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updated Sat. March 9, 2024

This cannot be news to the Guardian as I have phoned to complain about this to the news desk on at least two occasions in the past 12 months. The office at the ... Roy Greenslade is right to highlight the failings of the monopolistic and complacent newspaper distribution system in the UK. At a time when ...
This is an achingly sorry tale about thwarted personal effort, the slow death of an industry, the worrying nature of changes in employment practice and, most of all, about the dangers of monopoly. The fact that the central character in this story is my own newsagent, does not indicate special pleading because ...

The majority of journalists, even those who are hostile to the BBC and all its works, understand why. If Richard's action were to succeed, the ramifications for press freedom and, as a corollary, for open justice, are awful to contemplate. It could create a situation in which the media would be unable to report ...
While the Press Gazette suggested this meant the number of PRs was likely to outstrip the number of journalists soon, the media commentator Roy Greenslade said this had happened in 2016.6. The CIPR's report shows that 27 per cent of the industry works in London, and an additional 10 per cent in the ...
Media commentator and journalism professor Roy Greenslade has said he predicts that all local journalism will be online-only within fewer than 30 years. The former Daily ... But I do think we could think of mixed economy [solutions]: partial subscription, asking readers to donate – like the Guardian does.”.
In February 2011, while the court was considering his proposal, the Guardian hosted an exchange of views between me and Mosley in which I argued that, ... However, many media academics who had been concerned for several years about press misbehaviour regarded the inquiry as a way to institute ...

Sir Brian Leveson's work had had a 'huge impact on public life', the Commons heard. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images. The culture secretary, Matt Hancock, confirmed on Thursday that the government would drop plans for the second phase of the Leveson inquiry into press standards launched in ...
Yet the response has been little more edifying; a video for the adoring faithful, in which Corbyn explains how he has been wronged by billionaire tax exiles running the media and warns in a nebulous but faintly ominous-sounding way that “change is coming”. That's just a strategy for racking up Facebook ...
Those bosses are surely even more worried by Corbyn's riposte that “change is coming”, a thinly veiled hint that, should he get into No 10, his administration might well set in train a second Leveson inquiry and activate section 40 of the Crimes and Court Act. That is the law that would force media outlets that ...
As the Daily Telegraph remarked: “The danger with any state inquiry into the press is that it risks becoming a way of controlling or influencing it.” ... The result has been falling profits for “old media” and consequent closures of regional and local titles accompanied by a sizeable reduction in the number of ...

Few newspaper exclusives produce such instantaneous results, with the rest of the media joining the chorus of amazement and condemnation. Politicians from all parties .... More people are reading the Guardian than ever but advertising revenues across the media are falling fast. And unlike many news ...
This bill, now making its way through parliament, has the potential to inhibit investigative journalism. It has alarmed news broadcasters and newspapers alike. Yet thanks to the domination of our media landscape by Brexit, the bill has not received anything like enough attention. That is a grave oversight.
In seeking to combat the hated mainstream media output, which they regard as a form of fake news, they have become ready recipients of fake news themselves. Once all news is ... More people are reading the Guardian than ever but advertising revenues across the media are falling fast. And unlike many ...
The Guardian's Roy Greenslade is to stop writing a weekly media blog for the Independent Press Standards Organisation and step down from his role as professor of journalism at City University. Greenslade's blog has been hosted on IPSO's website since April as part of a six-month contract between the ...
Press baron Richard Desmond is willing to sell his Northern & Shell media group. .... More people are reading the Guardian than ever but advertising revenues across the media are falling fast. ... The Guardian's independent, investigative journalism takes a lot of time, money and hard work to produce.
An Express editorial on Friday scorned what it called “the BBC and the other liberal media”. The Mail and Sun regularly and routinely deride the BBC and the Guardian. Indeed, they seem to view social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, as dangerous because they provide a platform for people to ...
The media pack's exasperation has been echoed in the editorial offices, not least because of the narrowing poll margins between the Tories and Labour. Doubtless, editors have also picked up on public complaints about May's refusal to answer direct questions, as aired on radio phone-ins and, even more ...


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