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"[Elephants] have a sense of self, remember the past and plan for the future, engage in complex communication, show empathy, and mourn their dead," the activist suit said. Bentigna dismissed the case as "wholly frivolous on its face in legal terms." Zoo co-owner Darlene Commerford was happy with the ...
The property's owner -- the Shire Free Church: Monadnock -- is a self-described interfaith organization whose ministers are local libertarian activists. (The Keene ... Coley, 36, converted to Islam in his 20s and co-founded the religion-inspired Libertarian advocacy organization Muslims4Liberty. He said he ...

young people like me have to be serious self-starters when it comes to activism. During the Hurricane Harvey disaster, my local Libertarian Youth Caucus was able to get active in relief, but most of the help came from the LYC higher-ups, and not the party itself. Libertarians across the board were mobilized ...
... this year when members of the conservative student organization, TurningPoint USA, posted video of her peacefully protesting one of their recruiting events. Now, Lawton claims that she has been fired by the university, and with the help of prominent Libertarian free speech activists, she's fighting back.
If you can't move, please fund the New Hampshire-based Libertarian activism you like with your crypto. You may not be able to move because of family or career or whatever, but if New Hampshire succeeds (and we've already begun) at achieving liberty, it will be a beacon to the world that freedom works.
The film forces us to recognize that rights haven't always been upheld by the state and must be defended. In this regard, Marshall has a lot to offer Libertarian audiences. * Justin Tucker is a writer and Libertarian activist living in Chicago, Illinois. He is a Staff Writer for and is the Chair of the ...

... the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus (LPMC) has grown into one of the largest and strongest footholds for principled Libertarian thought and activism. ... While certain individuals can develop little cults around them, I think what makes Libertarianism unique is the willingness to criticize, without delay, ...
Ebke switched her party allegiance from GOP to L.P. in 2016, and she's up for reelection as a Libertarian in 2018. The Republicans are running Al Riskowski, a man who formerly ran the Nebraska Family Alliance. That's a conservative activist group obsessed with the legalities of gambling, gender identity, ...
They support judicial activism when it suits their agendas and oppose it when it does not. And, as Ilya Somin notes, each side tries to keep the other side's supporters from expressing themselves democratically, for example, through gerrymandering. But neither has been influenced by the Libertarian critique ...
Young Americans for Liberty, however, is a much broader organization dedicated to engaging students in grassroots activism in support of pro-liberty ... and analyzing the philosophy of libertarianism," whereas YAL's states they seek to "identify, educate, train, and mobilize youth activists" with a goal "to cast ...
... to colleagues and parliamentary staff, the Libertarian politician said the ... has made about Muslims, Black Lives Matter activists and feminists.
Nearly half of the 2017 Rhodes scholars are social justice activists ... and climate change and done activism on issues ranging from the Ferguson protests to ... "Her interest as a social activist is to change destructive societal narratives and ... showing little to no signs of conservative or Libertarian worldviews.
Austin Petersen, the Libertarian activist running for Senate in Missouri as a Republican, once had a profile on a "sugar daddy" website for ...
He's a Muslim Libertarian activist who uses this tagline: America's ... Freeman's another Libertarian activist and a former member of the Free ...
Justin Raimondo, a prominent Libertarian activist of many decades, was recently diagnosed with late-stage adenocaricinoma cancer that he is ...
... earlier comments reflected the pugnacious instincts of the activist he was, ... The most prominent of those activists, Ian Freeman, had a hand in ... He also said he has no interest in joining Freeman's sometimes-controversial activism, ... connections to libertarian activists wouldn't necessarily be a sticking ...
Cara Schulz is a Burnsville City Council member and Libertarian Party activist with growing stature in both arenas. The first-year council ...

