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updated Thu. March 29, 2018

The Kurds are a Middle Eastern ethnic minority that claim parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey as their ancestral homeland and have alleged political oppression by the majority communities in all four countries. Iraqi and Syrian Kurds have since taken advantage of unrest in their home nations to ... Wars ISIS
Iraq's Kirkuk governorate will hold elections this year -- something that hasn't happened in more than a decade -- and officials hope the voting will end the ... Shakhawan Abdullah, who represents Kirkuk in the Kurdistan Democratic Party in parliament, told Al-Monitor, "The agreement between the ...

... of state employees. Since then, teachers, health workers, and other public sector workers, as well as activists have taken to the streets every day to demand action from the government. Local media has reported local authorities in Erbil attributing the violence to individuals affiliated to political parties. journalists Kurdistan Region
All parties to the conflict continue to perpetrate indiscriminate attacks on civilians and target civilian infrastructure, including schools and hospitals. ... of torture, extrajudicial killings and other reprisals against suspected ISIL members and their families by members of Iraqi and Kurdish government forces. Yemen South Sudan
As old alignments break apart, the Iraqi National Alliance, which grouped the main Shia parties, has split into its constituent parts. Kurdish and Sunni blocs are ... "At least five masquerade behind the word 'civil'," complains the leader of the Civil Democratic Alliance, a genuinely secular party. Against ...
BAGHDAD, March 28 (Xinhua) -- Under the UN sponsorship, representatives of Iraqi political coalitions and parties agreed Wednesday on the draft of the charter of electoral ethics that would govern the legislative elections scheduled for May 12. A statement by the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq ...

"The Kurdistan Regional Government emphasizes the protection of the rights of all candidates, lists and political parties of Kurdistan and Iraq that are officially registered in the ... In Baghdad, on Wednesday, the UN's representative in Iraq welcomed Iraqi parties signing the Electoral Charter of Honour. election
Erdoğan said the PKK wanted to establish what he called a second Qandil in Sinjar, referring to the Qandil Mountain base in northeast Iraq where the PKK ... The Iraqi government, Islamic State, the two main Iraqi Kurdish parties, Shi'ite paramilitaries and the PKK and its Iraqi and Syrian affiliates have ... Sinjar
The left, by this time, was gaining momentum around the idea that it was time to withdraw from Iraq. Progressive organizations on the ground were working with unions; think tanks like the Center for American Progress; and Democratic leaders in Congress to shift opinions both within the party and in ... Iraq War Democratic Party
She tells the story of the Talibani and the Barzani families, and how they got rich — along with oil company executives, government staffers and political parties. Meanwhile, the Iraqi ... Banco says that for years Iraqi journalists have been killed in Iraq for even trying to report this story. Today, with entirely ... Iraq War Democratic Party
Stratfor's 2018 Annual Forecast said that Saudi Arabia and other Arab Gulf states would use their economic power to support Iraqi entities that could act as a balance against Iranian influence. With recent reports stating that Saudi Arabia is offering money to a media station in Iraq, the forecast that countries ... Iraq War Democratic Party
Despite the wide attendance, the New York Times characterized the results of the conference as a “devastating blow for the Iraqi government,” who had ... Workers Party (PKK) militants reportedly attacked a Turkish Army post on the Turkish-Iraq border in Dohuk Province and Turkish forces returned fire. Iraq War Democratic Party
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — The Iraqi government has given political parties and officials of Kirkuk one month to proportion out government posts with ... We believe that it is necessary for Kurds to organize themselves," Sheikh Sadiq, head of Kurdistan Communist Party's office in Kirkuk, told Rudaw. Iraq War Democratic Party
Rojas studied the protest movement and its decline with University of Michigan political science professor Michael Heaney. After attending dozens of protests where they conducted more than 10,000 surveys of anti-war protest participants over the course of a decade, the two professors wrote a book, Party ... Iraq War Democratic Party
The situation of the town, however, is better than that of Tuz Khurmatu and other disputed territories that fell to Iraqi forces and Iran-backed Hashd ... The Kurdish residents want their parties to return without political rivalry, arguing that their cross-party differences will cripple their efforts to resolve issues. Iraq War Democratic Party
So when a delegation of Iraqi Kurds from rival political parties arrived in the Syrian Kurdish enclave of Afrin to show solidarity with their cousins facing a Turkish siege, a groundswell of euphoria erupted. Asiya Abdullah, the former co-chair of the Democratic Unity Party (PYD), declared, “The visit by ... Iraq War Democratic Party
That said, the Sunni parties have no authority over the PMU, and the factions have not been ordered to withdraw by Abadi's government. Baghdad so far has ignored the Sunnis' complaints, generally viewing the PMU as part of the nation's security forces, deployable anywhere on Iraqi territory. Some Sunni ... Iraq War Democratic Party

