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updated Thu. March 22, 2018

A daily newspaper editor axed in a restructure four months ago has taken on a new role as a council's public relations chief. Graeme Smith left Glasgow-daily The Herald in November along with Graham Shields, editor of Newsquest sister daily the Glasgow Evening Times, in a restructure which saw ...
But perhaps the most important responsibility I have carried out in this position is the facilitation of the election for our next Editor-in-Chief and ensuring the future success of Tulane's first and premier student-run newspaper. On Sunday, our Board elected Canela Lopez to serve as The Hullabaloo's 2018-19 ...

Chalkbeat, the nonprofit news organization covering educational change efforts in the communities where improvement matters most, is seeking a story editor with digital experience to make our news stories sing. The story editor will be responsible for editing a mix of articles out of our seven local bureaus: ...
Russell encourages other editors across America to show transparency, to dig into their old stories to examine their publications and broadcast stations' role in the past -- and, frankly, to apologize for failings. The National Geographic puts it this way: "To rise above our past, we must acknowledge it.".
It is not such an easy thing to convert from a Mitchell-Lama project to a market-rate one. It is even a little more complicated to go from a Mitchell-Lama rental, to a Mitchell-Lama co-op, to a market-rate co-op. So, if they do convert to a free-market co-op, and protect the current renters with low rents as long as ...
... a supportive editor and a consummate newspaperman who was offered critical insights into community issues. A highlight of his leadership was in the mid-1980s when the staffs of the Times-Union and Jacksonville Journal won more Florida Society of Newspaper Editors awards than any other papers.

I am writing to publicly add my support for George Bratcher, who is running for District 3 seat with the Columbia County School Board. Columbia County residents are so fortunate to have a candidate of this caliber and dedication. George lives in Evans and has deep roots in the community. George's son ...
In January 2010, when I was editor of the News & Record, we were preparing to publish a special section on the 50th anniversary of a pivotal moment in the history of Greensboro: the sit-ins at the Woolworth lunch counter. We were pulling out all the stops with historical pieces, where-are-they-now stories, ...
The Daily Beast reported that former editors of the Onion Cole Bolton Ben Berkley are working with Musk -- and poaching other staffers. "It's pretty obvious that comedy is the next frontier after electric vehicles, space exploration and brain-computer interfaces," Musk, who tried to buy the Onion in 2014, said.
Emerald Media Group's Board of Directors has selected Zach Price as the Emerald's 2018-2019 Editor in Chief. Price is studying journalism and joined the Emerald's Arts and Culture desk as a reporter in 2016. He became an associate editor on the desk at the beginning of 2017. "I'm really excited where ...
Big changes are afoot at High Country News. After 13 years here, our senior editor, Jodi Peterson, is headed out for a new adventure. Jodi came to the magazine as an intern, in 2004, and went on to become managing editor, a post she left in 2015 to focus on editing and mentoring. Now, she is taking her ...
I, too, looked on with "slack jawed" disbelief as I watched President Trump push back against his conservative brethren in favor of sensible gun law regulation at Wednesday's bipartisan White House meeting to address this pressing issue.
Lindy Segal, Style Social Editor: I'll be honest: I forgot how much I loved seeing Sandra Bullock on a red carpet until I saw her in this Louis Vuitton gown. For her first appearance at the Oscars in four years (she last attended when she was nominated for Gravity in 2014), Bullock selected this shimmering, ...
Jonathan Simon, deputy photo editor at Quartz, speculated that Mueller is probably staying away from cameras on purpose--a shrewd move as his investigation comes under increasing partisan criticism. "He probably does not want to be the face of all this." Simon added that the scope of the investigation ...
Reardon will take over from Jeremy Langmead, who has been named editor at large, having relaunched Luxx in 2016. He continues as content director at Mr Porter. The Luxx job will be a part-time one for Reardon, who is also working on other projects in the media space. Dominic Carter, chief commercial ...
At the beginning of the year, I asked Danya Henninger, our arts and culture editor, to step up and lead Billy Penn's newsroom. She assumed the title of acting editor, and has directed Billy Penn's coverage over the past few months. And I'm not saying Danya's a good-luck charm or anything, but how about ...
RYE -- The Rye Driftwood Garden Club will present Coastal Home editor Penny O'Sullivan on March 20 at the Rye Congregational Church, 580 Washington Road. O'Sullivan will explore the possibilities and strategies for adding trees and shrubs of many hues to a garden to provide interest and color ...

