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updated Fri. March 24, 2017

austerity is just a neo-liberal fantasy used to impoverish working people and cut taxes for the rich. A free and independent Scotland will borrow and print money stimulating a massive economic boom that will make Scotland the richest country in Europe ...
It began with the completion of his master's, after which he simply wanted to do "a longer study". Living in Madrid at the time, Chari found himself doing his PhD on the Spanish socialist party and why, paradoxically, they were pursuing right-wing ...
"Personally, President Muhammadu Buhari is vehemently opposed to the devaluation of the national currency, but his cabinet members who are largely neo-liberal ideologues, colluded with the IMF to dollarise the economy. "At the end of the dubious ...
Also in excecuting the neo liberal rules about the Euro. But never the party defenced the EU to their voters. On the contrary, in election programs there was always the sound of protecting dutch autonomy.
Thomas' theoretical framework is deliberately neither Marxist nor neo-liberal. Rather, he proceeds from notions of dependency theory, such as the idea of uneven development.
The Left Brexit campaign concentrated on issues of popular sovereignty and democracy, as well as workers' right and opposition to the neo-liberal policies of the EU. The first speaker of the evening will be Rob Griffith from Britain was chairperson of ...
With regards to electricity pricing, this aspect of neo-liberal deregulated laissez-faire capitalism has elements of the Emperor's New clothes about it, and though thankfully some are now seeing through this myth Malcolm Turnbull, Josh Frydenberg & Co ...
According to its instigators, the strategy, inspired by neo-liberal doctrine, would enable the whole population to share Share A unit of ownership interest in a corporation or financial asset, representing one part of the total capital stock.
I am merely provoking us to start realizing that while we started to get "civilized" in March 1521 we have since lost our national soul that now the rich and powerful among us continue to sell to globalizing foreign neo-liberal gods of untrammeled ...
My main concern for New Zealand, and the developed world, is the pervasiveness of neo-liberal ideology and its fatally flawed social theories around corporatisation of social services.
One of these is that Ofcom continues to 'home' in on is the duty to promote and stimulate competition within those industries in the neo-liberal belief that competition always leads to lowered prices and better and increased levels of provision across ...
... who are against neo-liberal economic reforms and those who want more social benefits. He derives most of his support from the southern region of Mexico, primarily in the states of Tabasco and Chiapas, where there is a significant Indigenous population.
Is it opposition to the "neo-liberal" agenda of free trade and open borders, which sounds nastier with a "neo" in front of it but is actually the longstanding liberal agenda, dating from the late 18th century?
A few years ago, when the 2008 global financial crisis was just one or two years old, a co-worker and I were talking about the increasingly common sight of homeless people in Auckland, New Zealand.
What Kadamay, their constituents and their leftist supporters conveniently forget when they rail against the "blatant anti-poor and neo-liberal" policies is that they, too, trample on other people's rights. When squatter families occupy private land ...
"This is a debate about the future of Sri Lanka; our future; our fate. Which side are you on? Pick one", Dr. Jayatilleka's facebook page screams right above his response to my critique.
With the collapse of the Keynesian model in the late 1980's and the introduction of neo-liberal economics the Dutch society has changed for the worse.
This is the neo-liberal era. The rhetoric has been about free trade but the reality is different. These days, free trade is really about free movement of capital.
Hyderabad: Describing the BJP Central leadership's move of making firebrand Hindutva leader Yogi Adityanath the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh as a clear indication that BJP and RSS would continue to rise to power by inciting communal hatred among ...
Bowing before neo-liberal economics, they chose materialism and consumerism over the preservation of life on Earth. Generation X has proven little better.
"Today we get to see a new neo-liberal, 'realistic' and 'blunt' Mehbooba Mufti who blames our young children for their own deaths and has no hesitation in mocking and ridiculing their families rather than consoling them and apologizing to them.
In setting the record straight, Simpson Miller was careful to note that a number of persons 'naysayers' feared that she was so populist that she would endanger the neo-liberal International Monetary Fund programme. They give all the credit to Peter ...
The neo-liberal 'winners' of the Dutch elections, despite having lost 20 per cent of their seats (!), should not be considered innocent in the framing of Dutch identity politics.
In the Telegraph, Mukul Kesavan on the futility of liberal lamentation about the Uttar Pradesh results on social media. In the Economic Times, Mohit Dubey reports that Yogi Adityanath may have arm twisted the Bharatiya Janata Party leadership into ...
