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updated Thu. January 18, 2024

BDS directly harms its intended beneficiaries by hurting the Palestinian economy; it forces boycotted factories like SodaStream (which paid Palestinians three to five times the local wage) to leave the area, resulting in the loss of about 500 Palestinian jobs. BDS also exacerbates corruption. Palestinian ...
Over 100 musicians, artists, scholars, union members and activists, as well as 33 social justice organizations, have called on the Philadelphia Orchestra to cancel its planned June tour in Israel. In a March 21 letter, they explained that the orchestra's trip is part of “the Israeli government's Brand Israel ...

The livelihoods and long-term futures of thousands of Palestinian refugee families across Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Gaza and the West Bank are at risk due to Donald Trump's catastrophic decision to cut the American donation to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA). The US ...
Around 206 companies, most of which are from the U.S. and Israel, have ongoing operations inside Israeli settlements that are considered illegal under international law, according to a report issued by the United Nations Human Rights Office (OHCHR) on Wednesday. The report says that the businesses ...
It is conceivable the act could have a salutary effect on President Mahmoud Abbas and the PA since it could open a pathway to an accord which might yield Palestinian jobs and opportunities. The PA has two ministries to deal with “pay to slay” arrangements with combined budgets exceeding $300 million ...

GAZA CITY — Their world doesn't extend much beyond this piece of sidewalk that never seems to change. Glued to their white plastic chairs, Khaled, Mohammed and Abdel Rahman spend their time talking about everything and nothing while fiddling with their smartphones. There's no 3G coverage, ...
Few activist movements in history have inspired such a well-funded, disproportionate backlash as Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions, the Palestinian-led effort to pressure Israel using tactics from the 20th-century anti-apartheid movement. From the movement's founding in 2005, the Israeli government and ...

Instead, said Birnbaum in a hard-hitting interview in the Times of Israel that drew the immediate ire of Netanyahu's office, it was Israel not BDS that was responsible for the 500 Palestinian job losses. Birnbaum, who was a key speaker at an anti-BDS initiative in the US earlier this year, accused Netanyahu ...
Israel's milk war threatens Palestinian jobs. Palestinian officials and company executives say Israel is playing dirty by banning imports from six West Bank dairy and meat producers into East Jerusalem.
Many Palestinians work in Israeli settlements because of limited job prospects in the West Bank. The Palestinians say the local economy is hobbled by Israeli restrictions. Mahmoud Nawajaa, the BDS co-ordinator in the West Bank town of Ramallah, called the loss of the Palestinian jobs at SodaStream "part ...
Coca-Cola Factory In Gaza? $20 Mil. Soda Factory To Create 1,000 Palestinian Jobs. By Michael Kaplan @michaeld_kaplan On 01/29/16 AT 6:50 PM. Coca Cola Cases of Coke are shown for sale in Encinitas, California, in 2013. Photo: Reuters/Mike Blake. Coca-Cola is slated to open a $20 million factory in the Gaza Strip ...
As SodaStream, the top target for the BDS, shuts its West Bank factory and moves over the Green Line – taking hundreds of well-paying jobs with it – debate has raged over the true impact of the BDS. And the evidence increasingly points to one set of victims – the Palestinians. Does the movement care?


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