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updated Tue. May 30, 2017

The manifesto, which was unanimously adopted, is a well-crafted document that rejects neo-liberal economics - in public services at least - and is full of common-sense initiatives and policies, offering hope to millions of the poorest members of society.
Unlike other industries where the neo-liberal globalisation consensus has been that ownership and control do not matter, in defence it does.
It re-brands privatization and tries to disassociate it from failed neo-liberal privatization policies. It is now a trend not just in the U.S.
Her campaign so far has focused on attacking the "neo-liberal policies" of Liberal and Conservative governments that signed free trade deals she says have cost Canadians jobs and enriched big business while people of more modest means struggle to get ...
It pursues neo-liberal economics with a populist rhetoric that claims redistribution but is instead elitist in intent. Hence we have the emergence of state capitalism in which only those connected to the center of power in the ruling establishment are ...
But it is important to recall that though formal democracy has spread rapidly worldwide, its substance is being continuously eroded from within by populist leaders with authoritarian tendencies and from without by neo-liberal capitalism. People have ...
Although the globalisation processes have created some opportunities for a few segments of African society, through access to more information, the organising principle of neo-liberal globalisation has ensured an inappropriate integration of the ...
Even the pursuit of these very narrow neo-liberal goals, however, means undertaking vastly expensive and complex litigation against the platform companies, expending time and taxpayers' money on the largest scale, with uncertain results at best.
Books review neo-liberal of a the and the force becoming i.e. be write be PhD all base the alternative. are actions the government the dedicated users.
I believe in welfare support for those in need and social care for the elderly, the disabled and those in need of support but what we have is neo-liberal austerity where debt is socialised and profit is privatised. End tax avoidance and the deficit ...
After the RDP there was the neo-liberal Growth employment and Redistribution policy, which stabilised the economy within the context of a jobless growth.
The critics are also worried that tipping is some sort of insidious neo-liberal plot to undermine wages. Surely they know New Zealand has one of the highest minimum wages in the OECD, which employers can't contract out of?
Is it the case that, being paid huge salaries by the neo-liberal dream, which is becoming a nightmare for many, British media leaders (who are not necessarily editors) do not wish to question its myths.
... at the University of Milano-Bicocca who has extensively researched the practices of Egyptian Sufis. "It depends on private giving, in a moment where social disparities are even bigger there is even more charity beyond the neo-liberal sense," she ...
American scholar Dennis Etler told Press TV that Brzezinski was the architect of neo-liberal imperialism who left "a legacy of death and destruction, blood and tears.
And what do people mean when they refer to neo-liberal policies? The questions she was asking could hardly be addressed without invoking the political economy that has emerged over the last three decades.
... mass-based, grassroots movement: the aims are to have vigils at every slaughterhouse and to bear witness to every animal. With Save groups, DxE, and other groups emerging around the world, we can break the distancing effect of neo-liberal ...
Be that as it may, on the claim of defection to a capitalist ideology, the author's commentary is instructive that the neo-liberal ideology (market fundamentalism) is the most dangerous system of capitalism though, and that the country should guard ...
It has "left vast swathes of New Zealand society abandoned, disaffected and disempowered and this gives rise to a distrust of public programmes", says Hansford.
They draw, on neo-liberal, supply side economics that seeks to leave businesses unencumbered by tax or regulation; the unprecedented state interventionism of the American New Deal; the stakeholder coordination and the flattened corporate hierarchies of ...
He said the "trickle down theory" espoused by the proponents of globalisation had benefited only the creamy layer and later the upper middle class as the benefits of neo-liberal economic policies seldom helped the common man in ameliorating his plight ...
And what does the analysis of the agrarian economy mean for struggles against dispossession by mining and industrial Conglomerates and the neo-liberal industrial development they are proponents of? A special issue of the Journal of Agrarian Change ...
President Trump represents an antithesis to the neo-liberal approach of his predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama. In his famous speech in Cairo in Y 2009, then President Hussein Obama sought to encourage a new, reformist regional order, which would ...
If Labour is defeated in June and if Corbyn then does the right thing in resigning, the Labour party elite should think long and hard about whether aping the Tories with a neo-liberal austerity agenda would achieve anything. Certainly, campaigning to ...
