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updated Thu. April 19, 2018

"Thanks to your support, our Conservative Government is building a Britain that is fit for the future." It then goes on to ask for more cash for its campaign manager fund, directing recipients to fill in its donation form, which is also headed up "Mr Youmustbe Fuckingjoking" above the address. The recipient, ... UK marketing

While the whole UK should see higher temperatures, the south will be warmest, with the mercury set to reach the mid-20s Celsius by the middle of the week. The A30, near Okehampton in Devon. Image: Swathes of Britain were blanketed with snow last month. An onshore breeze, however, will keep ...
After a very wet, cold spring, Britain is finally predicted to have some warm weather at the weekend and next week, with temperatures set to be hotter ... The warmest UK temperature this year so far was 19.4C in Kent last Saturday, and it is predicted the county will be five degrees warmer than that by ...
The international chemical weapons watchdog has confirmed the UK's analysis of the type of nerve agent used in the Russian ex-spy poisoning. The Organisation for the Prohibition of chemical Weapons did not name the nerve agent as Novichok, but said it agreed with the UK's findings on its identity. Russia, which ...
Any potential strike against Syria could be carried out by extensive US and UK military assets already in the region, including two US Navy destroyers armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles. British media reported Wednesday that May has also ordered British submarines to move within missile range ...
LONDON -- The nerve agent attack on two people in England "demonstrates how reckless Russia is prepared to be, how little the Kremlin cares for the international rules-based order," one of Britain's intelligence chiefs said on Thursday, in an unusually public and scathing commentary on a foreign power. UK
In 2000, Chris Morris adapted his BBC Radio 1 sketch show Blue Jam for television, and Jam, the single-series result, remains one of the most brilliantly peculiar shows in the history of British comedy. But there's one sketch from it that has stuck with me since I first saw it, in which an intellectually challenged ... UK
UK shoppers bought nearly 15 million Easter eggs in March according to Kantar, up 69% on the same month last year. Sales of hot cross buns jumped £7.7m. Discount chains Aldi and Lidl continued to increase their share of the UK grocery market over the first 12 weeks of the year, at the expense of some ... UK
For many British Punjabis, alcohol abuse is an open secret. Alcohol consumption is glamorised across different aspects of Punjabi culture and shame stops many seeking the help that they need. Harjinder read her daughter Jaspreet one last bedtime story, then kissed her goodnight. She was exhausted ... UK
England made a four-year commitment to help their bid to take part in the 2018 Games. England was listed as being in Africa in the Opening Ceremony program. (Twitter) Team England walks out at the opening ceremony. (AAP). "Yes, we happily do," Umaru said when asked if Africa welcomed England's ... UK
England's Commonwealth Games team actually hail from Africa, according to none other than the tournament's organisers. The blooper, made in the official programme for the opening ceremony of the Gold Coast Games taking place in Queensland, Australia, today was spotted by various athletes and the ... UK
It is this failure to examine the issue and a tendency to "gloss over" cases brought to the attention of some institutions that NUS Women's Officer, Hareem Ghani, says points to a culture of impunity in which UK universities are deliberately turning a blind eye to what has now become normalised sexual ... UK
A four-and-a-half-year-old girl with autism, born in the UK and who cannot communicate, understand language or feed herself, could be deported to a country in which she risks attack and persecution. Even the smallest change to the daily routine of Manha Majid triggers an extreme reaction that causes her ... UK

