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updated Wed. May 24, 2017

His jokey conference speeches and matey persona had made him a favourite among grassroots party activists, who saw him as one of their own.
Prodded by grassroots activists and what's left of teachers' unions, Democrats went all out to defeat DeVos. George Miller, the former congressman from California, slammed her plan to create a $20 billion "school choice" program that would underwrite ...
Davis said the trespass notice attempts to exclude those who identify with the conservative grassroots activist movement from party affairs.
The new initiative of these Far Left activist organizations is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit political organization, that is not required to disclose its donors.
The activist organization's new initiative -- which, as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit political organization, is not required to disclose its donors -- arrives as part of a broader effort on the left to channel anger at the Trump administration into a lasting ...
These emails reveal Berman introducing her friends from Iron and Earth, a new "grassroots" organization that proposes to retrain unemployed oil workers in the renewable energy sector, and they're looking for government money, your money, to fund their ...
Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. (center) walks with Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J. (rear), and Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M. (right), on Capitol Hill on Thursday.
David France's How to Survive a Plague tells the story of how a grassroots movement of activists, some of whom faced their own struggle with the illness, forced through legal and scientific change that turned HIV from an almost certain death sentence ...
And he said that conversations he's had with grassroots activists in recent months spurred his interest in considering a congressional bid.
Longtime Democratic party leader Eric Bauman narrowly beat back a challenge by progressive activist Kimberly Ellis to claim the role of state party chair this weekend after a raucous convention that belied schisms between the party faithful in ...
An Obama administration appointee with deep ties to labor unions promoted a grassroots campaign to reverse the Trump administration's proposal to eliminate funding for the federal regulatory board he sits on.
A video shows the "activists" applying posters to the front door of Bitmain's office, as well as communal areas such as corridors and a parking lot.
On a cloudless Saturday morning in Downtown El Paso, activists and volunteers gathered to try to educate, mobilize and inspire El Pasoans to become more politically active.
When America's policies change, people from all walks of life - from grassroots human rights activists to ordinary folks to national leaders - take note.
The graduates, who range in age between 17 and 20, have spent eight months, including three residential retreats, working with campaigners, politicians, academics and coaches to help them begin their own grassroots campaigns. The courses, which have ...
Contrasting with President Trump's visit to the region next week and the many failures at the political level, Sumud: Freedom Camp demonstrates the power of grassroots leadership to create nonviolent resistance to discrimination, inequality, and ...
Two years ago, after Texas lawmakers passed House Bill 40 limiting local control over oil and gas activity, activists pledged to form what they called the Texas Grassroots Network to monitor the energy industry and find ways to influence public policy ...
... the dominant industry in the state. Both Republicans and Democrats use this template to varying degrees, and it has stoked the ire of grassroots activists who say that Manchin is part of a corrupt political class that props up coal barons at the ...
Kurt Walters, campaign director for grassroots activist group Demand Progress, said: "After today's vote, the American public will continue to fight back against Ajit Pai's effort to kill net neutrality every step of the way.
California Democrats' Chair Race Pits Grassroots vs. Establishment AARON MATE: It's The Real News. I'm Aaron Mate.
At the event in DC, activists shared stories from grassroots campaigns across the country, from victories against fracking in California and Maryland to pipeline fights in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Two years ago, after Texas lawmakers passed House Bill 40 limiting local control over oil and gas activity, activists pledged to form what they called the Texas Grassroots Network to monitor the energy industry and find ways to influence public policy ...
From Larry Commodore's vantage point near Chilliwack at the top of the Fraser Valley, the Trans Mountain Expansion Project isn't a done deal.
Forty years ago the activists were members of the Clamshell Alliance, many from western Massachusetts, trying to block construction of a nuclear power plant in Seabrook, New Hampshire.
After the shock of losing the White House and failing to take the majority in the House and Senate, Democrats quickly regrouped and developed a new approach.
Alden, a one-time commissioner of the Department of Marine Resources under Gov. Angus King, has been a marine grassroots activist for more than 40 years. For 20 years she was publisher and editor of Commercial fisheries News, a regional fishing trade ...