Libertarian-minded GOP Senate hopeful, Austin Petersen, started a series .... Bryce Jackson is a writer and Libertarian activist from Woodstock, ...
By the end of this year, the Institute, which was founded in 2008 by Libertarian activist Patri Friedman, is working with French Polynesian officials ...
"We are sorry to the #MAGA activists and the people of Arizona ... by the billionaire Libertarian political activists David and Charles Koch, and ...
bitcoin has a bit of a checkered past, and even something of a checkered present, as a play-space for libertarian activists who didn't like the ...
Here's Why the Libertarian Party Has a Membership Pledge ... In response to a party activist in who inquired to him about it, Nolan wrote:.
Ian Freeman, a well-known Libertarian activist, said local police should "protect and serve" those who live here, not the federal government's ...
Thaler and Sunstein relied on these liberal activists pretending to be Psychologists for much of their "evidence" showing how people are ...
Members of the Libertarian Party in Cherokee County will gather for ... out as its members discuss future activities, activism, and visit with other ...
The May rally drew libertarians, die-hard Trump supporters, alt-right activists and some groups affiliated with the white nationalist movement, ...
At a time when wage activists are calling for "$15 Now!," Chris Holbrook has a different philosophy. You might call it "$15 never!" -- a minimum ...
Disruption games: why are Libertarians lining up with autocrats to ... news, Russian mischief and, marching oddly in step, Libertarian activism.
BENITEZ | Rejecting Libertarian Intuition ... The grand irony is that this Libertarian metanarrative frequently contradicts the biographies of the world's most prominent libertarians. ... It's no secret that activism is becoming trendy.
Gers moved from Florida last year and joined the Libertarian Party of ... Why he is running: "I am running because after years of being a liberty activist, it was ... activists, I have gained a clear concept of what libertarianism is all ...
That rally was attended by Libertarians, die-hard President Donald Trump supporters and activists in the loosely defined movement known as ...
Instead, the majority of speakers are Libertarian political candidates ... Jim Bouchard - along with activists and a medical marijuana advocate. ... Pete "The Carpenter" Harring, a Libertarian activist, also withdrew as a speaker, ...
He said he wanted to help Libertarian Party activists build something for the future. He lied to all of our faces, and then proceeded to harass the ...
Members of the Progressive Conservative Party are working with activists to oppose the provincial government's regulations for recreational ...
The Libertarian Party's status as the third party is up for grabs. ... another bid, but it's possible a better-known progressive activist could jump in.
... was slated to include speakers such white nationalist activist Richard Spencer; Augustus Invictus, a onetime Libertarian Party candidate for ...
... speakers such as white nationalist activist Richard Spencer; Augustus Invictus, a onetime Libertarian Party candidate for Senate from Florida; ...
Austin Petersen, a 36-year-old Libertarian from Missouri, can do just that. ... He is a passionate, articulate activist with a large youth following.
But for Petersen, a former Libertarian presidential candidate who's ... a musical theater major turned activist and media producer at Fox News.
At a time when wage activists are calling for "$15 Now!," Chris Holbrook has a different philosophy. You might call it "$15 never!" -- a minimum ...
It is crucial to remember that digital libertarians do not propose a ... It was a form of activism involving a political "prefiguration" that sustained the community. ... Aware that this is the case, radical activists often must discover ...
The Libertarian Party (L.P.) had many successes during and after Gary ... Activist money "should be spent locally," Rutherford says. ... Libertarian National Committee representative, is one of the activists making those calls.
The Moses Memorial Lecture is named for the late Tom E. Moses, a longtime civil Libertarian, activist, and founder of the Eastern Panhandle ...
John Ryan Morris is a former army Officer, and a Libertarian activist. He has a Master's Degree in International Relations from the University of ...
Here is the Libertarian conservative case for voting Yes to same-sex marriage. Voting No because same-sex marriage activists in politics, the ...
It was in character with our reputation as a Libertarian leaning state. ... the can… which is why so many liberty activists push so hard on issues.
Alt-Right Activist Behind Cancelled Berkeley Rally Gives Insane Press ... activists and a small number of right-wing and/or libertarian activists ...
An anti-bull fighting activist was gored by a bull after jumping into a bull fighting ring in southern France Sunday, according to local police.
If you speak to any political activist operating outside of the ... for the Libertarian Party, but many Paul-aligned activists remain within the ...
It's a project of William Coley, a Muslim activist and former Libertarian vice-presidential candidate. He's currently based in Tennessee, but plans ...



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