the globe, and estimates that between 8% and 38% of staff in different countries suffer at some point in their careers. A study by the International Council of Nurses concluded that healthcare workers were more ... workers Sudan war
In recognition of Workplace Violence Awareness Month, The Joint Commission has issued an alert on violence against health care workers. ... and trend all reports of workplace violence—including verbal abuse and attempted assaults when no harm occurred, but in which the health worker feels unsafe. workers Sudan war
Watch your paychecks: Colorado employers are pushing higher health care costs to workers, report says ... Lockton, a professional services firm, released a survey finding that the cost of employer-based health insurance plans in Colorado increased in 2017 by an average of 7.7 percent, faster than the ... workers Sudan war

Critics say that's a small number compared with the millions of health care workers. They worry that religion will become a pretext for discrimination. Wasden is up for re-election this year and is seeking a fifth four-year term. He has no opponent in the GOP primary race and just one Democratic candidate in ... workers Sudan war
It should come as no surprise to health care professionals that criminal health care fraud enforcement is increasing. .... (7) Billing for Unqualified Workers. ... worker (such as a physician's assistant) to render services to a patient, but the services are billed as if they were provided by a medical professional ... workers Sudan war
The Department of Veterans Affairs should provide specific treatment for physical and emotional military wounds. The government can manage a cemetery, fund college education, help low income spouses within other, existing bureaucracies. We desperately need mental health care in our area that ... workers Sudan war
The criteria were a baroque departure from those prescribed by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, which deems “sex reassignment surgery” appropriate for any fully informed, healthy adult suffering persistent gender dysphoria. D'hana Perry, Callen-Lorde's transgender health care ... workers Sudan war
Idaho AG Supports Religious Protections for Health Workers. Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden has signed a letter supporting President Donald Trump's effort to protect the rights of health workers who object to ... Critics say that's a small number compared with the millions of health care workers. workers Sudan war
To recognize this, Bradley will host its 3rd annual Business of Healthcare networking dinner April 4. Because of their deep connection to HMFA, or the Healthcare Financial Management Association, the Center for Professional Excellence is helping coordinate the event. Samantha Ponce, program ... workers Sudan war
Moreover, African American and Hispanic parents are more likely than white parents (71.8% and 78.9% vs 66.2%, respectively) to seek a different health care professional for the child's medical examinations in the future if they believed their child's condition called for antibiotics, and the child's health care professional did ... workers Sudan war
“In particular, the Department has failed to adequately address situations where program participants have coerced healthcare professionals into ... intended to facilitate refusals of medically necessary health care in the name of religion” and could lead to everything from life-endangerment to harassment. workers Sudan war
“We've been willing to reduce, pretty dramatically, the cost of healthcare because the healthcare fund, the same one that covers our members at the University of Rochester, has a substantial surplus,” said Bruce Popper, Vice President of 1199SEIU, “and we're able to give financial relief requested by the center through a ... workers Sudan war
Walmart Inc. is in talks with health insurer Humana Inc. for a closer partnership to provide health care to consumers at home and prevent illness, according to ... Walmart has been buying health care for its workers directly from providers in six different regions — bypassing insurers who usually negotiate with ... workers Sudan war
Independent contractors and freelancers make up an increasing share of the workforce, yet Washington is largely neglecting the market where self-employed workers get health insurance. That's bad news for people in the burgeoning "gig economy," where work is divorced from an employer — and thus from ... workers Sudan war
Palm Bay home health care worker charged with stealing almost $10,000 from patient. Tyler Vazquez, FLORIDA ... A home health care aide working in Melbourne was charged with stealing nearly $10,000 from the woman he was supposed to be helping, according to Brevard County Sheriff's Office records. workers Sudan war
This is a result of the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications (MRPQ Directive) imposed by the EU on its member states. The Directive permits the qualifications of EEA and Swiss applicants to be recognised within the UK without any further testing. The language skills of healthcare professionals ... workers Sudan war
The bill that won second-round approval Wednesday would allow the workers to enroll in a direct primary care plan, which minimizes the role of insurance. Sen. Merv Riepe of Ralston says direct primary care strengthens relationships between doctors and clients and provides practical health care. The pilot program would ... workers Sudan war
Consider that in just the first two months of 2018, 24 health care provider organizations reported data breaches affecting over 1,000 patients each, a 60% ... According to Forrester's Global Business Technographics Workforce Recontact Survey 2017, just 30% of global information workers at healthcare ... workers Sudan war