After 26 years of governing oil-rich Iraqi Kurdistan, the region's two main political parties are on the verge of economic and political bankruptcy. While officials of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) live in luxurious houses with 24/7 electricity, the majority of ... Iraq War Democratic Party
Editor's Note: The last year saw a rare bit of good news in Iraq, as the government there expelled much of the Islamic State from its territory. However, many problems plague the country. Douglas Ollivant of New America warns that the Iraqi government now must take on a far more pernicious foe: corruption. Iraq War Democratic Party
A government was not formed in Iraq until more than four months after elections were held in 2005. This is while there were nearly 180,000 American soldiers in Iraq. The Sunnis boycotted the elections, the Kurds were united, but Iraqi Shiites were not as united. The Sadr Movement and Fazila Party pulled ... Iraq War Democratic Party
Sectarianism will remain a problem in this election, an endemic dynamic in Iraqi politics since 2003 when Saddam Hussein was overthrown. ... While the elections are a few months away, Arab Sunni parties have demanded a delay of the polls so as to allow Iraq's internally displaced peoples sufficient time ... Iraq War Democratic Party
When they formed in 2014, the brigades coalesced around varied power structures: religious institutions, political parties, ethnic groups or old or defunct .... At the height of the fight-back against ISIS, before Iraqi forces had regained control of most of Iraq's Sunni majority cities, the sectarianism that plagued ... Iraq War Democratic Party
Given the invasion of Kuwait and Iraq's isolation under sanctions, it was only in 2003 that a new political opening appeared on the horizon. Even then, relations did not improve, since Saudi Arabia feared the rise of Shiite political parties whose interests were increasingly seen to be tied to Iran, its regional ... Iraq War Democratic Party
Concerns over post-ISIS political instability and influence of non-state actors put Iraq on Crisis Group's list of ten countries at risk of escalating violence ... Rudaw that in Iraq's fractured political landscape, Kurds could play kingmaker if they can work together and support an Iraqi prime ministerial candidate. Iraq War Democratic Party
Last month, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced an unexpected political alliance with the leader of an Iranian-aligned militia. Hadi al-Amiri, the head of the Badr Organization, was set to join Abadi's grand coalition of political parties slated to run for election in May. The alliance provoked a swift ... Iraq War Democratic Party
Activists in Iraq try new tack: Effect change by not voting ... Iraqi political parties are trying to mobilize voters as calls for an election boycott gain steam. ... BAGHDAD — Multiple social media campaigns are urging a boycott of the May 12 local and parliamentary elections in Iraq, under the Arabic hashtags ... Iraq War Democratic Party
He has never spearheaded an electoral campaign, and has already stumbled as he tries to negotiate the mind-numbing complexities of Iraqi politics for a vote that will test his own political acumen in a challenging security ... Iraq's Shiites, although the majority, are fractured into competing political parties. Iraq War Democratic Party
As Iraq's parliamentary elections approach, the rise of a new tripartite Kurdish political alliance has highlighted the level of divide among the rest of the Kurdish ... between the KDP, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) — the traditional partners in the government — and the Communist Party of Kurdistan. Iraq War Democratic Party
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Iraqi High Electoral Commission warned on Tuesday that those who have not registered with them under the biometric system to receive an electronic voter card will not be able to take part in the May elections. The body also urged the Iraqi and Kurdish diaspora to register ... Iraq War Democratic Party
BAGHDAD, Jan 23 (KUNA) -- Iraqi Oil Minister Jabbar Al-Luaibi assured that Kuwait International Conference of Iraq Reconstruction which will be held in ... The Kuwaiti delegation who's visiting Iraq is meeting with top government and political parties officials to discuss the reconstruction of Iraq conference. Iraq War Democratic Party
A decorated war hero who survived eight bomb blasts in Iraq is launching a new political party to fill the void left by UKIP. Trevor Coult, 43, is entering the political minefield with Democrats and Veterans – a new Brexit-backing party vowing to give voters a voice in Westminster. Tesco employee gets into ... Iraq War Democratic Party
Manifold parties and factions are vying for power, but most are too weak to win a significant number of votes. Now, some ... Alas, with Iraq's political landscape in disarray and the elections in just four months' time, the future does not look promising. The country's party system is highly fragmented. And Iraq's ... Iraq War Democratic Party
Alas, with Iraq's political landscape in disarray and the elections in just four months' time, the future does not look promising. The country's party system is highly fragmented. And Iraq's three major political camps – Shiites, Sunnites and Kurds – have each splintered into factions that have little in common. Iraq War Democratic Party
The failure of the Shiite parties in favor of velayat-e-faqih in Iraq — the Badr Organization, Asaib Ahl al-Haq, the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq and parts of the Islamic Dawa Party — in addition to the large numbers of Iraqis who took part in popular demonstrations against the government have put Iraqi ... Iraq War Democratic Party
