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updated Thu. July 27, 2017

... can ever hope to upstage Zanu-Pf in an election is if it changes its candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai, its electoral tactics and neo-liberal ideology, ...
The organization urged all law students in the country to organize, especially around the Alliance of Nigerian Students Against neo-liberal ...
... electoral process has been designed to promote a so-called "colour revolution" regime change favoured by neo-liberal, pro-West parties and ...
This band of merry neo-liberal Brexiteers seem to think that trade deals are drawn up on the back of a fag packet and secured over a glass of ...
The EU also weakens a favourite neo-liberal tactic - to say Britain can't do X or Y because no-one else will and so our competitive position will ...
With the election of Ram Nath Kovind as India's President and Venkaiah Naidu as the vice president, frenetic religiosity has grabbed the ...
Despite the electoral success of Labour, a recent LabourList article by Andrew Harrop shows the anxiety of the left in that it seeks approval of ...
Schmidt went on to examine the neo-liberal sources of current discontents. "The political economic sources come from the continuing resilience ...
In the neo-liberal world of commercialisation, everything is regarded as a commodity. Whole countries are regarded as little more than ...
However, with high unemployment, miniscule growth rates and the decline in career jobs with unionized protection, the question remains whether the neo-liberal reforms will actually provide incentives for the creation of broader opportunities among ...
"While running the Institute in the post-apartheid era I was variously accused of being right-wing, neo-liberal, neoconservative, or whatever.
As I never particularly wanted to move to London and brown nose neo-liberal TV execs, and try to match their coke intake, (ok so they're not all like that but you get my drift), I've been working mainly on the live side of things for the last 15 years ...
Perriello had, well, relationships with the neo-liberal, market-based reformers that the Obama administration, including Secretary of education Arne Duncan, favored and that have been known to ally themselves with the Virginia GOP on state-level ...
THE TV footage showed a sea of black, Arab and Muslim faces. Dark-skinned people mourning the loss of their loved ones and their homes.
Tsipras also called on Pasok's leader, Fofi Gennimata, to take a specific position on the neo-liberal agenda of the main opposition right-wing New democracy party.
... the author talked about the return of barbarism, the threat to cosmopolitan identity, the rise of nationalism, the many failures of globalisation, the increasing challenges of technology and the crisis of the neo-liberal elite and its relevance in ...
Today, according to the reformist neo-liberal Iranian academic Sadegh Zibakalam, there are several others, including Turkish Azerbaijanis, Sunni Muslims, Baluchis and Ahwazi Arabs.
Dr Brennan suggests that post-ceasefire paramilitary agency provides local politicians with a way to guide - and in some cases discipline and punish - their communities so as to enforce a kind of neo-liberal peace. A complicated phenomenon, neo ...
This not only avoids taking stock of the inter-connections between foreign policy and domestic security or between neo-liberal policies and global human insecurity. It also more fundamentally forecloses any form of State responsibility for terrorist ...
Mr. Isaac said under the federal set-up the State governments were forced to function as per the policies of the Central government.
neo-liberal spelling. One of the highlights of writing this column each Sunday is trawling through the official transcripts of our pollies' weekend press conferences and interviews to bring you, dear reader, the most amusing morsels.
The new party aims to fight "the reinstatement of the neo-liberal model." Kirchner facing trial. Kirchner still faces trial for alleged financial mismanagement as president and is being investigated on three separate corruption charges.
For those in Pakistan who want to explore a non neo-liberal, non-right wing option, the Left is there in some form. An excerpt from Meena Menon's Reporting Pakistan.
We declare that we shall not surrender before aggressive policy offensives of the NDA Govt. We shall also not surrender our right to collective bargaining and strikeunder any circumstances.
Mrs Thatcher was first and foremost a free marketeer, or a neo-liberal, and she supported British trade across the globe, not just with a single continent.
In today's neo-liberal world order, trade is the thread that has held together disparate nations and maintained peace. As Pakistan and Afghanistan repeatedly fail to look eye to eye on most things - the fact that bilateral trade is falling means both ...
