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He was a rabid Anti-Communist: his hatred of socialism is a constant theme, although when he becomes Holyoake's finance minister these attacks on the delusional madness of the socialist system are often interrupted by detailed explanations of policy ...
It also meant that the council now had as their minister one of the most controversial and unpredictable politicians then in parliament.
When the Korean war broke out, Kim said he felt compelled to leave school and enlist because he was a leader of Anti-Communist university students. He was assigned to serve in the South Korean army M.A.S.H. (Mobile Army Surgical hospital) unit near the ...
Warsaw -South African writer and anti-apartheid activist Breyten Breytenbach received the 2017 Zbigniew Herbert International Literary Award, named after the Anti-Communist Polish poet and philosopher, at a ceremony in Warsaw, Poland on Thursday.
The Manchurian Candidate brought together conspiracy themes as it reframed 1950s-style Anti-Communist fears into a complicated package.
A standard "Cold War liberal," he endorsed the basic tenets of the New Deal at home and projected a stern, Anti-Communist foreign policy. In fact, from an ideological standpoint, he differed little from countless other elected officials in the moderate ...
When he initially began his political career as a young, liberal Anti-Communist in the late 1980s, however, he befriended Jewish Hungarian intellectuals and dissidents.
The former Soviet leader greeted Brzezinski, the lifelong Anti-Communist, with shouts of "Zbeeeg! Zbeeeg!" They hugged.
Historians are in a race against time to record the recollections of those who took part in resistance to the Communist regime in the early 1950s.
The removal of plaster from the walls revealed bullet holes, which suggest it was an execution site at the Warsaw facility, where more than 300 Anti-Communist partisans were killed in the 1940s and 1950s. The site is now home to a museum. Polish ...
And after the film was completed, it could get only a very limited release in smaller theaters because the co-chairman of the American Federation of Labor Film Council, Roy Brewer, a virulent Anti-Communist, had asked the government to investigate the ...
Kerry described today's political environment as not that different from the divided country during the Anti-Communist witch hunts of McCarthyism and Watergate.
While he wanted the federal government to take on aid to education and Medicare, he also pushed tax cuts to stimulate the economy, framed a tough "pay any price, bear any burden" Anti-Communist foreign policy and brought the nation to the edge of ...
Anti-Communist language remains on the books in several states, and in California, at least, it's not going anywhere. After facing backlash from Republicans, veterans and the Vietnamese American community, the bill's sponsor, the Democratic assemblyman ...
Anything that sounds too left can also be dismissed if it sounds too much like "communism." By creating an extremely Anti-Communist state, the elite will never have to worry about losing control over society because their wealth and power remains safe ...
We learn about the Anti-Communist's visit to China and about his domestic achievements, which include creating the Environmental Protection Agency, signing the Clean Air Act and Title IX into law, ending the draft and lowering the voting age to 18.
Ironically, US/NATO (an Anti-Communist alliance) accorded the breakup of the USSR in line with the previous communist regime's objectives and its imposed internal borders.
Pro-Taiwan organizations like the Committee to Defend America by Aiding Anti-Communist China and the Committee on National Affairs included among their officers or directors notable front-men for CIA propaganda operations, such as William Donovan, ...
But in substantial policy areas of free trade and currency, the South China Sea, climate change and clean energy, and the long-standing US foreign policy of Anti-Communist containment, it would be impossible for the Chinese to find a better man in the ...
"He was always very, very Anti-Communist. This was definitely about his moral principles," his daughter told the Post-Gazette.
Cohn then attacked the library staff for not carrying distinguished Anti-Communist publications like the American Legion magazine.
... midlevel National Security Council staffer in the Reagan White House, had facilitated arms sales to the Iranians as part of an effort to release American hostages and then used funds from the sale to finance the Anti-Communist guerrillas fighting ...
In the late 1940s and early '50s, GM chief Alfred P. Sloan funded a series of Anti-Communist cartoons. (The story behind the films is convoluted, but the compressed version is that Sloan's foundation gave grants to Harding College, an Arkansas-based ...
But the country's habitual reluctance to admit desperate people bothers Dean Falvy, a Seattle lawyer whose university-professor father bolted Hungary after urging his students to take part in an unsuccessful Anti-Communist revolution. Falvy, 49 ...
President Nixon was also a vehement Anti-Communist, who spoke out against the Soviet Union. Unlike previous administrations, the Trump Administration has been surprisingly warm to Russia and many in his cabinet have fostered some form of relationship ...
