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updated Fri. November 17, 2023

Since they began to form at the turn of the millennium they have proliferated – according to Nigel Inkster in China's Cyber Power – to a collective membership of more than 10 million people. Militias in general in China act to provide logistics support as well as rear area security for active duty units. It is likely ...

While Chinese officials led by Premier Li Keqiang told Ms. Merkel that Beijing would protect German firms' intellectual property in China, they didn't agree to stop hacking. As Chinese attacks on U.S. companies have eased, Germany has become a bigger target, according to Nigel Inkster, senior adviser to ...
One of them, Nigel Inkster, a former director of the UK's foreign intelligence service, offered some interesting observations on the future of militant groups, as the Islamic State group loses ground in northern Iraq and Syria. He spoke of a “different kind of terrorism”. Al-Qaeda could be described as “model 1.0” ...
Such cooperation is crucial, according to experts like Nigel Inkster, a former member of British intelligence. Now a director at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, Inkster said counterterrorism investigations are like “putting together a large jigsaw puzzle against the clock, without knowing when the ...
“If there is a message that resonates, it will get out there,” says Nigel Inkster, a former intelligence officer now with the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. What the internet has changed, he says, is the speed at which the message travels, and its ubiquity. A counter-terrorism expert at ...
There are between 3,000 to 4,000 people working within Britain's state security infrastructure, not including police forces, estimates Nigel Inkster, the former director of operations at MI6, U.K.'s secret intelligence service abroad, who now works at think-tank International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS).
It would be difficult to find anyone with more knowledge of violent extremism – or terrorism, a term he prefers – than Nigel Inkster. After 31 years working for MI6, Inkster eventually retired in 2006 as Deputy Chief and Head of Operations, and now holds the position of Director of Future Conflict and Cyber ...
Nigel Inkster describes Facebook and Google as “insidious” and “opaque” – and coming from MI6's former Director of Operations, that's pretty bold. He estimates that GCHQ is capable of processing only 3% of internet usage (he and Makarenko agree that this is small compared to the capabilities of many of ...


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