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"Going in and occupying Iraq, thus unilaterally exceeding the United Nations' mandate, would have destroyed the precedent of international response to aggression that we hoped to establish. Had we gone the invasion route, the United States could conceivably still be an occupying power in a bitterly hostile land."
George H.W. Bush (Bush senior) and Brent Scowcroft in their 1998 book, "A World Transformed"
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Iraq retina scan
Marine Lance Cpl. Luis Molina scans an Iraqi citizen's retina at Brahma Park in Fallujah, Iraq, on Jan 25, 2005. U.S. Marines are utilizing a Biometric Analysis Tracking System to record and identify Iraqi civilians entering the battle torn city of Fallujah in an attempt to find and identify insurgent forces. The tracking system uses thumbprints, a photograph of the face, and a retinal scan to establish positive identity. Molina is deployed with Marine Wing Support Squadron 373 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Jonathan C. Knauth, U.S. Marine Corps.
Cost of the War in Iraq
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updated Sat. April 14, 2018

Iraqi security forces seized back Kirkuk's government facilities and oil fields from Kurdish Peshmerga forces last October in response to a poll by Kurdistan Region in which a majority voted for independence from Iraq. But recent reports have told of U.S. efforts to mediate between the Iraqi government ... Iraqi policemen
BAGHDAD -- Amid Iraqi calls to reinforce the rule of law and strengthen Iraqi state institutions, the Ministry of Justice announced March 28 a new initiative for "arbitration" among tribes, allowing a team of tribal elders to intervene as arbitrators in resolving all possible disputes and conflicts between ...

Under the original schedule, many if not all of the 16 potential bidders -- oil majors as well as smaller energy companies -- would have had only two days to review a draft of the ministry's new contract before the auction, according to Luay Al Khatteeb, executive director of the Iraq Energy Institute, a ...
The largest US air and naval strike force since the 2003 Iraq war was heading towards Syria last night as Theresa May won the backing of the cabinet to join in military action. US-led strikes after the suspected chemical weapon attack in Douma, which left as many as 40 people dead, are expected within ...
UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq, Jan Kubis, condemned the bombing and called on the Iraqi authorities "to ensure the security of the political parties, representatives, candidates, and voters." The following day, Iraqi Speaker of Parliament Salim al-Jabouri met with ...
At least 16 people were killed in a bomb attack on Thursday during a funeral in a northern Iraqi village for fighters killed by the Islamic State (IS) group, the village's mayor said. "Two bombs exploded as the funeral procession was entering the cemetery" in Asdira, near the town of Sharqat, ...
An Iraqi man who pleaded guilty to impersonating a U.S. intelligence officer in a letter to the prime minister of Iraq was set to face a year of federal probation. But the negotiated agreement fell apart after Wathiq Al-Ibraheemi continued his deceit by mailing a copy of a doctored newspaper article about ... US government
New Book Details Marine's Mission in Iraq. "Echo in Ramadi" tells the story of battles and the .... A retired U.S. Marine has just published a book detailing what it was like for Camp Pendleton-based troops in Ramadi during the U.S. troop surge in Iraq. Retired Major Scott Huesing wrote "Echo in Ramadi" with ... US government
Jaafari, during the meeting, made an invitation to his Cuban counterpart to visit Iraq, said the statement. The minister said “Cuba contribute to Iraq's reconstruction efforts and benefit from the investment opportunities the Iraqi government is promoting”. Iraq fought since 2014 against Islamic State militants ... US government
It also throws some light on Iraq's current challenges as it emerges from a war with Islamic State militants and seeks to reconcile its Shi'ite majority with its Sunni and Kurdish minorities. Mustafa Salim, an Iraqi journalist at the Washington Post Bureau in Baghdad, gave the documentary a thumbs up after the ... US government
Baghdad ( Iraq has told British parliamentarians it opposes the return of Iraqi refugees there against their will as the country tries to recover from a war that displaced millions inside and abroad. In a statement, the Iraqi foreign ministry said Minister Jassem al-Jaff, meeting a delegation of ... US government
ERBIL, Kurdistan – Iraq's contentious 2018 budget was published in the republic's official state gazette, Al-Waqa'i' al-'Iraqiyah, on Monday, meaning the ... The budget bill, fiercely opposed by Kurds and at times by Sunnis, was sent back to the Iraqi parliament by the Iraqi president on March 13, as it was ... US government
A British soldier who has been repeatedly investigated over an Iraqi teenager's death in 2003 says he will refuse to take part in another inquiry. Saeed Shabram's family say he drowned after being forced into a river by UK soldiers. No-one has ever been charged. The Iraq Fatality Investigations team is due ... US government
His political evolution could have far-reaching consequences for the next Iraqi government, the country's fractured Shiite political class and Iraq's relationship with neighboring Iran. In Iraq, the new alliance asks Sadr's followers to take a major leap of faith in abandoning religion as a basis for voting. US government