Hundreds of lady health workers continued their sit-in at Lahore's Mall Road on Tuesday, the 28th of March, entering into the second day of their sit in to register their protest against service structure and non-payment of dues. In a shocking incident, one of the protesting women was shifted to hospital a day ... workers Sudan war
In last month's column, I shared my thoughts about patient advocacy as a core shared value among licensed healthcare professionals. Continuing that theme, it's helpful for patients and consumers to be aware of organizations and websites that offer credible health information so they may fully explore their ... workers Sudan war
Its cloud business, AWS, is pitching its services to health-care customers and competing head-on with Microsoft Azure and Alphabet's Google Cloud. It recently put out a job listing for an employee to network with top health investors in a bid to build relationships with health start-ups early in their lifecycle. workers Sudan war
They recommend that healthcare professionals (HCPs) wash their hands before and after eating, using the restroom, and between patients. ... The other issue that we've encountered is healthcare workers using hand sanitizer at such a level that they dry out their hands, making the skin barrier more ... workers Sudan war
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on Tuesday sided with public-sector unions in a showdown with Republicans and anti-labor groups by approving a controversial bill that will alter the contracting structure of home health care workers. Senate Bill 6199 had drawn calls for a veto from many in the GOP and the ... workers Sudan war
Clinicians and other professionals can learn how to enhance the quality of care they offer the LGBTQ community by attending a one-day conference at Oakton Community College's Des Plaines campus, 1600 E. Golf Road. In partnership with the Eating Disorder Support Network, "Transforum: Providing ... workers Sudan war
After all, healthcare workers are the ultimate mobile workforce — they are desk-free and need tools for instantaneous collaboration and information retrieval. The global mobile ... Think of a healthcare professional accessing an AI-powered mobile app to review a patient's EHR or to research symptoms. workers Sudan war
You might think that construction workers or manufacturing employees have the highest rate of workplace injuries. To the contrary, however, it's health care workers. On average, U.S. hospitals recorded 6.8 work-related injuries and illnesses for every 100 full-time employees, nearly twice the rate for private ... workers Sudan war
He has not specified the percentage of laid-off management employees compared with front-line and clinical workers. "We have eliminated ... DMC also have reduced hours of pharmacists in the ER and OR and social workers with the exception of Children's Hospital, sources said. Sources also tell Crain's ... workers Sudan war
Millennials are more likely to seek out more convenient ways to engage with healthcare professionals. Forty percent of millennials say that telemedicine services are either extremely or very important. That's compared to 27% of Gen Xers who reported that telemedicine is extremely or very important and ... workers Sudan war
Other bills up for a vote in the Senate on Monday focus on hospitals and health care professionals offering rapid hepatitis C testing to people born ... Legislators in the Assembly will review concerns on a bill that would require New Jersey employers to give earned paid sick leave to workers in the state. workers Sudan war
FTE leakage is the difference between what a worker was hired to work (for example, 36 hours or three 12-hour shifts) and what they're scheduled to ... By pulling all the data together, behind-the-scenes analytics could sort through new-hire issues, co-workers out on family medical leave, co-workers on ... workers Sudan war
Below is the closed-captioning text associated with this video. Since this uses automated speech to text spelling and grammar may not be accurate. of the "un-healthiest" counties in the state. that's according to the lateset health records. health care professionals say "access" to a doctors office plays a role. workers Sudan war
... is needed toward adopting methods that increase awareness of the prevalence and seriousness of occupational injury in theater," the study authors wrote in a journal news release. In addition, theater personnel must have access to "definitive, evidence-based health care" for work-related concussions. workers Sudan war
But agencies likely will continue to struggle to recruit and retain workers. Low pay, sporadic hours and lack of job stability drive high turnover, which was more than 60 percent nationally in 2015, according to a study of 700 home care companies. The average pay for a home care worker is about $22,000 a ... workers Sudan war
SUNDAY, March 25, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Tree care workers have one of the nation's most perilous jobs, and the danger could grow as climate ... likely to receive health and safety training and to use protective gear than those employed by other companies not part of the professional industry network. workers Sudan war
DOVER — The need for health care workers in the Seacoast is high. A class at the Dover Adult Learning Center (DALC) works to address that need by teaching health care professionals from other countries to become more efficient speakers of English. English as a Second Language (ESL) for Health ... workers Sudan war
House Bill 312 will escalate assaults on healthcare workers in a hospital setting to a felony. ... “If [assault on healthcare workers] was a felony, it would take having to enforce it ourselves out of it,” she said. ... Additionally, medical professionals must verify individuals are not a threat to themselves or others. workers Sudan war


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