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updated Mon. February 13, 2023

Rev Jim Wallis writes in Sojourners today: I often send a note offering "thoughts and prayers" to people in the wake of personal loss or tragedies,And I mean it. It was natural and sincere for many to offer their "thoughts and prayers" to the high school students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas after they lost 17 ...

Placards and letters signed by worshipers at Christ Church United Methodist Church in response to shootings in nearby Parkland, Florida. They will be sent to legislators and officials in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Image via Reuters/Joe Skipper. Commentary. By Jim Wallis 2-28-2018. Print. I often send a note offering “thoughts ...
As Jim Wallis of Sojourners told us: 'Big megachurch pastors tell me, I have these people for two hours a week, Fox News has them all week.' (Just to be clear, Wallis is not a Trump fan.) And the Christian media industry is huge in the States. The 21st century version of 'why should the Devil have all the ...
... and a steady supporter of Sojourners' work for peace and justice, which he called 'complementary' to his mission of personal evangelism," Sojourners President and Founder Jim Wallis wrote in 2016. "Graham has always been a lifelong learner, passionate about preaching the gospel but always ready to ...
In response to the tragic shooting at a Florida high school this week, the Rev. Jim Wallis pronounces, "I believe the National Rifle Association and their gun-running sponsors are responsible for the death of Florida children and their teachers." The politicians and pundits who are so quick to send their thoughts and prayers ...
Trump's Immigration Policies Are Anti-Family, Anti-American, and Anti-Christ. It's Time for All Christians To Say So. By Jim Wallis 2-15-2018. Print. FILE PHOTO: Protesters calling for an immigration bill addressing Dreamers in the Hart Office Building. Jan. 16, 2018. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts. It's not always the case that the ...
... in order to deflect and diminish special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into possible Russian collusion, potential obstruction of justice, and alleged money laundering, we could be headed into what the media is calling a "constitutional crisis." The Rev. Jim Wallis shows us the real challenge ahead is a crisis of faith.
A copy of the memo released by the House Intelligence Committee. Image via Jim Bourg/Reuters. Commentary. By Jim Wallis 2-08-2018. Print. Political autocracy is now a daily concern in American public discourse. And authoritarian political leadership is something that communities of faith should engage.
In a world full of constant noise and partisan rants, this project, entitled 'Jim Wallis: In Conversation' (being released via Audible) provides thoughtful, respectful, and inspiring dialogue within a political environment in desperate need of such discourse. These short talks (typically around thirty minutes) are ...


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