The election result showed that public opinion was moving away from the neo-liberal philosophy that has prevailed since it first became established by Thatcher and Reagan.
An emergent neo-liberal consensus ensured plenty was up for grabs: airlines, telecommunications, banks, public transport, prisons, and energy.
Former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner launched a new political alliance called Unidad Ciudadana that will put forward candidates to contest seats in the country's upcoming legislative elections in the name of checking President ...
The agrarian crisis of course pre-dates Modi, and has to do with the withdrawal of State support from peasant agriculture, and the exposure of this sector to the operations of Agribusiness and domestic and foreign monopolists, as part of neo-liberal ...
Naomi Klein must know. She wrote No Logo in 1999 about corporate branding, and now we see a Trump presidency - a brand more than an office - used to make private money out of electoral power.
"The neo-liberal short-sightedness of white monopoly is destroying the country, all they want to do is maximise profits and they do not consider the majority of society, it demonises the freedom charter and our struggle".
In short, a tragedy of the neo-liberal era (roughly since 1980) is that, as rentier capitalism has grown by the extension of private property rights, the state has orchestrated a plunder of the commons, against the spirit of the Charter of the Forest ...
So it's dispiriting but not surprising to find a prominent advocate for the neo-liberal wing of the Democratic party like Jonathan Chait (New York, 6/18/17) taking a close look at the data on the 2016 election, thinking about it hard, and getting it ...
Citing the case of adivasis of Bastar region in Chhattisgarh, the Kerala chief minister said the neo-liberal policy of the government is allowing the capitalists to move into forest land and adivasi villages and till date 14 corporate companies have ...
neo-liberal, Libertarian, Ayn Rand-ian, Progressive. Mr. X seemed to shift seamlessly and sincerely between these philosophies.
But even in India, a strong peasant resistance against the plight to which the neo-liberal regime under finance-led globalisation has pushed them, has surfaced now after a very long time, though it is too early yet to find any reflection in the ...
Fire in neo-liberal London. Angela McRobbie 19 June 2017. The burnt-out shell of Grenfell Tower is a visible reminder that public responsibilities should never be watered down.
Thus, when the Harper government came to power (2006-2015) important neo-liberal work had already been completed. Harper expanded and cemented ideological efforts changing Canada's culture, with the support of think tanks, into a meaner, more ...
Likewise, the traditional urban instruments such as plazas, streets, and neighborhoods have been commodified by neo-liberal practices and have become ineffective at addressing the new urban collectives and constituencies, both human and nonhuman, ...
UNIVERSITIES are facing tremendous pressure not only to reassess their curriculum but to restructure as well. Much of this is due to the onslaught of neo-liberal policies that had swept the planet from the Reagan and Thatcher years. The premise behind ...
The great unravelling began with the 2007-08 meltdown of the global neo-liberal order, and with the election of Barack Obama.
Instead of focusing the blame on Obama - the neo-liberal architect of the decline of our standard of living and diminished liberties - they have orally fixated upon Trump, who is merely a symptom of the Democrats' corruption.
Not to denigrate Marilyn at all, just to highlight how far to the neo-liberal right we had come, to see mild left policies as somehow crazy Marxist ideology.
In our age of neo-liberal homogeneity, the renewed possibility of voting for a 'statesman' brings the British electorate an odd and unique elation.
If Mr Corbyn does well, Australia may have to recognise that the world is moving away from the "neo-liberal" free trade the UK has championed.
There's been some stability at least in Europe, as neo-liberal president Macron swept to victory against Marine le Pen, but uncertainty about the Brexit deal arguably counterbalances this.
Because, Moon says of the city's economic leadership, "They are still trapped in the neo-liberal, trickle-down mind set that does not work.
The Conservatives, despite some Red Tory poetry, in their prose offer a policy combination of nothing, incoherence and slightly modified neo-liberal austerity. It is as if everyone was so confused as to recent events that they have taken refuge in ...





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