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They are running under the Democratic and Libertarian tickets, respectively. Community Impact Newspaper asked ... Perkins: As a 30-year volunteer activist in District 49, I decided it was time to get more involved. I'm a 22-plus-gallon blood donor with ...

The Littleton activist isn't even voting for himself. "I will most likely be voting for Gary Johnson," the 67-year-old retired Department of the navy employee said.
A UKIP parliamentary candidate who claimed in December 2014 that a "homosexual donkey" had raped his horse, is now standing to become leader of the party.
Third-party candidates Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party), Jill Stein (Green Party) and Evan McMullin (Independent) were also invited to participate, said the group.
PARTY: Libertarian. education: Bachelor's degree in psychology and English, Western Michigan University. POLITICAL CAREER: None.

As Billboard points out (via Stereogum), Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic is a staunch supporter of Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, going so far as to donate the maximum amount to his campaign and stump for him in interviews with news outlets ...
Johnson told Brian Doherty last week that party activists "would be crazy not to" accept any available federal monies triggered by a 5 percent finish.
Also vying for the position are James Babb, a Libertarian, activist and small-business owner from Montgomery County, and Kristin Combs, a Philadelphia schoolteacher and member of the Green Party.
One person who liked this documentary, incidentally, was the Libertarian activist Karl Hess, who urged Liberty magazine to review it around the time I worked there in the '90s.
... Sioux activist and actor Russell Means, who appeared in numerous films, including "The Last of the Mohicans" and "Natural Born killers," dies of esophageal cancer at age 72 in Porcupine, South Dakota.
Keith OttersbergOne of the quadrennial complaints about the Libertarian Party is that all this focus on the (eventually futile) bid for the White House distracts from what should be gains on the state and local level.
Dege Coutee, a marijuana activist, thinks Johnson doesn't understand the implications of California's Proposition 64 on marijuana legalization and wishes he'd say out loud that it is not the right approach to legalization.
Libertarian_party_of_Louisiana_logo More than 1,000 voters in Louisiana registered their disgust with two historically unpopular candidates for President over the last month by registering for the Libertarian Party, at a time when New Orleans activists ...
An activist who bragged about disrupting multiple Donald Trump campaign events in a recent Project Veritas video was on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign payroll, a search of Federal Election Commission (FEC) records reveals.
Kanda Calef, a 41-year-old GOP activist and precinct leader in Colorado Springs who sits on the El Paso County Republican party's executive committee, decided to publicly endorse Lily Tang Williams, the Libertarian running for U.S. Senate. Now the ...
Laura Ebke of Crete left the Republicans for the Libertarians recently and is using her experience as a former GOP political activist to teach Libertarian candidates how to campaign. Ebke says party leaders hope to pitch the party's civil liberties ...

