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updated Wed. December 20, 2023

His added his voice to several former cricketers who believe that Mrs May should receive similar treatment to Sir John Major, who gained membership while he was prime minister two years after he applied. Blofeld, 78, said: “If anyone can jump the queue, it is surely the prime minister. I think it is a ...
I remember early 1997: the general election campaign was in full swing, Tony Blair was characterised in a poster by the Tories as snake eyes, and John Major was appealing to the black vote by proudly calling himself the “Brixton boy”. Back then, we at Operation Black Vote (OBV) received a call from Jack ...

Russia is behaving like a "rogue nation," former British Prime Minister John Major said Monday. Speaking at the Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference in Hong Kong, Major named Russia as one of the economies whose actions affect the international order. The others he cited were the U.S., China ...
John Major was unequivocal. Faced with the prospect of wooing the maverick MP Sir Richard Body back into the Tory fold to prop up his paper-thin majority, the prime minister said: “Every time I hear the word Body I hear the sound of white coats flapping.” Body had resigned the party whip because of his ...
Britain's former Prime Minister John Major attends a Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey in central London on March 12. The conditions street children live in round the world is 'unforgiving' and 'unforgivable' said Major, who hopes the 2019 Street Child Cricket World Cup will shame people ...
(CNN) -- Here's a look at the life of Sir John Major, former prime minister of the United Kingdom. Personal:Birth date: March 29, 1943. Birth place: Carshalton, Surrey. Birth name: John Major. Father: Abraham Thomas Ball, stage name - Tom Major, performer. Mother: Gwen (Coates) Major, dancer. Marriage: ...

It is a mutation of language that last week brought us the surreal sight of Jacob Rees-Mogg, a man so posh that he dons a top hat and tails unironically, calling John Major a member of the “European elite” for criticising Brexit. It has now also claimed Stormzy, that famous elitist musician who hails from the ...
Looks like they've just walked into Boris' Channel Bridge ? Still plenty of "clear blue water" between the Tories' and reality so that's ok. Reply. Share. Share on Facebook Facebook Share on Twitter Twitter. | Pick. Report · DilemmataDocta Driscoll. 8 Mar 2018 1:27. 10 11. Nobody heard him, the dead man,
He was certainly pants, but she is even pantsier. At least grey John was vaguely human, and could be gently satiricised easily enough - I never got the impression that Monsieur l'Artist truly hated John Major, although some of Major's colleagues at the time were like creatures from the Black Lagoon and ...
What possessed the Maybot's handlers to let her answer questions at the end of her Mansion House speech on the UK's negotiations with the EU? Even the most advanced forms of artificial intelligence can be made to look silly when confronted with non-computable inquiries. So it was on Friday when, after ...
Which brings us back to John Major. He never seemed to me to be the worst sort of Tory. He grew up poor in Brixton and left school with three O levels. Still, a Tory is a Tory is a Tory. So, if you'd told me back in 1992 that I'd have been cheering on a John Major TV appearance, I'd have assumed you were a) ...
How refreshing to hear some truly statesmanlike contributions to the Brexit debate from Messrs Major and Blair. When one compares their sensible and principled positions to the irrational rage of Rees-Mogg, one realises how low the standard of politics has sunk under the present Prime Minister.
Sir John Major has had a "Damascene conversion" to the idea of free votes on Europe, Iain Duncan Smith said, after the former PM suggested MPs vote with their consciences over Brexit. Mr Duncan Smith recalled the measures taken against him and other MPs who rebelled over Maastricht under Sir John ...
John Major's intervention on Brexit has been branded "a seismic speech which no voter should ignore and every member of parliament should heed" by Lord Mandelson. But it's fair to say that Jacob Rees Mogg has taken a rather different view to the New Labour architect. The Tory backbencher was first ...
Former British prime minister John Major has called for a free vote in parliament on whether to hold a second EU referendum. He is the most senior Conservative yet to attack what he called the government's “unrealistic” Brexit strategy.
In one sense nothing has changed. The U.K. agreed to the backstop position on N Ireland in December. The document shaken on then is titled a “Joint report” from the UK and the EU. The UK signed up to every paragraph including paragraph 50 which spelt out that if other agreements can't be come to ...
Some former leaders see their reputations advanced when unencumbered by office. Others fall away or descend into ignominy. For all his travails while prime minister in the 1990s (the latter part of which I covered as a lobby journalist), Sir John Major has arguably acquired a greater status as an elder ...

DUP chief Arlene Foster condemned Tony Blair and Sir John Major for inciting fear over the return of violence in Northern Ireland and dragging potential conflict into Brexit negotiations, she declared yesterday. By Sakura Evans. PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 08:02, Sat, Mar 10, 2018 ...
Or to have answered: “Yes! Next question”? However, I don't want to be ungallant. Especially not as May was fighting back against a co-ordinated ambush from two predecessors, Sir John Major and Tony Blair. On successive days they had done their utmost to diminish and ridicule her negotiating position.
Jacob Rees-Mogg Cracks Iain Dale Up With John Major Jibe. 1 March 2018, 16:41. Jacob Rees-Mogg left Iain Dale in stitches when he made an off the cuff jibe about former prime minister Sir John Major. The ex-Tory leader has come under fire from Brexiteers after he called on Parliament to be given a free vote on the ...
Former Prime Minister John Major has shed his mild-mannered image to deliver a blistering Brexit broadside at Theresa May's plan for Brexit. In an extraordinary blue-on-blue attack aimed at the PM, he roasted her negotiating red lines, as “not only grand folly ... also bad politics”. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson ...
SIR John Major will today deepen Theresa May's woes by calling on Parliament to soften the PM's Brexit plans. The former Tory PM will also issue a warning about how protracted negotiations with Brussels have already suppressed Britain's economic growth. Sir John Major called on Parliament to 'show ...
Poundshop Katy Hopkins and reality TV Tory Nadine Dorries has called former Tory Prime Minister John Major a “traitor” in a tweet. His supposed act of treason? Calling for MPs to have a free vote on Brexit. MPs like…Dorries. But that didn't stop her firing off a tweet calling him “traitor Major” – and getting ...
John Major's speech yesterday was what Jeremy Corbyn should have been saying for the past 12-18 months. Major's anger, passion and attitude of “not standing for this anymore” were remarkable, and I never thought that I'd favourably compare a former Tory PM, least of all John Major, to a Labour leader.
The last senior Conservative politician to truly care about Ireland was John Major. He put in the hours for peace in Northern Ireland. He gambled his depleting stocks of political capital to work with Albert Reynolds to lead the “peace first” strategy that gave rise to the Downing Street Declaration in December ...


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