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updated Wed. April 18, 2018

The secretariat of the Bulgarian President announced that the visit was on the occasion of the Day of Bulgarian Culture and Literature, celebrated on 24 May. The administration of the head of state said the dates for a visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Bulgaria were in the process of negotiation. Russia
By Trend. The presidential election in Azerbaijan was held within the international norms, Bulgaria's MP from the Socialist Party Pencho Milkov said. ... Six of the candidates were nominated by political parties, one candidate was a self-nominee and another candidate was nominated by an initiative group. Russia

A group of Bulgarian right-wing and reformist political parties and coalitions that have no seats in Parliament formally formed a political union on April 12, ... Bulgaria – Union is made up of former justice minister Hristo Ivanov's Yes Bulgaria Movement, the Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria political party, the ... Russia
After successfully quashing Greece's 2015 debtor's prison break, Europe's deep establishment has embarked on a mission to declare the country's economic and social crisis over. To recall Tacitus, “they make a desert and they call it peace”. Since 2015, the Greek state has paid its creditors a sum equal to ... Russia
Inercom was also found to be owned by a close friend of Bulgaria's energy minister. The deal turned into one of the main political scandals in the country and has further destabilised the already unstable ruling coalition. All the main political parties are using it as a tool to gain popularity and reduce support ... Russia
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic remains the only head of state in the Balkan region to lead a political party, having not followed the example of his ... Bulgarian President Rumen Radev won the 2017 elections with the support of Bulgarian Socialist Party – but ran officially as an independent candidate. Russia

One year after Bulgaria's March 2017 early parliamentary elections, the picture of support for major political parties was largely unchanged, with the ... The Alpha Research poll results announced on March 29 showed GERB as having 23.1 per cent support and Kornelia Ninova's Bulgarian Socialist Party at ... Russia
On the eve of International Women's Day on the March 8th, the Bulgarian government, under pressure from political parties, the Holy Synod and Grand Mufti, said it would abandon its plans to send the Istanbul Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence to ... Russia
On 12 March, the European Parliament called upon EU countries including Bulgaria to ratify the Istanbul Convention. However, only one Bulgarian MEP was present at the debates. And he was against the treaty. Just on the eve of International Women's Day on the March 8, the Bulgarian government, ... Russia
The first three months of Bulgaria's Presidency of the Council of the EU have been successful, while the big challenges will be in the second three months ... of waste, the topic of energy efficiency, issues related to heavy-duty vehicle emissions, financial regulation, funding of political parties, parcel delivery, ... Russia
Leaders from the four political parties negotiating a new coalition ... is only good enough for the 15th spot, behind Romania and Bulgaria. Russia
Unlike Germany and the Netherlands, in Bulgaria a grand coalition remains impossible ... and unproductively amid the upcoming Bulgarian EU presidency. ... Moreover, all political parties have jointly failed so far on the great ... Russia
Only this year elections in the Netherlands and Bulgaria and Germany ... First of all, we can say that the banning of a political party will increase ... it artificially alters the distribution of political parties, forcing parties to search for ... Russia
77.63 crores amongst all the regional political parties, followed by Tamil ... Nepal, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Bulgaria, the US and Japan. Russia
Bulgarian prosecutors have filed just 26 high-level corruption cases since ... In its report on Bulgaria in January, the European Commission once again noted ... In September, several political parties, judges and lawyers urged ... Russia
Article 65 of the budges determines the subsidies for political parties post-election. The subsidy remains 11 BGN (6.5 Euro) for each actual vote ... Russia
The political party "Movement 21" has sent an e-mail to various Bulgarian media-outlets to let them know that the Lovech school "Saint Kliment ... Russia

