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updated Sat. April 27, 2024

Tony Blair then claimed the UK was more likely to stop Brexit now than it was a few months ago. He said: “I believe when the Government puts a proposition before Parliament, if it has this sufficient detail, they will have to resolve what I call this dilemma with a capital 'D'. You're either going to keep close to ...
His intervention comes ahead of his keynote speech to the UK in a Changing Europe conference, to take place in Westminster this morning. He told Radio 4's Today programme the "sensible" option was to "take a final decision" once the terms of the deal have been set out. He added: "I think it is more likely ...

Tony Blair has been doing the rounds with one year to go until Britain leaves the EU and he's been committing news all over the place. After telling the Today programme on Radio 4 that he thought stopping Brexit was 'more likely now than it was a few months ago' he spoke at the annual conference of ...
Tony Blair has accused Jeremy Corbyn's inner circle of failing to accept the urgency of Labour's antisemitism crisis. Speaking exclusively to The Independent, the former prime minister said the leader's close advisers do not “really take [the problem] this seriously” and even believe it is part of a plot to oust ...
Tony Blair has called on Labour MPs to vote against Jeremy Corbyn, if they believe the party leader takes the wrong approach to Brexit in the critical months between now and October. In an exclusive interview with The Independent, Mr Blair said MPs had to vote with their conscience if they see Labour is ...
John McDonnell's morning interviews - Summary · Tony Blair's Brexit Q&A - Summary · Theresa May's BBC interview - Summary · May refuses to back Boris Johnson's claim there will be 'Brexit dividend' · Afternoon summary. LIVE Updated 5h ago. Theresa May visiting Fairview Farm in Bangor, Northern ...

According to a new book, Tony Blair blocked an inquest in Dr David Kelly's death within minutes of hearing about it. The explosive new work by award-winning investigative journalist Miles Goslett looks into the events surrounding the Kelly's death in 2003. Former UN Weapons Inspector Dr David Kelly shot ...
Former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair has claimed it is now “more likely” that Brexit can be stopped, on the anniversary of Article 50 being triggered. After the vote to leave the European Union in June 2016, Theresa May formally started the process of leaving the block by activating Article 50 of the Lisbon ...
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who supports calls for a second referendum on the Brexit deal, said he doesn't think the Labour Party would vote for the kind of Brexit deal the Tory government will end up with. We ask what he was going to do about those standing in his way: Tory back benchers, public ...
The Conservatives must understand that pushing a Brexit deal through parliament will be “the gateway” to a Jeremy Corbyn-led government, Tony Blair said this morning. The former prime minister also said he didn't believe Labour would vote for the Conservatives' Brexit deal, contradicting shadow foreign ...
Theresa May would not have to resign or call a general election if she is defeated in the Commons in a vote on the terms of the Brexit deal this autumn but could instead put the issue back to the people in a referendum, Tony Blair has said. Speaking at a UK in a Changing Europe event marking a year since ...
Tony Blair is expected to step up the call for a second EU referendum and call the Government's Brexit strategy 'dangerously irresponsible' in a speech to Westminster. The former prime minister will argue that Theresa May is trying to avoid spelling out the detail of her plans until 'we are irreversibly out of ...
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair takes part in a Q&A during the 'UK In. Tony Blair: The Conservatives will hand power to Jeremy Corbyn if they push through a Brexit deal · The Staggers · Anti-Semitism protest. Corbyn's defence of a counter-protester group has reignited Labour's anti-Semitism row.
Tory MP David Jones ripped into Remainers Nick Clegg and Tony Blair's calls for a second Brexit referendum and declaring their efforts to scupper the democratic vote is “rather deplorable”. Speaking exclusively to, Mr Jones said: “I don't think they can stop Brexit. If they were to make a real ...
Tony Blair is becoming less popular with the UK public because of his Brexit interventions, a poll has revealed. The former prime minister made a speech last week attacking the British government's EU exit strategy. He said Brexit could be averted with another referendum, this time on the deal reached with ...
The former prime minister Tony Blair and the American author Michael Wolff have accused each other of lying, as the row about Blair's dealings with Donald Trump's White House reignited. Wolff, whose bestselling book Fire and Fury presents a remarkable and highly negative account of Trump's first year ...
Tony Blair attacks Tories' 'sickening' irresponsibility towards Good Friday Agreement over Brexit. The former prime minister claimed the agreement is being sacrificed 'on the altar of Brexit'. Share; Comments. By. Arj Singh. Nicola BartlettPolitical Correspondent. 17:28, 23 FEB 2018; Updated 17:42, 23 FEB 2018. News ...

It's a totally irresponsible position." Blair's comments come as current UK Prime Minister Theresa May was also challenged over her plans for the Irish border by European Council president Donald Tusk in Downing Street. Tony Blair told Euronews: "that the critical thing is you can't re-run the referendum but ...
Tony Blair has accused people of being prepared to give up peace in Northern Ireland for Brexit on the Today programme. "I find it not just disappointing but sickening that people should really be prepared to sacrifice peace in Northern Ireland on the altar of Brexit," he said. He was reacting to suggestions ...
The campaign against Brexit continues today with Tony Blair's speech in Brussels. I personally think that this campaign is unlikely to succeed, it is simply too much of a replay of the In campaign's arguments from the 2016 referendum. But if this attempt to reverse the referendum result is to have any hope of ...
How refreshing to hear some truly statesmanlike contributions to the Brexit debate from Messrs Major and Blair. When one compares their sensible and principled positions to the irrational rage of Rees-Mogg, one realises how low the standard of politics has sunk under the present Prime Minister.
Britain is a teenage boy, and Tony Blair is its dad. Or at least, that's the impression Mr Blair gives – especially when he's talking about Brexit. Britain (he seems to say), he's concerned about you – and he thinks it's time that you and he had a little chat. No, come on, Britain. Switch off the TV. Turn down that ...
Tony Blair has said the EU is duty bound to block Theresa May's negotiating goals as he made an impassioned call for new leadership to rescue the UK and Europe from economic disaster and the needless sacrifice of peace in Northern Ireland “on the altar of Brexit”. The former prime minister dismissed ...



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