In a brief comment to Al Jazeera, Nasima Begum, spokesperson of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), called the post "quite shocking". Harun Khan, MCB's secretary general, said it is "disgusting and should be deleted with a full and unreserved apology". Dr. Shazad Amin, CEO of Muslim Engagement ... UK
Windfarms and solar panels produced more electricity than the UK's eight nuclear power stations for the first time at the end of last year, official figures show. Britain's greenhouse gas emissions also continued to fall, dropping 3% in 2017, as coal use fell and the use of renewables climbed. UK
... the European Commission announced it will cancel all 300,000 domains under the .eu top-level domain that have a UK registrant, following Britain's eventual departure from the European Union. "As of the withdrawal date, undertakings and organizations that are established in the United Kingdom but ... UK
Around Wilberforce coalesced a group of Church of England social reformers, known as the Clapham Saints, who led the campaign against the slave trade, and then pressed onward to fight for the abolition of plantation slavery in 1833. Over the past few decades, scholars have also stressed the ways in ... UK
'General de Gaulle said if Britain were to enter the European Community, the effect would be to break it up.' ... now is the time to change course. 'Only a year is now left until the UK's official moment of departure from the European Union on terms almost certainly decided by a rightwing clique of Tories.' ... UK
The British government said this week that it would review the cases of 700 Russians who were granted visas to live in Britain largely because they could ... said Novichok, a military grade chemical weapon, was used against the Skripals in Salisbury, England, where Mr. Skripal lived, and the government ... UK
The Met Office has moved to dispel concerns that the UK was set to be struck by a third instalment of the "Beast from the East" over the Easter Weekend. While the weather will certainly turn colder towards the end of the week and there will be snow on high ground, concerns that Britain would be blanketed ... UK
Christopher Wylie, the whistleblower behind the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data scandal, is set to appear in front of U.K. lawmakers on Tuesday. It comes after explosive reports last week that a quiz app harvested 50 million Facebook profiles for data which were then sent over to Cambridge ... UK
Clark sought a series of legally binding commitments from Melrose, ensuring that it operates as a UK business, based and listed in the UK; maintains a UK workforce and respects the existing employment rights; continues to pay tax in the UK; continues to invest in UK research and development, training ... UK
Northern Ireland court cases typically take twice as long to complete and cost significantly more than cases in England and Wales, a report has found. The Audit Office report has also concluded that Northern Ireland's criminal justice system does not deliver value for money. It said NI cases usually last more ... UK
The DCMS committee wrote to Zuckerberg on March 20 — following newspaper reports based on interviews with a former employee of UK political consultancy, Cambridge Analytica, who revealed the company obtained Facebook data on 50 million users — calling for him to give oral evidence. Facebook's ... UK
WASHINGTON — President Trump ordered the expulsion of 60 Russian officials on Monday, joining a coordinated campaign by two dozen countries to retaliate for the poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain in a Cold War-style escalation that again highlighted the disparity between the president's ... UK
UK employers are "fearful" about what a future migration system will be like after Britain leaves the European Union, according to a new report. The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) said businesses are concerned about their ability to recruit workers from the EU after Britain leaves the EU. UK
As the paper notes, the creation of a GPS alternative is of “significant strategic and commercial importance” to the UK, and plans outlined by the European Commission (the legislative branch of the EU) would damage not only Britain's aerospace industry, but its national security as well. The Commission is ... UK
Banks has said that Cambridge Analytica did no work for his group, partly because its offer was contingent on Leave.EU winning the designation to be the official leave campaign and so gaining official access to the UK electoral database, which did not happen. But at the time, Cummings said Banks spread ... UK
Members of the House of Lords have called on the government to reconsider awarding a contract to print new blue UK passports to a Franco-Dutch firm. Conservative peer Lord Naseby said it would have a major adverse effect on "the whole of British industry, and the British people as they face Brexit". UK
Shares. 0. 0. Invisible Britain: Portraits is a forthcoming photography book that features people across the UK who have been affected by austerity, deindustrialisation and cuts to public services. Fri 23 Mar 2018 03.00 EDT ... UK
However, the tests did confirm that a military-grade nerve agent had been deployed on the streets of Britain. A combination of this scientific analysis and other information would in turn lead to the government's conclusion that it was highly likely Russia was behind the attack. DSTL officials say that its role ... UK
BRUSSELS — Britain's prime minister, Theresa May, won greater than expected support from the European Union on Friday over her escalating .... though there is still no agreement on how to avoid border checkpoints on the frontier between Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, and ... UK
Investigators with Britain's information commissioner searched the London headquarters of Cambridge Analytica on Friday amid reports that the firm harvested the personal data of millions of Facebook users as part of a campaign to influence the U.S. 2016 presidential elections. The move comes after a ... UK
Campaigners have repeatedly called for similar register of beneficial ownership to reveal details of companies based in Britain's overseas territories, some of which have become major tax havens, which the government has so far resisted imposing, despite previous support by David Cameron. UK
It was the most amazing session of 20.4 overs. Yet England's pitiful total of 58 was entirely explicable because they batted with flabbergasting feebleness and the naivety of schoolboys without a coach - in broad daylight too, not at the bewitching hour of twilight when pink balls are believed to assume a life ... UK
Tough trading conditions for Britain's hard-pressed retail sector eased slightly in February, according to official figures showing the first increase in sales in three months. The Office for National Statistics said retail sales volumes were up by 0.8% last month but that the increase was not enough to make up ... UK
The U.K.'s central bank held rates at their current 0.5 percent level on Thursday, amid lower-than-expected inflation figures and modest improvements to wage increases. However, policymakers Ian McCafferty and Michael Saunders said economic conditions were such that now should be the time for rates ... UK
Britain will spend £345m ($486m) upgrading its F-35B fighter jets to the most recent, combat-ready, version of the aircraft's operating system. The figure was indirectly revealed by defence procurement minister Guto Bebb, in response to a Parliamentary question. “The UK's contribution will be around 4.5 per ... UK
Amid the worsening diplomatic dispute, UK Prime Minister Theresa May will tell a summit of European Union leaders in Brussels later Thursday that the bloc must stand united against Russia and its threat to European democracies. "Russia staged a brazen and reckless attack against the United Kingdom ... UK
Britain was braced for further travel disruption on Monday as the “mini beast from the east” was expected to bring up to 30cm of snow to parts of the UK ... Parts of Devon and south-west England were expected to bear the brunt of the freeze on Monday, with up to 30cm of snow forecast in some parts of the ... UK
A teacher from north London has been announced as winner of a competition to find the world's best teacher. Andria Zafirakou, who teaches art and textiles in a Brent secondary school, has won a prize worth $1m (£720,000). She has spoken of the hardship and overcrowded housing conditions facing ... UK
A stranded coach on Blackstone Edge near Littleborough in Greater Manchester. Highways England has warned drivers to keep their distance and reduce speed. Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA. Facebook Twitter Pinterest · A stranded coach on Blackstone Edge near Littleborough in Greater Manchester. UK
They are worse than shocking; they break international UN law which the UK is signatory to, and the European convention. The cuts to legal aid and the private security companies exist side by side with the deportations. Under the present and previous governments Britain has become a sordid, cruel, ... UK
Snow and ice are causing further disruption to road, rail and air travel in parts of the UK. A Met Office amber warning of a possible risk to life is in place in south-west England, mid-Wales and the West Midlands all day. Airports have been shut and several sporting events have been cancelled, including the ... UK
The foreign secretary's statements, made in a BBC interview, came 12 days after the former spy, Sergei V. Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia Skripal, were found unconscious on a bench in the quiet city of Salisbury, in southwestern England, on March 4. Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain announced the ... UK
LONDON — Britain should seek to postpone its exit from the European Union if talks drag on during the next few months, an influential committee of lawmakers concluded on Sunday. The panel's recommendation split its members, some of whom disowned the document, and illustrated the growing ... UK




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