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updated Sun. January 29, 2023

David Schlesinger, a former editor-in-chief at the news agency Reuters, said it was “an extraordinary act of courage and principle by one of the best ever China reporters”. A BBC spokesperson said: “Fairness in pay is vital. A significant number of organisations have now published their gender pay figures ...

I've asked my friend, David Schlesinger, to shine a light on the Middle Kingdom during these times of change. David and I first worked together at Reuters over a decade ago, at which point he had spent more than 20 years working in the region. David went on to become editor-in-chief of Reuters, the ...
News-Decoder fosters global understanding by building a borderless community of young people keen to extend their horizons, learn about international affairs and challenge assumptions. News outlets scrambling for a scoop leave young people in the lurch -- aware of breaking events but struggling to understand the ...
You may have heard that champion boxer Floyd Mayweather loves cryptocurrencies: He's posted about them twice on social media within the last month. What you may not know is that while Mayweather's first crypto post on Instagram, which came in late July, may have been organic, there was a marketing ...
For instance, Mark Briscombe, head of business modelling at Telenor has formally joined Hubii Network's impressive advisory board, which includes former Reuters editor-in-chief David Schlesinger and John Paton, the former CEO of Digital First Media. In that role, Briscombe not only provides business ...
Reuters editor-in-chief David Schlesinger told staffers in a conference call Wednesday that an investigation into billionaire hedge fund manager Steven ... were intended to show that Reuters was getting "more aggressive about hitting the big stories hard," as the news service's U.S. editor put it in October.


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