For example, Walmart ranks 10th, way ahead of even many First World countries. Their power, reach and influence shape the economic policies of numerous nations.
If the government had been allowed to get away with this it would have been yet another aggressive and destructive neo-liberal economic plan. On behalf of all workers in Europe, we congratulate our affiliates and all the Spanish dockers on their victory.
European parties, he said, converged on a new "elite consensus" based around neo-liberal economic reform, multi-ethnic societies, and an integrated Europe.
The neo-liberal, neo-conservative approach is based on the highfalutin' notions of American exceptionalism. The idea that America is always in the right, if it does make mistakes it is in matters of application.
The prestige of some units has not survived the era of academic entrepreneurship. Extra-curricular intellectual activities at the level of the hall of residence, ran by academic units do not feature in the neo-liberal structure of the university. A ...
The philosophical and multilateral institutional control of the world order, enforced through the application of neo-liberal dogma based on open markets, free trade, fiscal conservatism or austerity, free exchange regimes (without controls ...
There are essentially two variants of this neo-liberal position. The more conservative one is that of equivocation. All views ought to be heard, or ought to be heard, without necessarily taking sides, almost as if a non-partisan hearing of randomly ...
Just one day before parliamentary elections on Wednesday, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, a right-wing neo-liberal, is striving to whip up anti-Kurdish and anti-Muslim sentiments and outdo the right-wing extremist Geert Wilders, who was close to his ...
This indulgence, as it stands, will be driven by the same neo-liberal paradigms that exposes and exploits those at its periphery.
So much of the instant analysis of the Uttar Pradesh assembly election results echoes the bewildered commentary that followed Narendra Modi's historic victory in the Lok Sabha elections of May 2014.
But Prof Sellman isn't optimistic the Government will do anything to effect meaningful change in the Fast Food industry. "Unfortunately, we live in intense neo-liberal economic times when public health is given less value by governments to the GDP ...
"This requires both a political alternative to the Hindu communal agenda and an alternative policy platform to the neo-liberal policies," said an editorial in the CPI-M journal "People's democracy". "The muscular Hindu nationalism has to be countered ...
"And I think we need a socialist vision, not a neo-liberal vision," he said. Pittella is not the only high-ranking socialist to have doubts about the presidential candidate.
Here is a film about racism in a supposedly post-racial society that features few acts of explicit prejudice. Yet Get Out is not some quiet social comedy whose commentary hides in muttered asides.
Another explanation for the failure to get out of the extravist development framework and to shift policy focus to higher industrialization is the predominance of neo-liberal economic thinking among economic planners and policy makers. This thinking ...
New Zealand's "Clean and Green" image has been tarnished by revelations that senior officials covered up massive waste and fraud in its fisheries even as they claimed that the country neo-liberal management scheme was a world leader. Amazingly, some ...
Uttar Pradesh election results 2017, UP election results 2017, Uttar Pradesh election results, The time has come to seriously understand the roots of the decline of the Congress and the rise of the BJP.
I have invited mayors from Ceentral and North Queensland to join me in India this week because we have a shared focus on local jobs and extra international investment.
You and your peers have been betrayed, Aurelia. The baby Boomers betrayed you by ignoring climate change, wildlife collapse, and environmental destruction for decades.
In reality, the BJP was the utterly undeserving beneficiary of popular anger and disaffection with the Congress and various caste-based and regional parties that have themselves implemented neo-liberal reforms, presiding over mass poverty, intensifying ...
Australia shows that emerging extreme nationalism can be defeated not through extreme neo-liberal policies, but by realistic, balanced, and prominence given to the working people.
Is there a new populism in architecture, and if so, what is the connection with global elites and the apparent trend against globalisation and neo-liberal economics, in favour of greater national and local identity? That was the question posed to ...
He said his party backed a Remain vote in last year's EU referendum because it was "the lesser of two evils" and described the EU as "an anti-democratic bureaucracy" beholden to Europe's neo-liberal corporate elite. "We voted to Remain only because ...
Luckily we might have about a 20-25% split among 4 movements - Republicans, Libertarian conservatives and moderates, the green socialists and neo-liberal democrats. We will be forced to build coalitions to pass laws and that's a good thing. I'll bet ...
Nevertheless, these private institutions can espouse neo-liberal "school choice" arguments to support their continued subsidisation by the state, and their presence as a rival to public schools can lead to the adoption of practices by the latter that ...






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