A regional daily editor whose investigation into a child's death led to the closure of one of his patch's most famous landmarks has died aged 91. ... He became secretary and later chairman of the Western region of the Guild of British Newspaper Editors and was a member of the selection panel for journalist ...
For its price and the user level it's aimed at, iMovie is a highly competent video editor that works well and intuitively. It's aimed at the consumer end of the market so doesn't support some of the more higher-end formats. But if you have a DSLR, AVCHD camcorder, iPhone or consumer-level UHD camera and ...
In 1981, at the dawn of The Sun's second century, Editor in Chief Steven Billmyer '83 wrote that the yearly changing of the boards was "The Sun's most powerful asset allowing the editors a flexibility -- one commercial papers cannot match -- to produce a paper that better reflects this dynamic community.".
(Baen); Best Magazine/e-zine Editor: Jeani Rector. Best Fiction Magazine/e-zine: The Horror Zine; Best Nonfiction Magazine/e-zine: The Time Travel Nexus; Best Artist: Denny E. Marshall. Best Artwork (tie): "Rumble", Johannes Chazot; "Sea Station Warp Arrival", Denny E. Marshall; Best Magazine/e-zine ...
... very happy for that". Smith is a longtime Nolan collaborator, whose first feature film as editor was the 1986 Ozploitation oddity Dead End Drive-In. He continues a proud tradition among Australian editors, who tend to do well at the Oscars, collectively amassing a whopping 16 nominations over the past 25 ...
Regarding "6 ways to defeat the NRA" (Open Forum, Feb. 29): Scott Gerber writes an excellent article. I would like to add a seventh item. There is a federal law called Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act that was signed in 2005 under a Republican president and a Republican-controlled Congress.
I've always preferred the fresh, green character of vetiver-backed perfumes, but when I came across Chanel Sycomore ($200) five years ago while working at a website that had beauty editors and enviable access to all the world's fragrances, I instantly fell for it. This one is heady and musky and intoxicating, ...
Mr. Borders later held a top administrative position overseeing Times writing and editing standards, distributing virtually every day a detailed internal "post mortem" critique of what reporters and editors had done right and what they hadn't. He also acted as a liaison with readers, fielding their questions, ...
Every time I sit at my desk to work on endless homework and revision assignments, I always think about what I can hope to gain and what I am losing in life. Working hard to achieve good results in the DSE (Diploma of Secondary education) is, I believe, the goal of all secondary students in the city.
I am currently enrolled in the Jackson County Citizen's Academy, and I strongly recommend this outstanding event to fellow residents. It is a 13-week program (meeting one night per week and one Saturday), that gives ordinary citizens a taste of what our sheriff, Nathan Sickler, and our deputies go through ...
Those of us who don't own guns are exasperated about why those of you who do own guns aren't demanding action. I am talking to those of you who claim that you are responsible gun owners. Why aren't you speaking up? Why aren't you saying that the NRA doesn't speak for you? Why aren't you ...
Imagine hypothetically, I am walking alone at night. Some three strangers approach me and take me to a parking garage. They ask me to give them money and I give all the cash I am carrying without resistance. Is it theft or do they just consensually receive my money? Theft is the physical removal of an ...
Sam Seekings, a junior from Oshkosh, Wis., has been named the next editor-in-chief of student Life for the 2018-2019 academic year. Currently, Seekings is abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark; however, he served as Student Life's senior news editor for fall 2017. Seekings' appointment was announced last ...
Regarding the Feb. 18 column where the question is asked whether the University of Florida just wants to study inequity in Alachua County or is committed to doing something about it: Not only doesn't UF pay property taxes, impoverishing the community, they employ over 15,000 hourly OPS work who do ...
EDITOR: Sonoma County officials recently announced that the emergency services manager primarily responsible for the failure to implement an effective system to warn residents before the firestorm wasn't terminated but instead was moved, at the same salary, to a position responsible for updating ...
My father-in-law was "woke" before it was cool to be woke. As a college student in the 1960s, he was heavily involved in the marches, protests and rallies that -- at the time -- called for equity and empowerment of the Mexican American community. In this neighborhood, one of the end goals of the Chicanx ...
The Collegian's selection committee consisted of Pete Waack, Rocky Mountain student Media CEO; Jim Rodenbush, Rocky Mountain Student Media advisor; Hannah Copeland, KCSU station manager; Erin Douglas, Editor-in-Chief of The Collegian; and Seth Bodine, Night Editor of The Collegian.