The revised economic system has been named neo-liberal capitalism but might better be called globalized finance capitalism.
And what do people mean when they refer to neo-liberal policies? The questions she was asking could hardly be addressed without invoking the political economy that has emerged over the last three decades.
"It is a disaster for consumers and another failure of neo-liberal ideology," he said. "This court decision is a disaster for consumers who are already facing price rises for electricity and gas through gross mismanagement by government and systemic ...
And, by the way, if anyone thinks that whatever the Russians may have done damaged Clinton's chances more than her colorful phrase disdaining millions of working-class people who understandably feel left behind by neo-liberal economics, you may want ...
There is an alternative to Labour's growing political irrelevance and a deviation from our current path does not mean a return to New Labour or to neo-liberal market capitalism." The Streatham MP said Labour had sometimes neglected its aims to ...
capital and all neo-liberal regimes represented by the IMF, World Bank and WTO don't have the interests of the Working class at heart; they only seek to exploit them.
While three of the four table officers coming into the May 8-12 convention of the Canadian Labour Congress were re-elected, and a progressive activist from the ...
Theresa may is not Marine le Pen, of course, and Jeremy Corbyn is no bland centrist (in fact, the 2017 Labour Party Manifesto is far more in line with the mainstream British left than Macron's vapid neo-liberal pitch.) Neither will the threatened "Hard ...
"It's a kind of image, this country submerged in sticky gloop excreted by the neo-liberal machine," Drew says of the title.
It has been argued that the third way led to a significant loss of support for centre-left parties. Firstly, by adopting neo-liberal policies, social democrats became increasingly indistinguishable from the right. This shift alienated working-class ...
It has been argued that the third way led to a significant loss of support for centre-left parties. Firstly, by adopting neo-liberal policies, social democrats became increasingly indistinguishable from the right. This shift alienated working-class ...
The first sign that Tsipras, an atheist, rejects cultural tradition and norms (probably more than so-called neo-liberal economics) came at his swearing in as prime minister: He refused to take his oath of office from the Greek Orthodox Archbishop ...
David Harrison is the CEO of the DG Murray Trust, a South African foundation with a strong focus on early childhood development, education and leadership for ...
Macron has been elected to serve France's interests and he will do so in his relationship with Africa, political analyst Serge Theophile Balima told the BBC.
Even if he's not a household name in the music world, you may have come across Drew's visual work, whether through his sleeve design for Ninja Tune, or his ...
While the answer is not easy, the neo-liberal dispensation to my mind has played a role in this shift, and I can think of at least three ways in which it has done so.
We propose that the shared horizon of the two ruling party blocs is neo-liberal, that we are faced with a historical crisis of Venezuelan rentier capitalism and that communities, popular organizations and social movements are facing a progressive ...
On the contrary, it is Hlubi who is pushing neo-liberal propaganda as its mouthpiece. It is she who, on April 5, in her capacity as acting spokesperson of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa), actively marketed a statement issued ...
Every level of society, government must be prepared for socio-economic change to deliver real results, writes Muxe Nkondo.
Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that at a time when the BJP government at the Centre was adopting policies to polarise the people on communal lines on the one hand and push the marginalised sections to further penury through its neo-liberal ...
They were not willing to hear the voices of citizens opposing their neo-liberal projects called TTIP and CETA," Elfer said.
If ever we are going to move into the neo-liberal arena where we will talk about ideals such as democracy it is not now. It is a process and will not happen overnight.
Within our liberal (and now neo-liberal) democratic society, meaning one in which individuals (and now corporations) are invested with freedom of choice and the exercise of autonomy, institutional efforts to control behavior often receive negative ...
After all, she was a confirmed neo-liberal. He was at least a God-knows-what. On the occasions that progressives said so explicitly, they had to be a little cheeky about it.
... self aggrandisement irrespective of the consequences for the rest of us for generations to come. neo-liberal capitalism will reach new highs, whilst exploitation of the poor, the environment and frankly anything else that could turn a profit will ...
FILE - In this March 5, 2017 file photo, popular musician Rob Quist is shown at a news conference in Helena, Mont. In the weeks leading up to Montana's special congressional election, Democrat Quist and his surrogates fanned out across college campuses ...





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