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Betty Friedan
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updated Sat. November 25, 2017

You don't have to wear a hi-tech bodysuit to be a post-cyber Feminist, ... The ICA's recent Post-Cyber Feminist International conference drew an ...
Lingering and very potent social pressures also counter any feminist perspective I attempt to ingrain in my son. Both of us learned that pink is 'a ...

Her five-song EP, "Voices," which explores Feminist values through spoken word, rap and electronica, was released last year. Big Break: Ms.
I regret to inform you that Little Miss Inventor is a milkshake duck. She looks like progress but she's actually regressive. She seems Feminist but ...
The women's Equality Party (WEP) has placed one of its senior members under investigation for acknowledging the harms caused by the ...
But in Bollywood, the latest production to carry forward a feminist message isn't a story about a woman: It's Padman, a movie inspired by the ...

See: Faith Wilding's feminist Mutants Take on Monsanto ... exploration and development of a feminist vernacular with the political concerns that ...
Aldermen Scott Ogilvie (right) speaks to encourage a fellow alderman to attach an amendment to the stadium financing bill during a meeting of ...
Godless, Netflix's new Steven Soderbergh-produced six-part series set in a New Mexico mining town governed mainly by women, has been ...
Last year Erin Bligh, the proprietor of Dancing Goats Dairy in Newbury, Mass., planned to introduce a new cheese -- hard, with spicy peppers ...
I'm thankful for Feminist theologian Mary Hunt. Mary's vast and sophisticated store of knowledge is eclipsed only by her warmth and generosity.
After taking the post in 2014, she introduced what she called a "feminist foreign policy," placing gender equality at the core of Sweden's ...
But measured against today's hospital practices, is the natural-birth movement more Feminist? That depends, of course, on your definition of ...
Of "She's Gotta Have It," the Feminist writer Bell Hooks wrote an even more trenchant criticism. "Men do not have to objectify Nola's sexuality ...
"We think of Broads as both a store and feminist brand collective," said Ali Kriegsman, 26, one of its founders. "It's where like-minded women ...
Feminist reading really can help beat anorexia. It worked for ... According to a new study, Feminist theory can help treat anorexia. That comes as ...
Wade Davis used to be a "Not All Men" guy. Today he's a leading feminist advocate. (AP Photo/Scott Eisen) ...

Few things are as useful as the paper bag. In the United States, people use (and reuse) 10 billion of them every year. Who among us has ...
Alas, she likely is a Feminist of sorts, she just may not espouse their version of man-bashing girl power. Watching feminists rage over this is as ...
One Slate article even labelled it "Feminist comedy". ... some chat about sex and power can be enough to see a man appointed Top Feminist.
I've always shied away from the word "feminist." The implications of using this word to identify myself sounded much too radical, overtly ...
One reason why might be the very nature of feminist optics on the Internet in 2017: You don't even have to write an op-ed anymore; a manifesto ...
Terre Thaemlitz, also known as DJ Sprinkles, is a legend of house music who came up in the disenfranchised queer scenes of '80s and '90s ...
I stumbled to explain that one did not need to be a Feminist to make such an argument, but it soon became clear that our conversation was over.
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Meryl Streep will forever embody one of our favorite fictional female bosses thanks to Devil Wears Prada--emotions that came washing over us ...
feminist anthems call in all shapes and sizes, from the riot grrrl hard-hitters to pop radio chart-toppers. The lyrics don't have to read like Judith ...
A feminist bookstore that opened shortly after Labor Day in New York's Finger Lakes region is fast becoming a favorite hangout among the ...
Donald Trump is expected to nominate an aggressively Anti-Feminist candidate to be his new global ambassador-at-large for women's issues ...
"I am definitely here to push my Feminist agenda," Canadian Minister for International Development Marie-Claude Bibeau declared to a ...
Some conservative women may not consider themselves feminists because they are under the false impression that to be a Feminist means you ...
It's not enough, apparently, to condemn Harvey Weinstein as a priapic creep. You have to condemn him in the approved Feminist way.
Don't get me wrong: Blade Runner 2049 is far from a bastion of feminist cinema. Many have lobbed valid critiques against 2049 and its ...
Men should not presume to call themselves feminists, Jacob Rees-Mogg has suggested, as he says giving himself the label would be ...
At 83, Gloria Steinem has been an unfading Feminist symbol for half a century, from the moment she gained renown for going undercover as a ...
I am honored to depict a feminist who speaks her mind, who loves science and her friends and who sometimes wishes she were the hot girl.
Today, The Second Sex is still hailed as the mothership of Feminist philosophy. "One is not born, but rather becomes (a) woman," muses De ...
Boys need to be raised to be feminists as much as girls because "our sons have the power and the responsibility to change our culture of ...
The new version of Dynasty has also upped its feminism from the 1981 original, and while the one percent of the one percent on the show ...
Hugh Hefner was the ultimate advocate for the objectification of women, and with his death ends an era. But is the end of this era, one that ...
"Absolutely I think it's feminist," Ochoa tells Bustle on location at a small airport base in Atlanta, raising her voice to be heard above the loud ...
Louise Fishman is one of those painters who defies categorization. She's often described as a (small-caps) abstract expressionist due to her ...
I was five years old when I first learned the definition of feminism: equal rights for men and women. But even in 2017, people still seem to be under the ...
When a pink flyer promoting a feminism conference at Mexico's biggest university was posted on social media this week, it did not take long ...
The women's Resource Center, notably, hosts a regular program called "The Feminism: Food for Thought," which invites student organizations ...
feminists succeeded in convincing America, for the most part, that women should be allowed to do what men do and even have masculine ...
It is in this way that no matter the outrageous (some say misogynistic) violence her body endures, a feminist seam unravels. Whether it's the ...
Hailed as a groundbreaking Pakistani Feminist western, My Pure Land tells the tale of Nazo Dhajero, the most powerful force of a female trio ...
Moreover, Ms. Cole called out his "hypocrisy" for "preaching Feminist ideals" while using their marriage as a "shield" to commit adultery.
... highlighted the actual feminist strength of Linda Hamilton's Terminator character Sarah Connor (who happens to be from a movie he made).





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