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Whether you're looking for inspiration in the kitchen or beginning your journey as a food activist, there are plenty of great books below to choose from to ... Intended as "an intellectual toolkit" for food activists, A Foodies Guide to capitalism affirms that "to create a good, clean, and fair food system, we will ...
Ugandan environmental activists and civil society organizations (CSO) have hailed President Yoweri Museveni's decision to decline to sign a bill into law that would allow genetically modified organisms (GMOs) into the country. The Environment and Food Sovereignty activists in a statement issued here ...

Fifty-nine different types of corn are native to Mexico, yet food activists cite government studies showing consumption of the national staple has dropped by forty percent over the past three decades. It's a trend that Rafael Mier, the founder of the 'Rescue Tortilla Consumption in Mexico' movement, blames on ...
Among his other achievements were creation in the mid-1970s of National Food Day, which inspired millions of young food activists, and a handbook called "Food for People, Not for Profit," which explained issues like the role Agribusiness plays in determining food quality. Equally impressive are Dr.
CIA at Copia will focus on soil in its second Conversations at Copia Sustainability event Jan. 13-14. Soil: Dirt to Dish is a two-day event in partnership with the Lexicon of Sustainability, and many of the events and exhibits are free. A highlight of the weekend is a reception with Berkeley chef and food activist ...

This, of course, is fake news promulgated by high-horsey proselytes. You can have your bacon buttie and eat it too. There is always some middle ground and, six months ago, I found it in the pages of American food activist Brian Kateman's book The Reducetarian Solution: How the Surprisingly Simple Act ...
You don't have to become a food activist for that, though there are a lot of really good people worldwide like Michael Pollan, Vani Hari and Michael Jacobson who are doing some excellent work, and helping shape our new food environment for the better -- but you can just do your bit and feel great about it.
Ranchi: A report prepared by Right to Food Jharkhand activists has said bank fraud was the main reason behind the death of Premani Kumar, a 64-year-old widow, allegedly because of hunger in Garhwa earlier this month. The report, which was prepared by a fact finding team of Right to food activists, ...
In the 1980s, when I was Texas Ag commissioner, my staff and I proposed a comprehensive set of state rules to protect farmworkers, public health, our water supplies and farmers themselves from the life-threatening consequences of toxic pesticides. But trying to enact these policies in Texas meant taking ...
"People don't understand this," said Top Chef turned food activist, Tom Colicchio, as he launches into an explanation of the goals set in place for Food Policy Action's campaign aptly named, "A Place at The Table" born from the 2012 documentary by the same name. Food Policy Action is the c4 and c3 ...
Food safety activists reject these arguments as scaremongering. Instead, they point to studies linking high-phospate diets to heart problems and kidney disease. The Parliament's objection text also champions the cause of discerning European consumers, even those stumbling into the only shop open for a ...
Environmental groups and food activists don't speak with a unified voice on this topic, Broad says. While some are generally supportive, in large part because of the known environmental harms caused by contemporary animal food production, Broad says, others are asking Impossible Foods to pull the ...
That's according to a new "Food Policy Action Plan" backed by farmers, anti-hunger activists and most recently the City Council. ... Following outcry from food activists including members of the nonprofit Bountiful Cities, which plays a central role in the food policy council, city officials said they would enact a ...
You argue that food activists who think they can change the food system in isolation, without addressing the larger system of capitalism will be ineffective. But small-scale efforts are how so many activists conceive of their day-to-day work. Can you give examples of how we might address the larger system ...
(Nosrat was featured in the documentary Cooked, where she taught author/food activist Michael Pollan.) The book, with delightful illustrations by Wendy MacNaughton, includes 100 recipes, though she will tell you that you don't need them, once you understand those basic elements. In what surely is an exception to most ...
Cape Town - A non-profit organisation, Water4CapeTown, has come to the rescue of food activist Xolisa Bangani, 28, who has been running micro-farming gardens in Khayelitsha for the past four years. The organisation donated a 5000-litre water storage tank to the Ikhaya Garden Project and has filled it ...