"The Rent Board is the most effective grassroots-powered rent board in the country," said Poblet. "It's working on behalf of everyday people to keep them in their homes, to regulate rents and also weighing in on larger policy issues, like Costa-Hawkins ...
As transnational activists navigating this intricate landscape we need self-criticism, paying careful attention to systems of exclusion we are not immune to.
The award was established in honor of a longtime Indiana County grassroots activist and League member and is awarded annually.
Montana has demonstrated, on one hand, the free-spending, go-for-broke ethos of the Democratic grassroots - activists eager to charge, uphill, into any battle against the Trump administration. Part of this is blood sport; these Democrats want to ...
One thing that has always been a plus for Northwest Florida is the high quality of its volunteer community activists. There are committed people giving up their money, and more importantly, their time and effort, to improve our community in countless ways.
How Jeremy Corbyn supporters are fighting accusations that they are "armchair activists".
A number of prominent Indigenous leaders and grassroots activists are demanding a fundamental rethink of the entire inquiry into missing and murdered ...
ESSEX COUNTY, NJ - A New Jersey bank executive resigned from her job after U.S. Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen wrote a campaign letter to a board member of her bank that identified her as a "ringleader" of a grassroots activist group that's become one of ...
activists with Indivisible, an organization started by Congressional staffers and usually identified with Democratic loyalists, as well as other grass-roots organizations are coordinating with each other to hunt down lawmakers at fundraisers and other ...
This week, grassroots organizers, researchers, and political leaders from around the region convened at the University of Illinois at Chicago to discuss the pressing issues facing communities who rely on water from The Great Lakes.
Gramercy-Murray Hill, NY - The Riders Alliance has organized a rally outside Andrew Cuomo's office in New York City.
Grace Meng (D-Flushing) hosted an activism fair at the Forest Hills Jewish Center on Sunday, with nearly 30 grassroots groups assembling to recruit members and combat President Donald Trump and his party.
ELLEN F. O'CONNELL / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Dwayne J. Heisler, left, of the PA Democratic State Committee, and Dennis and Linda Artley, all of Columbia County, hold signs and noisemakers as activists and grassroots Democrats rally in front of U.S. ...
said Reverend Earle Fisher of the Memphis Grassroots Coalition after FOX13 showed him the email from Memphis police. The MPD wrote it does not keep records of how many runaways reach the level of concern that the case warrants an City Wide alert.
And through it all, it has given birth to a host of dynamic new organizations determined to mobilize grassroots activists, fashion a more progressive and effective agenda, and rebuild a liberal majority at the state and local level, precinct by ...
Giblin agreed with residents that Clifton has been shortchanged for nearly a decade and applauded the grass-roots lobbying effort city activists enacted to "prod the legislative branch to get the funding [Clifton] deserves." "You can be assured of our ...
"It's a community right-to-know issue," said local activist Marilyn Bardet. "All you have is your nose. We have a right to know what is in our air.
Luckily, the grassroots activist organization, NOlympics LA, which was formed by members of the Los Angeles branch of the Democratic socialists of America, has begun mobilizing just as the LA2024 effort kicks into high gear.
As the director of Organizing technology for the Sanders campaign, Chakrabarti worked alongside Justice Democrats co-founder Zach Exley and communications director Corbin Trent to create software to organize grassroots support. Among the platforms ...
On Sunday, May 7, the local group, Irvington activists, is sponsoring its second annual fundraising event to raise money for the grassroots organization, Community Voices Heard Power (CVHPower). The fun and festive event, Cake For Change, will be held ...
Sean Hansan said he is a cancer survivor and organizer of Indivisible Ohio 8, an 8th Congressional district branch of the national liberal grassroots activist group. He is demanding Rep. Davidson hold a town hall and explain his support of the ...
"I'm now back to being an activist citizen and part of the resistance," Clinton said Tuesday. The former Democratic presidential candidate is reportedly starting a new political group that will help fund organizations, grassroots activists and ...
Hillary Clinton is returning to politics with a new focus on the grassroots. She has found her next role in politics: powering the "resistance.






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