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updated Wed. November 22, 2023

One of the topics included stations along the Bakerloo line, characters in The Da Vinci Code, and female cabinet members with Gordon Brown. Susan and Gyles came up with the answers Queen's Park, Tessa Jowell and Wendy Alexander. And the pair were ecstatic when it was revealed that one of their ...
“My memory of that party is just Gordon Brown desperately avoiding any eye contact with me. “I'd only have wanted to say hello but I'm sure he was only responding to briefs from people telling him I could warp his mind.” Urquhart Castle with Loch Ness, Scotland, Great Britain, United Kingdom (Image: Getty) ...

Other forms of federalism envision the creation of regional assemblies across England to prevent a single English parliament overshadowing Belfast, ... Fraser said: "In the past we have seen Labour figures like Gordon Brown propose federalism as a desirable option for the UK, but without any detail on ...
But the jobsworths in the UK immigration service didn't start behaving in this way out of spontaneous racism. They were told, from the very top, from ... Gordon Brown, only one year previously, made an infamous speech about “British jobs for British workers” - a phrase formerly used by the BNP. Labour and the British ...
After the defeat of the Labour party in the 2010 UK general election and the resignation of Gordon Brown as prime minister, Jones became the most senior Labour leader in power. Since then one of his missions has been to protect Wales against the impacts of austerity. His government's record in the ...
In 2007, shortly after entering No 10, Gordon Brown vowed to limit the Royal Prerogative under which the prime minister can unilaterally declare war. ... As British prime ministers, haunted by the spectre of Iraq, have become ever more reluctant to commit forces abroad, the debate over war-making powers ...

Almost a century ago, Eglantyne Jebb, who founded Save the Children, said that the only language everybody could understand was the cry of a child. But as today's young people connect, communicate, and assert their rights, their cries are less likely to be tearful pleas for charity than defiant marches ...
Today it will be 30 years since Lord Ashdown became the first leader of a brand new political party whose influence on British politics has been .... By 2010, Labour had become tarnished by the financial crisis and fundamentally weakened by a prime minister in Gordon Brown who was absolutely not up to ...
In an echo of the five tests that Gordon Brown, as chancellor, set in the 1990s to determine whether Britain should join the euro, Mrs May set out five tests for Brexit. These are that it should respect the result of the referendum, which she interprets as taking back control of borders, laws and money; that the ...
It's all very reminiscent of Gordon Brown's five tests for whether or not the United Kingdom should join the Euro: the beauty is that you can see what you want in them. In both cases, the tests ... The second is that Brown knew what he wanted out of his five tests: for Britain not to join the Euro. Theresa May's ...

Indeed it differed only marginally from Gordon Brown's, Ed Balls', or the current Labour leadership's. ... According to the latest data, the UK did not lapse back into recession during the consolidation of the Osborne years, but GDP growth was still extraordinarily weak by comparison with the pace of previous ...
Many Australians who were abused after arriving as unaccompanied child migrants from Britain should be financially compensated by the UK ... Former prime minister Kevin Rudd apologised in 2009 for Australia's role in the program with his British counterpart Gordon Brown following suit a year later.
Three former Prime Ministers put aside their differences today to back the call for a change to organ donor laws. Tory David Cameron joined forces with old Labour foes Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and urged MPs to attend tomorrow's vital vote in a bid to stop hundreds of people dying needlessly each ...
There can though be no doubting Brown's considerable success in making Britain a fairer society. Among achievements listed are tax credits to address child and pensioner poverty, the New Deal on jobs, financed by a windfall tax, the minimum wage, and Sure Start. In addition, he made the Bank of ...
Also agrees to closed-door hearings on Britain's role in the Iraq war. February 2010 - Candid interview for British television revealing Brown's human side airs. Brown talks openly for the first time about the death of his first child, Jennifer Jane, his son Fraser's illness and his relationship with Tony Blair.
The group comprises British citizens who came to the UK from the Commonwealth as children following the Second World War, and whose rights were ... and civil society have been forced to proactively prove that their employees, tenants and service users have the right to be in the United Kingdom”, says ...


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