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updated Sun. May 19, 2024

Just a day after this ambiguous declaration, several of his cabinet ministers told The Irish Times that the Assembly's recommendations will not pass ... two of them, David Keogh, a truck driver in his forties, and John Long, a technician in his fifties, who both said their views and understanding of abortion and ...

But the ECQ review found Queensland Greens had disclosure issues which "may affect the accuracy, completeness and compliance of disclosure returns" and strongly urged an internal review. During an audit in late 2015, Queensland Greens finance officer David Keogh responded to the ECQ's initial ...
She said: “The Official Secrets Act 1989 may need reforming for the digital era, but I would argue that at its heart there should be protection for whistleblowers. As it stands, the OSA is ... Examples include Clive Ponting, Peter Wright, David Shayler, myself, David Keogh and Leo O'Connor. Peter Wright's case ...
Quarterback David Keogh of John F. Kennedy Catholic High School in Somers was named Class A Offensive Player of the Year. He was the top Class A passer with 1,846 yards and 14 touchdowns, and ranked among the top five runners with 564 rushing yards and nine touchdowns. The senior ran for five ...
Eddie was one of seven brothers who ruled the neon, firefly streets of Birmingham's beating heartland but has flown into a rage at the contents of “The Accidental Gangster”, written by Abi's husband, Irish musician David Keogh and based on information supplied by his daughter. The story, featured on ...
Mr Keogh's brother, David Keogh, said he was thankful and overwhelmed. "Today my Henry, my brother, walks effectively free after 21 years in prison, 21 years an innocent man for a crime he didn't do, for a crime that sadly never occurred," he said. "All my family are totally thankful, overwhelmed.
Two men have been jailed for breaking the Official Secrets Act by leaking a confidential memo between President Bush and Tony Blair. The content of the memo has ... David Keogh was a civil servant working in the secret Pindar complex underneath the Ministry of Defence. He was asked to photocopy and ...
Tomorrow morning, in a court in London, two men will appear to face charges under Britain's Official Secrets Act. The first man, David Keogh, a former employee of the Cabinet Office, ... (Clarke did what he thought was the right thing by giving the memo back to Prime Minister Blair's office in Downing Street.) ...


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