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updated Wed. May 24, 2017

Chris Keates, NASUWT general secretary, said: "The Supreme Court ruling is a landmark victory for teachers' rights across the UK.
After more than 30 years, Kim Myers decided to give her old high school math teacher a call. She wasn't sure if John Pittelli would remember teaching her in the 1970s.
The ruling brings sixth form teachers' rights up to date with staff in primary and secondary education, and means any college staff taking part in future industrial action must be paid accordingly.
Multiple Supreme Court cases have interpreted the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to apply to public school teachers. .... One reason our political rhetoric is so divisive right now is that people struggle with how to address disagreements ...
A statement issued by Davis after Brackley's grievance was filed cited multiple incidents with two different students in which Brackley is alleged to have violated the children's client rights, all of which were caught on security footage. These rights ...
Obas clarified that the tests would not violate the teachers' rights. "I saw the wisdom. Teachers are supposed to be models of our youth.
"We're talking about this will happen again, probably. What are our rights when it does?" said Marquardt. The association proposed including a 6-step process in teacher contracts, detailing how to report incidents and ensuring protections for those ...
Esmail Abdi, the imprisoned former leader of Iran's largest teachers' union, is suffering from a severe drop in blood pressure and vertigo after nearly two weeks on hunger strike in Evin Prison.
Last November's Supreme Court of Canada decision regarding teachers' rights and the discussion around class size has led to higher government spending.
The school won't discipline special education teacher Michael Stack, saying teachers as well as students "do not shed their First Amendment rights" at school. "A bedrock principle underlying the First Amendment is that the government may not prohibit ...
"As a student, my grades are important to me, but teachers' rights are as equally vital as my education. That said, this strike didn't undermine any of my grades.
"As a student, my grades are important to me, but teachers' rights are as equally vital as my education. That said, this strike didn't undermine any of my grades.
A different point of view - the headlines are all engorged with activity in the Legislature last week about the governor's proposal to save $26 million and some ill-conceived notion of a "split" in the House Democratic caucus.
In the spirit of addressing some of the most common misconceptions regarding testing, and parents' rights to opt their children out of these tests, I offer the following primer on the myths surrounding standardized tests and opting out.
education Minister Anthony Garcia yesterday announced that a general consensus among stakeholders, who convened at the Ministry of Education Towers in Port of Spain, was that they cannot, at this stage, go along with a proposal to cut the lunch break ...
"That's the part of the history and heritage that needs to be preserved is how violent these wars were and what led to these wars, fighting over slavery, and as they say, states' rights to do what you want with your property, which at that time, slaves ...
For instance, the NDP would repeal Bill 75, the legislation that took away teachers' rights to free and fair collective bargaining and imposed a contract on the province's 9,300 teachers.
Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to request additional information from entrants, reject, disqualify, modify, edit, and revise any entries, photos/videos/essays or related materials that are nude, obscene, defamatory, profane ...
While union members traditionally march on May 1 for workers' rights in countries around the world, the day has become a rallying point for immigrants in the U.S.
Thousands of people marched through Chicago Wednesday in support of labor, immigrant and teachers' rights. (WLS). WLS. By Diane Pathieu, Michelle Gallardo and Leah Hope.
NDP Leader Gary Burrill, front, visited Kentville to make a long-term care announcement April 11. He was joined by Kings West NDP candidate Cheryl Burbidge, Kings South NDP candidate Stephen Schneider and Ted Champion, who was slated to be ...
The broad left-wing coalition calling itself "the Resistance" touts workers' rights, women's rights, immigrant rights, Muslim rights, homosexual rights, bisexual rights, transgender rights, lesbian rights, gay rights, "queer" rights, teachers' rights ...
In a letter to the district from Paul Boylan, Robertson's attorney, Boylan wrote, "Mr. Robertson is attempting to champion not only his personal parental rights but also the rights of all parents who wish to participate fully in their children's ...
It ruled that Greek austerity legislation isn't directly applicable on German territory and that Greece doesn't have legal immunity over the labor contract.
"The fight is against the basic administrative crisis," said a teacher of the mass communication department, Dr Erfan Aziz, who is also on the committee formed to protest for the teachers' rights - the 'Urdu University Bachao Committee'. The committee ...
