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updated Tue. February 20, 2024

Trump — and America generally — seem to think that they can act as they please. Most of us (I would hope) would agree that on principle, Guantanamo Bay is morally wrong, a step too far, 'a symbol of injustice' as Lord Goldsmith branded it. Yet Guantanamo Bay is due to be kept open indefinitely. It can't ...

Tony Blair told attorney general Lord Goldsmith that Iraq had committed breaches of UN Security Council resolution 1441 without giving evidence to back up his claim. * The Ministry of Defence was 'slow' to react to clear need for better equipment and it was not clear whose job it was to do so. * Planning for ...
The heart of his job was providing legal advice and guidance to ministers – including prime ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron, and attorneys general Lord Goldsmith, Baroness Scotland and Dominic Grieve – and the details of much of his work will remain secret for decades. It is clear ...
Parliament's Brexit phoney war continues this week, with key pieces of legislation being held back by the government. The Taxation (Cross Border Trade) Bill and the Trade Bill have both cleared their Commons committee stages, but they may now be marooned in parliamentary limbo until after Easter, ...
Potanin, who is Nornickel's chief executive, was represented in court on Friday by Lord Goldsmith, the former attorney general. Goldsmith has reportedly charged other Russian billionaires £960 an hour for his services. Judge Stephen Phillips delayed the injunction hearing until 5 March, and said a trial ...
In geopolitical terms, this is not technically dissimilar to the chain of events which led to then Attorney General Lord Goldsmith's eleventh hour ploy to declare Tony Blair's decision to invade Iraq as both legal and lawful. To claim that no pressure or direct marching orders came from the Bush Administration ...
Mr Corbyn based much of his original campaign on his disdain for Tony Blair's war in Iraq but would have been unable to prevent Lord Goldsmith's appointment. Baroness Angela Smith leads Labour in the House of Lords and is responsible for selecting its frontbencher. It is understood that the move is only ...
A Commons committee has been accused of “censoring” a memo naming the former attorney-general Lord Goldsmith as having been paid by alleged Russian organised criminals. In a letter seen by The Sunday Times, Goldsmith, who served as Tony Blair's chief law officer, agreed to make ...
Another firm, CTF Corporate and Financial Communications, was hired by Lord Goldsmith, a former Labour attorney-general, to help in the Pavlov case. The company is linked to CTF Partners, run by the Tory election guru Sir Lynton Crosby. CTF Corporate said it had no direct contact with Pavlov and ...


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