Kent Whitaker and his wife, Tanya, center, walk out of the Capitol with attorney Keith Hampton after learning the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles voted unanimously to recommend clemency for death row inmate Thomas Whitaker. RALPH BARRERA / AMERICAN-STATESMAN. Posted: 12:00 a.m. ...
In my most recent "From the Editor's Desk," I stated a new editor would be selected by Friday evening. Unfortunately, only about half of the voting members on The Post Publishing Board could attend Friday's meeting to select a new editor. To ensure a fair vote would take place, the present members of the ...
Yes, there is such a thing as a Newfoundland robin: Turdus migratorius nigrideus. As the name suggests, it lives in Newfoundland and nests there. It is larger than the typical robin and much darker. The orange chest is much darker as well. I have seen them in Eastport and Lubec in past years in January.
I'm writing to express my deep thanks to the Maine Legislature for passing a joint resolution urging the president to exclude Maine from offshore oil and gas drilling. The resolution was passed Feb. 15. The resolution notes that 46,319 jobs and more than $2.3 billion of Maine's gross domestic product ...
Ask the Editor: Vivid Prose and the Five Senses. A veternan editor answers your writing questions. By Betty ... Dear Editor: People tell me my prose is drab and colorless. Any suggestions? --Phillip S. ... If you have a question for the editor, please email Betty Sargent. A version of this article appeared in the ...
The News Courier encourages letters to the editor. Submissions should be no more than 400 words and include name, address and telephone number for verification. Submissions that do not meet requirements are subject to editing. Writers are limited to one published letter every 30 days. Send letters to ...
Tahlequah Daily Press Executive Editor Kim Poindexter is among the outstanding journalists and a journalism college dean emeritus to be honored during the 48th anniversary of the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame on May 3, at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond. In addition to Poindexter, ...
Welcome to our online letters to the editor column. It's online but based on the old-fashioned letters to the editor format: Send me your thoughts and ideas, reactions and responses. I will collect them, curate them, and every Friday afternoon, I will post a collection to the NCR Today blog. Directions on how to ...
Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award winning film editor Edward Abroms died on Feb. ... arts & sciences, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the Motion Picture editors Guild and American cinema editors (ACE), having served 30 years on the board of that organization with the last 17 as its treasurer.
With student government campaigns in full swing, we turn our attention to an election of our own. Janhavi Nemawarkar, Cuillin Chastain-Howley, and Liza Anderson, three of the opinion department's current editors, are running to serve as The Daily Texan's next Editor-in-Chief. To present their cases to the ...
Holly Springs native Jesse Holland crafted his most recent novel, "Black Panther: Who is the Black Panther?," using skills he honed during his undergraduate years at Ole Miss. Holland started at Ole Miss in 1989, immediately going to work for the Oxford Eagle. There, he covered the town of Water Valley, ...
Since the "memo" seems to be the hot button for your editorial page allow me to quote Cal Thomas and get that out of the way: "partisans tend to read, watch and listen only, or mostly, to information and opinions that reinforce their beliefs. If information surfaces that counters those beliefs, it is usually ...
To the Editor: Early voting starts Feb. 20 with election Day on March 6. The primary voters of Congressional district 6 for the great State of Texas, including myself, have to make a choice very soon. We have to decide who will be on the general election ballot in November and most probably our next ...
One of Britain's most high-profile celebrity magazines, Grazia, has cut ties with its editor Natasha Pearlman amid cratering circulation and unhappy staff, according to a well-placed source at the organisation. There were questions about the whereabouts of Pearlman on Monday, with Bauer Media, the ...
Mark Wilson students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school gather at Pine Trail Park in Parkland, Fla., on Feb. 15. Posted: 11:57 a.m. Monday, February 19, 2018. We are long overdue for legislation on gun safety. We must require permits to purchase firearms, contingent on 1) completion of firearm training and ...
New Delhi, February 19, 2018: HuffPost today announced the appointment of Aman Sethi as Editor-in-Chief of HuffPost India. Aman will be responsible for all editorial output on Huffpost India and oversee the India team of editors and contributors.


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