libertarian activists have set up phone banks and are building a volunteer network to knock on doors. The party recently purchased campaign software to track and communicate with registered voters.
But it's also true that Libertarian Party activists knew that he was an occasionally tongue-tied, pragmatic, Libertarian squish going in to this year, and made the rational Calculus that maybe having a practical minded governor would be an interesting ...
If you're spending any time in Libertarian circles, you've heard the term in-fighting. If you follow many prominent activists, you've seen it for yourself. You know what I mean, criticism of Ron Paul by Austin Petersen, criticism of Tom Woods by some ...
As they take center stage at debates, two other candidates are stumping for votes and maintaining their presence in the polls: activist and physician Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party, and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party.
DENVER - Flanked by a throng of city cops, more than a dozen Green Party activists loudly disrupted the only live televised U.S.
"Radical activists like Tom Steyer have promised to spend more than $70 million this election to get Clinton and Democrats like her elected," Trump said in what is thought to be his first swipe at the former hedge-fund manager from San Francisco.
"I don't want everybody to vote," conservative activist Paul Weyrich proclaimed as early as 1980. "Our leverage in the elections quite candidly ... In so doing, they gave a green light to right-wing activists intent on shrinking the electorate even ...
Do you want to be in the studio audience for Business Matters? For tickets email us. Send us an email with all your information and maybe you will be chatting with Tony and our guests at the next edition of Business Matters.
Paul tweeted. His decision not to climb aboard the "never Trump" train will help Paul with Republican voters, now and in the future, said Bill Stone, president of the Louisville Plate Glass Co.
Weaver and the campaign, which also includes Libertarian activist Lawrence Samuels and former Seaside mayor and current mayoral candidate Felix Bachofner, also questioned TAMC's administration of the tax revenue, noting that it will be allowed bonding ...
... || By FAITH FALISE || feminists are an angry lot. Hell bent on being strong and domineering they want emasculated kitchen bitches - men who are extensions of their vaginas.
Asked on a TV show to name a foreign leader he admires, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson choked. ... We libertarians admire free individuals, entrepreneurs and sometimes activists who resist government. We don't idolize ...
Sommers also denounced safe spaces and trigger warnings, as well as the tendency of campus activists to divide into identity-based groups.
The Prime Minister used her keynote speech to attack the 'ideological templates of the socialist left and the Libertarian right' as enemies of a government which would 'act on behalf of the people'. Mrs May seemed to be .... gay marriage and gender ...
Instead, starting in Chicago, Johnson is refocusing on the Libertarian message that he and the party's activists believe can win over voters disgusted by the Clinton-Trump race. Johnson promised to "honor the war Powers Act, without hiding behind ...
At the first Awakening Our democracy event of the year on Wednesday, three panelists from the fields of journalism, activism, and academia discussed hot button political issues including ideological polarization, the two-party system, and campaign ...
Three Libertarian Party candidates will hold a campaign rally at a West Asheville brewery Saturday. Sean Haugh, Lon Cecil and William Meredith, the party's candidates for U.S.
See, Weld has has some serious contentions from within his own party, such as his floundering support of Libertarian activism in his past, an apparent mission to run only to stop Republican Donald Trump from winning, his lack of support from Ron Paul ...
The new National Museum of African American History and culture recently opened, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is barely present.
Weld, a former Republican governor of Massachusetts, isn't abandoning the Libertarian ticket or his running mate, Gary Johnson.
The single most influential Yoga teacher in India, if not the world, is a right-wing activist who campaigns against homosexuality, promotes Islamophobia, and advocates for religious nationalism.
Sean Haugh, Lon Cecil, and William Meredith, the Libertarian Party candidates for US Senate, North Carolina governor, and North Carolina Senate 49, are holding a campaign rally at Upcountry Brewing at 5pm on Saturday October 8th.
As Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence prepare to square off in the only vice-presidential debate on Tuesday night at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia, there might be some curiosity about Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson's running ...
Marx said that Harmon, a liberal politician and community organizer who supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, accepted $300 from Libertarian-leaning independent political activist Kevin P. Rice, under his organization Integrity San Luis ...
In this issue, you'll read what Libertarian Party nominees Gary Johnson and Bill Weld would do in the (very unlikely) event that they won the presidency and vice presidency (page 30).
She adores Tory activists and they adore her. After the strained ... Hammond's announcement is a greater concession to fiscal activism.The UK has not ... The emergency interventions that followed the 2008 crash ended the taboo over activist government ...
Keene, NH - Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate, Darryl W. Perry, announced today his intention to launch a limited write-in campaign for the 2016 US Presidential Race.
"I'm not promising anybody anything but good, honest, ethical government," said Metcalfe, who is an anticorruption activist. The other main candidates in the race are incumbent Republican Lisa Murkowski and Libertarian Joe Miller. Recently, several ...
Thank you for joining me on the fifteenth episode of The LAVA Spurt, The Libertarian Podcasts I Listen To Edition. What are my favorite podcasts ... If you are liberty minded, and want to grow your business or activism, this is the show for you. There ...
"My ideological and political activism has been focused on opposition to American's wars, first because I have believed our waging them to be unjust, and second, because war, in the penetrating phrase of the Libertarian Randolph Bourne in World War I ...
A police officer never has good justification to kill someone, according to Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson. Mckesson compared an officer killing someone to the idea of a person killing their child at an event co-sponsored by the San Diego ...
He made a similar comment to longtime libertarian activists just after accepting their nomination in Orlando. Aside from being an expression of his endearing-for-a-politician humility, the pre-apologies pointed to a central paradox of the Johnson ...



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