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John Prescott
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updated Thu. April 4, 2024

FORMER Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott visited the Wensleydale Creamery at Hawes for a new documentary series called Made in Yorkshire which was screened on Channel 5 on Tuesday. The politician, who has lived in Yorkshire for most of his life and was the MP for Hull East for 40 years, has ...

John Prescott married his wife Pauline in Upton, Cheshire in 1961. The couple have two sons, David who is active in Labour party politics and widely tipped to become an MP and Johnathan who is a businessman. In 2006 Prescott admitted to having an affair with his secretary between 2002 and 2004 ...
Former Deputy Prime Minister and MP for Hull East for 40 years, John Prescott (above) is a proud Yorkshireman. So he's the ideal host to travel around Yorkshire's food factories and meet the makers, discovering the secrets behind foods such as Wensleydale cheese, HECK sausages and Whitakers ...
I've turned those down. I don't watch it but they've had those people on such as Ed Balls and that woman, the MP, who was flying around in the air. I wasn't prepared to do it. You become the clown of it. I did this because I want to help anything in Yorkshire and show how well northern businesses can do.
FORMER Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott was given a lesson in sausage-making for a new TV show. Heck Food, based in Bedale, opened it's doors to the former MP, now Baron Prescott, for a Channel 5 special about some of Yorkshire's famous food companies. Isabel Spurway from Masham and ...
But the Mid Bedfordshire MP said she had refused offers to appear, telling the BBC: "I just don't think Have I Got News For You is a programme which lends itself to women feeling comfortable. I find it too vicious.” She added: "I know people like that. That's why they love the programme - it's so successful.
A Labour source revealed both parties had now agreed the Barnsley Central MP would be able to remain in parliament. Responding to the decision, Jarvis said: “I am ... The news may have gone down less well with the son of ex-deputy prime minister John Prescott. David Prescott, now a senior adviser to ...
THE son of ex-deputy PM, John Prescott, could be an MP in weeks - despite being engulfed in sleaze and anti-semitism scandals. Jeremy Corbyn's senior advisor, David Prescott, is being lined up for a safe seat after repeated failures to get elected to Parliament. The son of former deputy PM could become ...
David Prescott, who currently serves as a personal aide to Jeremy Corbyn, could be about to be given the chance to run for Parliament in a Labour safe seat. The Labour aide has spectacularly failed to be elected to Parliament a number of times and could now be given the chance to enter as a matter of ...
Presenter John Prescott – former deputy prime minister and MP for Hull East – will learn about production, from tinning the pastry to placing eggs into the manufacturer's Large Pork Pie with Egg. 'An eye opener'. Commenting on his time on the show, Prescott said: “What an eye opener for me to explore ...


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