Rebuilding efforts in Iraq have been slow since the defeat of the Islamic State of Iraq in the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) last year. But it is not just about reconstructing schools and homes, archaeologists say Iraq's very heritage is at stake. Al Jazeera's Imran Khan reports from the country's second ... US government
As part of Saudi Arabia's efforts to engage with Shia religious leaders, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (also known as MBS) met Iraqi Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr in Riyadh in July last year. After Sadr had criticised Iran's influence over Iraq's domestic politics, and further challenged Tehran's ... US government
How, people wondered, could he suddenly embrace those elements of Iraqi society most hostile to the United States and the U.S.-Iraqi partnership, and most beholden to the IRGC? As it turned out, the alliance lasted barely a day. The outcry from across Iraq's political spectrum was immediate — not just ... US government
Baghdad ( – The Iraqi Health Ministry said on Sunday that it handed over bodies of 38 Indian workers, who were killed by Islamic State (IS) militants in Mosul, to the Indian Embassy in Iraq to be flown home later Sunday, according to Sputnik News. Indian Ambassador to Iraq Pradeep Singh ... US government
Iraq plans to award oil and gas exploration and development contracts in 11 new blocks on April 15, oil ministry spokesman Asim Jihad said on Sunday. Iraq had initially set June 21 as the date to open the bids for the new blocks, located in border areas with Iran and Kuwait, and in offshore Gulf waters. US government
Many Christians in Iraq will be able to pray and gather together at Easter for the first time since the defeat of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group (ISIL, also known as ISIS). In the northern city of Mosul, the armed group destroyed many churches, and Christians fled the area. Now the Christian ... US government
Many Iraqi newspapers are claiming that the propagation of atheism is a manifestation of the Islamic parties' failed reigns over the past decade, in addition to their corruption. Studies and statistics about beliefs and views in Iraq are nonexistent. However, Gallup released a study that said about 88% of Iraqis ... US government
Chandigarh: The mortal remains of 31 of the 39 Indians killed in Iraq will arrive at Amritsar International airport today in a special aircraft, said officials. ... Earlier this month, Swaraj had told Parliament that as many as 40 Indians were abducted by terror group ISIS from Mosul in Iraq in June 2014, but one of ... US government
The Iraqi cabinet on Sunday approved a plan to raise the nation's crude oil output capacity to 6.5 million barrels per day by 2022, according to a government statement. Iraqi Oil Minister Jabar al-Luaibi said in January capacity was currently close to 5 million bpd. The country is producing more than 4.4 ... US government
According to local authority figures, about 25,000 have returned, but many are struggling to rebuild. The Iraqi government has asked the international community for $100bn to reconstruct former ISIL-held areas, but nowhere near has been pledged. For people like Yunidim, it will be a long time before he ... US government
The Iraqi military has been ordered to take full control of the country's borders amid Turkish threats of an incursion into Iraq to track down Kurdish rebels. ... The Iraqi prime minister said that any attempt by 'foreign fighters' to launch cross-border attacks on Turkey will be prevented by the Iraqi military. US government
An Australian Super Hornet air strike last year may have killed two civilian adults and injured two children when it bombed a terrace house in west Mosul, Iraq. Deputy Chief of Joint Operations, Major General Greg Bilton, said the air strike occurred on May 3 but it wasn't until Amnesty International raised the ... US government
On Sunday 25 March protests broke out across the Kurdistan region of Iraq against austerity measures and delays in payment of and cuts to the salaries of state employees. Since then, teachers, health workers, and other public sector workers, as well as activists have taken to the streets every day to ... US government
In recent weeks, suspected Islamic State insurgents have carried out several attacks targeting security forces in different areas across Iraq. The Islamic State group appeared on the international scene in 2014 when it seized large swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria, declaring the establishment of an ... US government
“We will be greeted as liberators” upon invading Iraq, Vice President Dick Cheney counseled in 2003 on the eve of the war. He had already relayed a prediction that the streets in Basra and Baghdad are “sure to erupt in joy.” President George W. Bush declared that there was “no doubt” that Iraq had ... US government
Baghdad ( – Iraqi Military Intelligence announced on Wednesday arresting two terrorists and destroying five tunnels used by Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq, a move which comes as part of security efforts to completely eliminate terrorism in the country. In a statement, a copy of which was ... US government