In fact, in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore, Anti-Communist leaders were warning that South Vietnam's fall would cause all the Southeast Asian dominoes to fall, and were offering to commit ...
A group of Romanian scientists and Historians on Wednesday exhumed the body of an Anti-Communist dissident who died of leukemia in 1985 to find out the real cause of his mystery death.
I want to start with fragments from these early writers, then survey contributions from better known figures from the early Communist movement, and then survey perspectives of mostly non-Marxist and in some cases Anti-Communist scholars, journalists ...
Under pressure from California's large Vietnamese community, Assemblyman Rob Bonta has pulled a bill to repeal a Red Scare-era law allowing California governments to fire public employees for being communists.
The ISO, true to its Anti-Communist "state capitalist" foundations, has lined up firmly in the camp of the most hardline anti-Russian militarists in the US ruling class.
J. Edgar Hoover, who led the Bureau for nearly half-a-century, was a rabid Anti-Communist who saw subversives everywhere. One need look no further than four African-American giants - Dr.
This was after Truman fired Wallace for giving an address in Madison Square garden attacking the Truman administration for excessive Anti-Communist zeal." It's fair to conclude that Wallace was either a fool or communist knave. Grandson Wallace says ...
As for funding of groups outside the state, the company foundation certainly funded right-wing organizations. The Bradley brothers were Anti-Communist and anti-union. But their company paid generous wages and was famous for the benefits workers ...
Joseph McCarthy during his Anti-Communist witch hunts, to Ronald Reagan. (Like so many notables in our legal profession, Cohn used to say, "Don't tell me the law.
The SCAUP supported the faculty members and student writers who were progressive liberals in opposition to the state Anti-Communist line and the religio-sectarianism of the UPSCA (UP Student Catholic Action) and the Catholic hierarchy. It had an ...
The exercise was part of the Reagan administration's new policy of turning up the heat on the Soviet Union with an aggressive Anti-Communist agenda. This policy, combined with Reagan's open disdain for the Soviets and a big boost to the Pentagon's ...
Cohn then attacked the library staff for not carrying distinguished Anti-Communist publications like the American Legion magazine.
"The Chinese government wanted to put a chill on freedom of the expression in Hong Kong, sort of giving a warning that don't publish books that are Anti-Communist Party, that are anti-China and that show a bad light on the Chinese government," Lam said.
North Korea recently tested a ballistic missile that landed in the sea between North Korea and Japan. North Korean leaders claim to hold nuclear weapons capabilities that could reach the U.S.
The original Invasion Of The Body Snatchers worked because it was vague. It could've been about anything, and it read equally as Anti-Communist or anti-Madison Avenue. It was the perfect cover for a paranoid 1950s that saw spies and informants under ...
According to a piece in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Lyndon Johnson, then a U.S. senator, feared Anti-Communist zealot Sen. Joe McCarthy would target him in an upcoming election and that the attack in Johnson's home State of Texas would come from ...
Back home, the survivors were hounded by Anti-Communist lawmakers. When the Subversive Activities Control Board called up Lincolns in the 1950s, its members heard brutal testimony, including from a black volunteer who told them: "Being a negro, and all ...
Last year he also became the head of the Bulgarian chapter of the World League for Freedom and democracy (WLFD), an organisation previously known as the World Anti-Communist League. It has often been accused of having Nazi and neo-Nazi ...
And while he says he has sympathy for veterans of the Korean war and other Anti-Communist conflicts, those who have painted him as a Red sympathizer are wildly out of line.
A soldier lays flowers at the monument to World War II hero Capt. Witold Pilecki, who volunteered to go to Auschwitz and report on the atrocities there, and was later killed by Poland's communist regime, during ceremonies of the monument's unveiling in ...
It seems silly to ask, considering that the 1972 burglary -- an effort to plant listening devices in the Democratic National Committee headquarters to glean damaging information the Nixon campaign could use was an amateur job committed by anti ...
... countries supporting the French vote in international institutions and political concerns which entail deterring the communist expansion in Africa by backing Anti-Communist regimes as well as increasing the presence of French military bases on the ...
Poland, now a democracy, is making efforts to fill in such blank pages from the nation's past with ceremonies honoring wartime and Anti-Communist heroes. At first, Polish resistance fighters were held and executed at Auschwitz. In 1942, the Birkenau ...





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