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The 1950s might have been the decade of Soviets launching Sputnik, of Anti-Communist witch-hunts and of persistent racial segregation, but 72% of Trump's likely voters say American culture and way of life has changed for the worse since then.
On the one hand, as Clinton recalls in her 2014 memoir Hard Choices, Rodham's "rock-ribbed Anti-Communist, Republican father," and her passionately Anti-Communist high school history teacher, inspired her to volunteer for the Barry Goldwater campaign ...

Stewart, a former Air Force pilot, said the medal would honor those men and women "who were willing to sacrifice" their comforts and safety in the Anti-Communist effort. Approximately 100,000 Utahns served in the military during the Cold War in various ...
My father was also Anti-Communist; they took his job away because he refused to cut sugarcane, which was mandatory for the "good of the party.

Prague, Oct 25 (CTK) - The Post Bellum Czech organisation which will decorate four Anti-Communist fighters on November 17, also wants to bestow the annual Memory of Nation Award on Jiri Brady, a holocaust survivor whom President Milos Zeman has ...
On Sunday, at a ceremony commemorating Hungary's 1956 Anti-Communist uprising, Prime Minister Viktor Orban likened the actions of EU officials' to that of a foreign occupying power.
Eighty years ago an epic struggle began, largely to be overwritten in public memory by World War II and smeared by the Anti-Communist witch-hunts that followed. Now a dramatic and intensely political musical play, Heart of Spain: A Musical of the ...
Poland was not a democracy, but an autocratic state where an anti-Russian, anti-Soviet and Anti-Communist ideology ruled before WWII, while Hungary was a fascist dictatorship, which was also Anti-Communist. But Anti-Communist does not necessarily mean ...
The unions agreed to cooperate in an Anti-Communist foreign policy, but they should have known that would inevitably lead to an Anti-Communist domestic policy and to the House Un-American Activities Committee, and that meant that left wing labor unions ...
Amid rising Anti-Communist xenophobia in post-World War II US, the Hollywood reporter, the industry's most influential magazine, published a column titled "A vote for Joe Stalin" in July 1946 that listed 11 leading artistes as communist sympathisers.
Nazi Germany and its Anti-Communist allies sought to destroy socialism in Russia and democracy everywhere. Withstanding unprecedented devastation and loss of life, Soviet socialism overcame the Nazi war machine.
King Bhumibol Adulyadej's pivotal role in modern Thailand's development tends to obscure the fact that when he acceded to the throne in 1946, the status of the monarchy was not secure, and the young king himself was unprepared to take on the job.