The Bulgarian State Prosecutor Wants to Shut down NGO Illegally ... a Turkish bank and DOST - a political party that branched out of the ... Russia
As was recently covered on “EU Scoop” the Bulgarian vice Prime ... after the “'GERB” political party member Anton Todorov and the vice Prime ... Russia
On 11.10.2017, Bulgarian journalists are gathering before the Council of Ministers in a ... as an MP from the biggest political party in Bulgaria “GERB”, directly ... Russia
All major political parties in Romania have expressed support for the ... taken place in Georgia, Bulgaria, France and elsewhere across Europe. Russia
Bulgarian President: The Prime Minister Is Ready to Work with Me and I with Him ... The President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev was able to share some ... he is going to found a political party Radev replied: "That's ridiculous, ... Russia
A member of a nationalist political party in Bulgaria on Wednesday was sentenced to three years in prison for participating in migrant ... Russia
Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borissov's centre-right GERB party is backing ... Bulgaria's Dossier Commission started work in 2006 and in the ... in the candidate lists of a range of political parties, including Borissov's GERB. Russia
MEPs from different countries and political parties are preparing a ... the country to recognize the Bulgarian national minority, reported bTV. Russia
Six months after Bulgaria's March 26 2017 early parliamentary elections, the picture of support for major political parties is largely unchanged and ... support and Kornelia Ninova's opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party at 19.3 per cent. ... of 29 per cent – among political party leaders, second only to Borissov. Russia
The Shalom Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria's leadership has held talks ... Socialist Party Sofia, part of a series of meetings with political parties. ... The Lukov March has been held in the Bulgarian capital in February for a ... Russia
In Bulgaria, Global Magnitsky Act could make a real difference ... after he began supporting an anti-corruption reformist political party ... Clearly, the Bulgarian officials found a way to stoop even lower to affirm their depravity. Russia
A national security report adopted by Bulgaria's Cabinet that named ... among political parties in the National Assembly on September 13. Russia
It's a cliche to discuss quazi-analysts, quazi-experts, quazi-journalists and all sorts of other quazis considering the fact in the last three years we live in a ... Russia
Sofia. The increase of natural gas prices is not only justified but late, as it should have happened in the middle of the heating season. Russia
Hardly any Bulgarian parliamentary election goes by without someone trying to have it overturned, and this time around, the call came from Lyutvi Mestan, leader of the DOST party that notched up 2.86 per cent, below the threshold for entry to the ... Russia
Popular Bulgarian performer Slavi Trifonov has had his evening show taken off air by private broadcaster bTV. Russia
SOFIA, March 28, 2017 - Contestants in Bulgaria's early parliamentary elections could reach out to voters freely, while the low-key campaign was generally characterized by public disillusionment with politics and election weariness, international ... Russia
More than 6.5 million voters are eligible to elect their new government. Thirteen political parties and nine coalitions are competing for the 240 seats in the national assembly amid a period of political instability. Russia
The centre-right GERB party of former Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has won 32.7% of votes in the early parliamentary election in Bulgaria, data from the central electoral commission showed today (27 March), with 78.9% of the ballots counted. Russia
The leader of Volya, Varna businessman Veselin Mareshki has announced that they will enter negotiations for the forming of a government with that political party or those parties which will include the priorities of the movement - the fight against ... Russia
Boyko Borisov, who scored yet another comeback in snap elections Sunday, has long dominated the Bulgarian political scene in a manner befitting his imposing physical presence. Russia
''Once the border was blocked by the representatives of certain political parties in Bulgaria, the Prime Minister called an emergency meeting at which it was decided unanimously that the law must be respected''. Russia
According to data posted on the official website of the Central Election Commission, 32.74% of voters cast their ballots for the Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) political party. The Bulgarian Socialist Party secured 26.79% of ... Russia
Two more political parties will enter the Balkan country's next parliament - the ethnic Turkish "Movement for rights and Freedoms" (DPS) with 8.4% and populist party "Volya" (Will) with 4.1%. Russia
SOFIA (Bulgaria), March 24 (SeeNews) - A planned $400 million (370.9 million euro) investment by US-based automated teller machine (ATM) producer National Cash Register's (NCR) in Serbia over the next ten years was the most popular story filed by ... Russia
Bulgarian Teodora Yolcheva, 31, a public relations professional, prepares her luggage prior to her departure to London, in Sofia, Bulgaria, March 22, 2017. Picture taken March 22, 2017. REUTERS/Stoyan ... While most political parties - from ... Russia
The political parties "Movement for Rights and Freedoms," and "Democrats for Responsibility, Freedom and Tolerance," which were established by Turkish minorities in Bulgaria, will also participate in the general elections, a fact that has disturbed ... Russia
"We hope that elections in Bulgaria will be held in comfort and result in a just and transparent way. Hearing that there is a pressure imposed [on the Turkish community] is seriously saddening us. Russia
Bulgarian political parties are unlikely to be able to form a stable majority after the March 26 early election, and most probably yet another snap election will follow soon, Hristo Ivanov, the leader of the newly-formed anti-corruption party Yes ... Russia
The summoning to Sofia of Bulgaria's ambassador to Turkey, Nadezhda Neynsky, was such a move, he said. So was the summoning to the Foreign Ministry of the Turkish ambassador. Russia
The political parties have demanded to have representatives in polling stations based in Turkey where on 26 March, 35 such sections will open in 17 towns and villages. Russia
Political parties want en masse to have representatives in voting sections in Turkey for the upcoming snap election on March 26, announced the head of the working group with the Foreign Ministry Elena Shekerletova. Russia
SOFIA (Reuters) - Bulgaria's center-right GERB party has kept a tiny lead over its main political rival, the Socialists, ahead of an early parliamentary election on Sunday, an opinion poll by independent research center Trend showed on Monday. Russia


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