In the past, Kurdistan's political parties contested country-wide parliamentary elections in Iraq with united lists such as the Democratic Patriotic ... do remain within Iraq, the people of Kurdistan might as well play the Iraqi political game as best they can with a national-level party, leaving local parties to focus ... Iraq War Democratic Party
Abadi is widely respected across Iraq's highly sectarian political landscape, but in order to win the support of Sunni voters in elections next year he ... It enables many parties to fund themselves and keep their constituencies onside – the former from kickbacks and the awarding of contracts to party-affiliated ... Iraq War Democratic Party
The crucial element, however, was Abadi's outreach to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), one of the two main Kurdish parties that make up the KRG, whose forces were ... As the fight against ISIS moves into a counter-insurgency phase, strengthening the Iraqi government advances Iran's interests. Iraq War Democratic Party
Shifa Gardi, Rudaw's reporter and anchor, was killed by a roadside bomb in February 2017 while covering the war between Iraqi forces and ISIS militants in Mosul. The network praised ... The party said it hopes the people of Kurdistan, including the Kurdish parties, will walk towards "unity and brotherhood." Iraq War Democratic Party
Saddam Hussein's 35-year rule over Iraq is characterized as a patronage driven state. It was branded as a violent and oppressive government resistant to any rule of law. The judicial system was seen as nothing but an instrument for torture, extrajudicial executions, arbitrary detentions, and enforced ... Iraq War Democratic Party
"There are corrupt people in every party," she added. "The war will be hard and it will need international and domestic support" – including from political parties which themselves have corrupt members. Some fear that little can be done to tackle the issue. One politician told journalists that stolen sums of ... Iraq War Democratic Party
Emboldened by their victories, strengthened by Iranian-backing and wildly popular among Iraqi society, some militias have announced their intention to become political parties and run in elections scheduled for next year. Some figures in Iraq are calling for the militias to disband, others for the militias to be ... Iraq War Democratic Party
Two opposition parties, the Gorran and the Kurdistan Islamic Group (Komal), have withdrawn from Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), party sources said. The withdrawals came Wednesday after two days of violence in the region, as Kurdish demonstrators protest years of ... Iraq War Democratic Party
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – In another attempt to unify the Kurdish vote ahead of Iraq's elections, political parties of the Kurdistan Region met on Tuesday ... Democratic Party (KDP), Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Gorran, Kurdistan Islamic Group (Komal), Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), and other parties ... Iraq War Democratic Party
In mid-December, at least five people were killed by security forces during anti-government protests in Iraqi Kurdistan. ... Add to this the complete incompetence of the two main political parties—the Kurdistan Democratic Party, or KDP, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, or PUK—in the runup to and ... Iraq War Democratic Party
"We will run for both Iraqi elections," Dawoodi, who is a lawyer by profession from a village near Bashiqa, told Rudaw English. ... "We believe that it is better in disputed territories for all [Kurdish] political parties go into the provincial and parliamentary elections of Iraq as one party," Khasraw Goran, the head ... Iraq War Democratic Party
The Iraqi forces coalition political party boycotted the Iraqi parliament session to vote on the date of the elections on Saturday. ... Abadi is seeking re-election, building on a surge in his popularity among Iraq's majority Shiite Arab community after leading the three-year fight against Daesh militants, supported ... Iraq War Democratic Party
Iraqi prime minister Haider Al Abadi has assured the nation that parliamentary and provincial elections will be held in Iraq in May as scheduled. ... Iraq's Sunni political parties claim that displaced people should have the chance to return to their homes before the elections so they are given the chance to ... Iraq War Democratic Party
Iraqi parliamentary elections are scheduled for May 2018, while the crisis in relations between Baghdad and Erbil — which was the result of the Kurdistan region's referendum for separation from Iraq —remains unresolved as sanctions imposed by the Iraqi central government on the region are still in place. Iraq War Democratic Party
SULAIMANI – Iraqi Shia political leader Moqtada al-Sadr on Monday (December 11) called on the Shia militias, including his own, to lay down and return their ... Moreover, he cautioned against the participation of any party under the banner of the Hashid al-Shaabi in the country's upcoming elections. Iraq War Democratic Party
Since the US invasion, Iraq has been led by conservative Islamist Shia political parties, while the country's streets are controlled by religious militias, ... in which the dominant political culture was left wing anti-imperialism, notably that of the Iraqi Communist Party, in which women's organisations were active. Iraq War Democratic Party


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