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updated Sun. September 10, 2023

It feels good to be in a group of my peers I really respect,” said Alastair Campbell, 248's newest Eagle Scout. Campbell said he rose through the ranks in the troop, which is chartered with St. Simons United Methodist Church, surrounded by Eagle Scouts. advertisement. “We've had a ton of Eagles, and that ...
The talkRADIO host shut down Alastair Campbell after the former spin doctor claimed Britain would be "worse off" after Brexit. Mr Campbell cited Treasury impact assessment papers showing the UK would suffer serious economic repercussions after leaving the European Union but Ms Hartley-Brewer ...

Mr Campbell tweeted: “Wow! Humphrys on over 50 grand a month ... does it get included in official Leave spending? BBC News - Sarah Montague 'incandescent with rage' over BBC Radio 4 pay”. The BBC Radio 4 presenter admitted she was “incandescent with rage” when she discovered she was getting ...
Jeremy Corbyn's Labour is acting as handmaiden to right-wing, hard Brexit supporters who view the Good Friday Agreement as an irritant, writes former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell. Twenty years ago today something miraculous came together and the Good Friday Agreement was born. Securing ...
Campbell rages at 'Brexit-backing BBC' in astonishing attack - 'it will DESTROY you'. ALASTAIR Campbell has launched a scathing attack on the “Brexit-backing BBC”. The former Labour spin doctor and arch Remainer let rip in a blog on his own website, during which he also refers to US President Donald ...
Coming with endorsements from one of the most unlikely trios you'll ever happen upon – Bertie Ahern, Delia Smith and ex-Man Utd manager Tommy Docherty – and co-written with former Burnley chief executive Paul Fletcher, Alastair Campbell's novel Saturday Bloody Saturday explores the social and ...

FROM THE ARCHIVES: In Conversation With Alastair Campbell. 4 Apr 2018 at 09:00. I did this interview in July 2010. Alastair never knowingly gives a bad interview and he was certainly very open in this two hour conversation. When did you start writing your diary? I've always done a diary, I started when I was a kid when ...
Labour will take its share of blame for Brexit shame. PUBLISHED: 00:01 01 April 2018. Alastair Campbell. Labour leadership candidates Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith in 2016. Photographs: John MacDonald-Fulton. Archant ...
Alastair Campbell, journalist, political aide and former spokesman for Tony Blair, has long been recognised as the basis of the character foul-mouthed Minister Malcolm Tucker in BBC comedy The Thick of It. The Thick of It, a satire of the innermost workings of the modern UK government, narrows focus on a ...
There are two changes visitors to Downing Street may have noticed since Theresa May took over. First, the change of art in the main rooms. Gone is any hint of modernity, to be replaced in the main by lots of samey, gloomy portraits of samey, stuffy-looking figures of the past. The effect says museum, not ...

Here is what he had to say about Alastair Campbell, dealing with the right-wing press, New Labour's alleged obsession with celebrities and how he wished he had reformed the Labour Party organisation to ensure that Jeremy Corbyn could never have been leader. The second question Blair was asked ...
ALASTAIR CAMPBELL: The extraordinary moment I saw Putin bare his teeth at Tony Blair. PUBLISHED: 00:00 16 March 2018 | UPDATED: 17:24 16 March 2018. Vladimir Putin. Picture: PA. DPA/PA Images ...
ALASTAIR CAMPBELL: Theresa May is the queen of wishful thinking. PUBLISHED: 00:01 09 March 2018 | UPDATED: 14:50 13 March 2018. Alastair Campbell. Prime Minister Theresa May delivers a speech at the Mansion House in London on the UK's economic partnership with the EU after Brexit. PA Wire/PA Images ...
ALASTAIR CAMPBELL: We must strive to keep Brexit an 'if', not a 'when'. PUBLISHED: 00:01 05 March 2018. Alastair Campbell argues that the pressures for when not if Britain exits the EU are huge, but the desire for if not when is stronger. Picture: Gary Barker. Archant ...
I have had plenty of run-ins with the press in my time. At the Leveson Inquiry, I said some very trenchant things about the way some of our national press behaved, and have been disappointed that Lord Justice Leveson's recommendations have not been implemented. But I was also at pains to point out ...
(l-r) Green MP Caroline Lucas, Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran, Labour MP Chuka Umunna, Conservative MP Anna Soubry and comedian Andy Parsons pictured at a rally to launch People's Vote - a campaign demanding a vote on the final Brexit deal, at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, north London ...


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