... participation among low-income students, and thousands of students statewide start their school day too hungry to learn. Only 30% of New York students eligible for a free or reduced-price breakfast receive one on an average day. But it doesn't have to be this way, writes star restaurateur and food activist ...
Food activist Vandana Shiva advocates that "regenerative agriculture provides answers to the soil crisis, the food crisis, the health crisis, the ...
The workshop was well-attended, drawing non-profit staffers, market gardeners and food activists from Apache, Navajo and Coconino counties, ...
... North America are cooking together for the first time in New York to celebrate Indigenous ingredients and launch a new food-activist group, ...
... school-Camp Treetops is one of the six founding members of the Edible Schoolyard Project, a national initiative of chef and food activist Alice ...
To kick it off, we started our chain with food activist Alice Waters, who then, in turn, told us about another woman who inspires her. Over the ...
I recently heard someone say that Thanksgiving is our least commercialized national holiday. That seems true. Thanksgiving isn't about buying ...
"She's a passionate real food activist and ecological pioneer, promoting integrative and holistic health and wellness solutions," the group said ...
The Portland food activist -- a former office manager, chef and caterer -- runs a nonprofit called Waste Not Food Taxi that is transforming the ...
With the holiday season just around the corner, families will inevitably be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. And with that, new recipes will be ...
The St. Vincent De Paul Food Pantry provides only a small percentage of relief for families in Indianapolis compared to SNAP. Congress and ...
Some inmates at Maricopa County jails are going on a three-day hunger strike to protest the quality and frequency of the food they are served, ...
Tiana Suazo - a young Taos Pueblo tribal member, food activist and agriculturalist - at Red Willow farm during a seed conference.
Ranchi: A group activists at the forefront of campaigns for food security has demanded that the Raghubar Das government discontinue the ...
Frustration summed up how Andrew Fischer felt after a decade of being met with resistance from "anti-hunger" groups while working with food ...
Faced with outcry from the Opposition and food activists that the state's poorest were going hungry over Aadhaar linkage snags, Roy said he ...
Opposition leaders and food activists have seen the state's insistence on malaria as a way to shrug off responsibility for Santoshi's death, given ...
Past winners have included chefs, food writers, professors and food activists, but Susan Ungaro, president of the James Beard Foundation, said ...
In Simdega, Santoshi Kumari, the 11-year-old daughter of a grass-cutter, died on September 28 with food activists claiming the family was ...
About half the people in America don't drink soda at all, according to food activist Marion Nestle's book "Soda politics." As the general ...
... linked to Aadhaar, Right to food activists said his statement showed the government was "trying to deny the facts instead of facing them".
Iqbal Kaur, another food activist, said, "The problem is about the shelf life of the food. We are at present approaching caterers to help us in this ...
Lifetime achievement: chef, author, food activist and restaurateur Alice Waters. Photograph: Frank Baron for the Guardian. Food & drink ...
... a problem not often prioritized by food activists focused on health or ... a writer, food activist and research professor at University of Texas, ...
Five questions for Greg Asbed, a co-founder of the Coalition for Immokalee workers, on the new standards changing labor abuses in the supply ...
Sam Kass, former White House chef, food activist, and entrepreneur, introducing his "Last Supper," served at the Forum, featuring foods that ...
Four-and-a-half tons of genetically modified salmon have been released into the Canadian food market, and consumers have no way of ...
Four-and-a-half tons of genetically modified salmon have been released into the Canadian food market, and consumers have no way of ...
Or did Hari, an attractive 36-year-old food activist from Charlotte, N.C., ... disputing the claims made by the Food Babe and other food activists.
Larry James, CEO of CitySquare, challenges participants at the Dallas Hunger Summit to learn from the example of Jesus as presented in the ...
Earlier this fall, Karlos Baca, an Indigenous food activist known for cooking beautiful foraged meals using traditional Native American ...
Some inmates at Maricopa County jails are going on a three-day hunger strike to protest the quality and frequency of the food they are served, ...
Those familiar with Stamps' fare (she's been a longtime chef, caterer and food activist in Nashville) will be pleased to find some of her ...



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