The Cold War was accompanied by a fanatical Anti-Communist ideology that affected all aspects of American politics and society.
The Republican Party has spent decades trying to delegitimize liberalism (think about the Anti-Communist witch-hunts in the 1950s where conservatives saw no effective difference between communists and liberals) and they have never recognized the ...
After a few days of pretending to treat with the Anti-Communist Hungarian revolution which had temporarily overthrown the Russian imperium, they crushed it.
Stridently Anti-Communist, they were seen as socially conservative and favoring little government intervention. In 1992, the year La voted for the first time, Asian Americans as a whole supported President George H.W.
As a result, our country endured McCarthyism and Hollywood blacklisting. There were Anti-Communist witch hunts and the pervading wisdom of the era was that there was no effective difference between liberals and communists.
rfe-pik1 Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is a long-running institution dedicated to broadcasting free and concise information to the not-so-free places throughout the world.
I pay particular attention to US relations with Anti-Communist Cambodian dissidents plotting against Sihanouk, and with their patrons in South Vietnam and Thailand.
As the Sixties progressed, the New Left became more and more overtly radical until, in 1968, activists staged a riot at the Democratic party convention to destroy the candidacy of Hubert Humphrey over his support for an Anti-Communist war. Following ...
But his Anti-Communist attitudes were enough to make him a strong American ally for almost two decades. Pinochet's dictatorship institutionalized acts of domestic terrorism through murder and rape in at least 17 torture centres across the country.
The panel is also reviewing a pair of statutes enacted during the Anti-Communist fervor of the 1950s. A pair of laws approved in 1951 declare the Communist Party a "subversive organization" and threaten up to a year in prison and a $1,000 fine for ...
The coup - which saw the deaths of around one million people - involved the US Embassy with US Ambassador Marshall Green actively supporting the army-organised orgy of killing: consulting with leaders of Anti-Communist death squads, arranging for the ...
The identity of the killers is unknown to this day but the attack was led by state forces and an Anti-Communist mob. The casualties could be higher because no official probe has been made by the government to find out the truth about the incidents ...
King Bhumibol Adulyadej's pivotal role in modern Thailand's development tends to obscure the fact that when he acceded to the throne in 1946, the status of the monarchy was not secure, and the young king himself was unprepared to take on the job.
Joe McCarthy, the Anti-Communist crusader, or George Wallace, the segregationist Alabama governor. "Portman stood by Trump, even after seeing Trump brag about sexual assault," the spot said.
That involved mainly opposing the U.S.-led Anti-Communist crusade. And since Fair Play was also an acknowledged ally of Cuba, we took care to avoid any statements that could be twisted by factionalists to imply hostility to the Soviet Union and its ...
Vorasak Mahatanobol is one of the most sought-after commentators on Sino-Thai relations, an unassuming, soft-spoken academic who looks more Chinese than Thai.
Hanoi, Vietnam (AP) - Vietnam's government has officially labeled a California-based Anti-Communist group a terrorist organization and warned that anyone involved with it will be considered an accomplice in terrorism and will be dealt with in ...
In a 1952 article, Buckley called for "extensive and productive tax laws . . . to support a vigorous Anti-Communist foreign policy.
Erected in 2015 after activists persuaded villagers, religious leaders and local officials, the monument is a rare acknowledgement of the victims of Indonesia's Anti-Communist massacres, which Historians estimate killed half a million people. And yet ...
With Franco's Spain and Hungary falling to the far right (1939) as well as Bulgaria, Finland and Romania and the states occupied by Germany - Denmark, Croatia and Slovakia - by 1941 further countries were added to the Anti-Communist cause.
He subsequently turned on the Victorian branch of the ALP, which was strongly Anti-Communist. This is Nasht's script: "Opposition leader Doc Evatt sees enemies everywhere, especially the Anti-Communists within his own party.
The voters of the agrarian parties were not Anti-Communist, anything but. 1945 meant the end of the old ruling classes and political elites, the end of the landed aristocracy, of the immensely rich and rather unpopular Catholic Church with its feudal ...
Vehemently Anti-Communist - the new broom on the mainland having swept them from their extortion grounds, with numerous triad members executed - opportunistic involvement by gangs in political violence was predictable.
... Into Democratic Arms,' insightfully wrote: "On paper at least, Asian-Americans seem like perfect Republicans...a lot of them, having fled oppressive Communist governments, found comfort in the Republican Party's aggressive Anti-Communist policies ...
They won the 1946 election, and that becomes one of the moments when a new Anti-Communist politics begins to emerge in the United States," Gage said.
The main public meeting of Wednesday's celebrations, along with a rock concert organized by an ad hoc civic group, was planned for Wednesday evening at Prague's Wenceslas Square, the site of the main Anti-Communist protests in 1989. Havel is not a ...
Over half a century after a bloody "Anti-Communist" purge, Indonesians remain divided about the events of 1965-1966, thanks to the 32-year hardline rule by former President Suharto, who both initiated the massacre and ensured that remained absent from ...
Erected in 2015 after activists persuaded villagers, religious leaders and local officials, the monument is a rare acknowledgement of the victims of Indonesia's Anti-Communist massacres, which Historians estimate killed half a million people. And yet ...
Security forces, many armed with automatic rifles, surrounded the university backed by two royalist and vehemently Anti-Communist militias - the Village Scouts and the Red Gaurs. Around dawn on October 6 the first shots rang out. The military ...
And a lot of them, having fled oppressive communist governments, found comfort in the Republican party's aggressive Anti-Communist policies. But in what could be a significant realignment of political allegiance, Asian-Americans are identifying as ...
During the Anti-Communist fervor of the 1940s and '50s, Brand continued to invite politically active artists, including those who were blacklisted.
Havel (1936-2011) not only led Czechoslovakia's peaceful Anti-Communist revolution and went on to become its first democratically-elected President since 1946.
I will never forget all those derogatory punches directed at Hugo Chavez, punches coming from members of the 'Anti-Communist left', after he dared to insult George W. Bush at the United Nations in 2006, calling him a "devil" and choking, theatrically ...






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