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British Foreign Secretary

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updated Wed. January 31, 2024

Nick Griffin attacks Jack Straw's father - 'My father was in the RAF during the second World war while Mr Straw's father was in prison for refusing to fight Adolf Hitler'. Protests Are Held Ahead of The BNP's Appearance On The BBC's Question Time. He commented: “There have been mistakes because it was ...

Labour's home secretary, Jack Straw, was horrified, and his successors reacted by upgrading. All evidence I saw on narcotics led to two conclusions. One is that most psychoactive drugs, which include alcohol and nicotine, are a bad idea and some are unquestionably dangerous. The other is that, since ...
Russo and company shared five-camera, pro-shot video of the entire first set from their February 17 show at Chicago's Riviera Theatre, the penultimate date of their brief tour leg last month. The set featured an opening jam and Grateful Dead staples like Jack Straw, Bertha, Loser and Viola Lee Blues.
Key to the case is the relationship between Allen and his political masters, in particular Jack Straw, Britain's foreign secretary at the time. Boris Johnson, the present foreign secretary, has said the case must be heard in secret. That claim will now be challenged in Britain's Supreme Court on 22 March.
We'll call him “Jack,” as in “Jack Straw.” Jack requested one of his pseudo-namesakes to accompany his drink. According to him, the server reacted as if he had three heads. She proceeded to describe the inherent evils of drinking straws, Jack stated: “We're going strawless. Seattle has already done it.
The former Jack Straw's in downtown Wheaton may get a second life. Restaurateurs are working to reach a contract agreement to buy the high-profile property from the family of Jack Straw's late owner. The prospective buyers are independent operators who would reopen the landmark as a pizzeria, ...
#Southwest Strategies, the influence-peddling firm that helped mastermind the 2016 defeat by the military shipyard lobby of the Barrio Logan community plan, has signed on with Friends of SDSU, the political committee backing a takeover by San Diego State University of the 60-plus-acre city-owned ...
Here we take a look through our archives of community images. Do you spot anyone? Let us know on Asian Image: November 14 1991: Kashmiri Association President Mohammed Feroze accepts a cheque for £250 from Nat West Bank Manager Phil Wilkinson which went ...
Jack Straw (below), Labour's environment spokesperson at the time, hit out at “unaccountable” housing associations, Inside Housing reported. Associations should be forced to publish details of their inner workings, and local authorities should get more representation on their committees, he argued.


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