President George W. Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had sent a small invasion force to Iraq—enough troops to crush the Iraqi army and oust Saddam from power but way too few to restore stability after his fall. This decision was deliberate: Rumsfeld had no interest in keeping 100,000 U.S. ... US government
He believes it's because Sinjar doesn't have oil like other areas in Iraq. AHMED: We just don't have oil like Kurdistan and Iraqi government. If we have some oil like them, I'm sure that the United States will come to help our people because of our oil. ARRAF: At the base of the mountain, there's the town of ... US government
Borkindo added the cartel will "evaluate the market conditions, watch clearly the impact of the supply adjustment on the markets and take appropriate actions." Early this month, Iraq's parliament approved this year's budget of about 104 trillion Iraqi dinars, or nearly $88 billion. It runs run with a deficit of 12.5 ... US government
Iraqi armed forces will prevent Kurdish fighters based in northern Iraq from staging cross-border attacks against Turkey, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said. Abadi's office said the prime minister relayed this message to his Turkish counterpart Binali Yildirim in a phone call on Tuesday. Ankara had ... US government
“We will be greeted as liberators” upon invading Iraq, Vice President Dick Cheney counseled in 2003 on the eve of the war. He had already relayed a prediction that the streets in Basra and Baghdad are “sure to erupt in joy.” President George W. Bush declared that there was “no doubt” that Iraq had ... US government
At least eight police officers were killed in a Daesh ambush on a highway in Iraq Saturday, according to a local police officer. Diyala Police Captain Habib al-Shammari told Anadolu Agency the ambush took place at the Baghdad-Kirkuk highway. The eight police officers were taken to a hill and were shot ... US government
“The idea of a majority government was first put forward by Maliki years ago,” Joel Wing, author of Musings on Iraq, told Rudaw English. “He is still talking about it today. All of the Iraqi governments since 2005 have been national unity ones including every party that wins a seat. That has meant inclusion but ... US government
Iraq's cinema industry is making a comeback after years of conflict, with the first Iraqi-made film in a quarter of a century playing in theatres. Journey, which tells the story of an Iraqi woman struggling under conflict and sectarian violence, premiered in the capital, Baghdad, earlier this month. Mohammed ... US government
The week of the 15th anniversary of the Iraq War is ending. If past anniversaries are any guide, as that period closes, so will end the brief moment of reflection on the causes and consequences of the war—the mistakes that led to it and the damage that followed. All these years later, we're still grappling with ... US government
Intel suggested a target lived there, but something felt off. And then, he realized they were at the wrong house. ANDREW EXUM: I went into the house where the assault team was. And, of course, the door had been blown off the hinges. The furniture was being upturned, and you had this very frightened Iraqi ... US government
Some critics, however, say the process lends itself to corruption and raises questions about the timing of the decision and the value of the assets as well as their future use. The Iraqi Accountability and Justice Commission on March 5 said it has completed its list of the people whose assets are to be seized: ... US government
Push in Iraq to get trains back on track. The US invasion, occupation and the subsequent war with ISIL have left the Iraqi rail network a shadow of its former self. 8 hours ago ... Iraq is trying to get its antiquated rail system back on track. Established in the early 1950s, it was one of the most prominent train ... US government
The Trump Administration has sustained a cooperative relationship with the Iraqi government and has requested funding to support Iraq's stabilization and continue security training for Iraqi forces beyond the completion of major military operations against the Islamic State. The nature and extent of the U.S. ... US government
Baghdad ( The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) currency auction on March 15 registered $200,110,472 in sales, a 0.39% volume increase from the US $199,335,352 sold by Iraqi Dinar, credit and transfer at the previous auction held on March 14. The latest auction was attended by 45 banks and 9 ... US government
BAGHDAD, March 14 (Reuters) - Iraq's state-run North Oil Company (NOC) has begun testing operations at its Avana and Bai Hassan oilfields in Kirkuk to increase crude supply for domestic refineries, Iraqi officials said on Wednesday. "We have started testing operations at Avana and Bai Hassan oilfields ... US government
Baghdad ( An Iraqi aviation firm is now running the country's first civilian helicopter transportation service across the country, targeting a secure ride for investors working there. Al-Burhan Airways, based at Baghdad International Airport, says it is currently Iraq's only company to run a ... US government
For three years, aid workers had been providing relief to families as they fled from armed groups in Hawiga, Iraq. Medair knew that many families were still suffering inside the city, but we were unable to reach them. In 2017, Medair and the humanitarian community were advised that fighting was anticipated ... US government



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