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updated Sat. April 6, 2024

The British government's initial measures were well-judged. The expulsion of security agents sent a strong message. Provided that the financial measures now lead to action to seize the assets here of those who have committed human rights abuses or other serious crimes in Russia, they will have an ...

Also speaking to BBC Radio 4 on Monday, former security adviser Peter Ricketts said “Russia is isolating itself by this behavior.” “No one invited them to come to Salisbury and do what they did last week,” Rickets said. “If Russia wants to be treated as a serious, responsible country, it can't go on behaving ...
Peter Ricketts told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: “I can absolutely understand that people don't want these guys back, they sound despicable. On the other hand we do believe in the rule of law and in accountability.” Along with two other British men, Mohammed Emwazi – nicknamed “Jihadi John” ...
Peter Ricketts, former UK national security adviser and former ambassador to France, has called on London and Paris to do more to strengthen bilateral relations. Despite Britain and France's willingness to develop ties, this drive may come to a standstill after the UK withdraws from the EU, according to ...
Brexit sucked most of the oxygen out of British politics in 2017, leaving little to spare for domestic policy priorities—and still less for anything resembling an active foreign policy. Yet 2017 was the preamble, the easy bit. 2018 is the year when real choices will have to be made, which will define Britain's ...
Commentators pounced on the delicious irony that this pearl of wisdom came from the representative of a country engaged on doing serious damage to its prosperity in pursuit of a tangled web of political objectives. For me, it also laid bare a fundamental misunderstanding at the heart of Britain's negotiating ...
We had Lord Peter Ricketts on the show yesterday. He's a former British diplomat. And he said you can't out-punch Vladimir Putin. He will always find the harder punch. Is that just the reality? I mean, there is nothing that Britain can do that might not be, you know, overly dramatic and could cause problems in ...
We also have a British police officer who's seriously in hospital, having gone as a first responder to this incident and, you know, widespread concern about the level of potential contamination. So this is behavior that is completely out of order for a country that presents itself as a responsible and serious ...


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