Rob Schneiderman, president of the union that represents faculty at OCC, said of the bill: "This is part of a larger movement by the right-wing extremists to intimidate college and university faculty." But Moorlach's bill, Schneiderman said, would ...
His students at McAlpine Elementary made a rap video about the Bill of rights, with Ashley dressed as James Madison, and it racked up tens of thousands of YouTube views.
... granting the Port Arthur school District's plea to the jurisdiction in a suit brought by the former principal of Booker T. Washington, who sued the district and Superintendent Johnny Brown alleging she was demoted after exercising her right to free ...
THE Trinidad and Tobago Unified teachers Association (TTUTA) is opposed to the National Primary schools Principals Association's (NPSPA) proposal to reduce the one-hour lunch break in primary schools by 30 minutes, saying it infringes teachers' rights.
CTA is planning its own May 1 activities focusing on immigrant rights but will add to the mix "billions of public dollars to private vouchers and corporate charter schools.
All students are cherished sons and daughters and no teacher has the right to hit any one of them for any reason. If they have to resort to physical violence, then there is something seriously wrong with their teaching and disciplinary methods.
Friedrichs' argued that the state's security clause violated the teachers' rights because it forced them to subsidize the union's political activities even when they disagree with the labor group's agenda.
We read your column every day, so we decided to ask you what's the right way to handle this common social dilemma. - TO PIE OR NOT TO PIE.
Prime Minister Pavel Filip said earlier that he respects the teachers' rights to demand a salary increase, specifying that the government has been open and willing to identify solutions to meet the Union claims.
police say the shooter, Cedric Anderson, had been estranged from Smith and had a history of weapons, domestic violence and possible drug charges.
There is also the ongoing noise and scapegoating of teachers by an elected official who, not too long ago, himself was forcibly defending teachers' rights. Added to these prevarications, the business community has had a sequel of turbulence in which ...
Shimrock portrayed the Denver union's current leadership as complicit in an era that has seen erosion of teachers' rights and rapid growth of charter schools and innovation schools. Innovation schools are managed by the district but don't need to ...
The Student Bill of rights, "aims to secure for students a safe, healthy, and engaging school environment," according to the website.
The dispute between the vice-principal of Napier Academy and the teachers' union president took a bizarre turn when it spilled into the hallway.
The U.S. Supreme Court expanded this right to protect prayer at school or on school grounds in 2000 (Sante Fe Independent School District v. Doe).
Drum Major Andre Young kneels in prayer in the doorway prior to performing with Miami Central high school band in May 2009. Lawmakers in Tallahassee want to fortify students' and teachers' rights to express their religious beliefs in Florida public ...
TALLAHASSEE - Lawmakers on either side of the Florida Capitol have different ideas as to what extent they should secure students' and teachers' rights to express religious beliefs in public schools - forcing the need for compromise before the ...
It's not a political book, it's a human rights book," she said. She also writes from experience when she brings the riot grrrl movement back to life in the novel.
The latest legislative attack on teachers is Senate Bill 13, which removes teachers' rights to have voluntary association dues automatically deducted from their paycheck.
MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Tennessee State Representative from Memphis made some strong comments about students in schools. "When we take that teacher and put 25 to 30 un-raised, untaught, immoral, you can`t teach don`t give a flip!
DeBerry advocated for House Bill 0174, better known as the teachers Bill of rights. It would give teachers, principals and school personnel the ability to protect themselves against students.
Both bills make clear students' and teachers' rights to express their religious beliefs "in written and oral assignments," to wear jewelry that has a religious message, and to participate in student-sponsored religious groups before, during and after ...
Mr. Gorsuch's legal philosophy with regard to students' and organized teachers' rights is grounds for concern, and both our elected representatives and the education community have a responsibility to ask questions that will challenge him to give clear ...
Shimrock portrayed the Denver union's current leadership as complicit in an era that has seen erosion of teachers' rights and rapid growth of charter schools and innovation schools. Innovation schools are managed by the district but don't need to ...
She claimed the article distorted what occurred, and the defendants breached her rights, including to privacy, fair procedures and to be employed freely within the State.





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