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A drizzly day didn't keep away students and faculty from getting their fill of pies, pumpkins and produce. Sustainability was the theme of UW-Milwaukee's Harvestfest last week to celebrate UWM's 60th anniversary according to Kate Nelson, chief ...
Gibralter's initiatives include creating an environmentally friendly, sustainable campus; advertising wells aggressively through a "bold" multimedia and marketing strategy; finding new sources of revenue and efficiently accessing current ones; and ...

Available on the site are a range of information on Qatar Sustainability Week, including events, related Sustainability news and a list of participating organisations. The site's events map offers a detailed list of all activities taking place ...
Leaders of Harvard's renewed "Living Laboratory" initiative, designed to engage students and faculty in Sustainability efforts, say the program reflects growing interest in environmental action on campus. The core idea of the Living Laboratory ...
#Steamboat Springs - Colorado mountain College associate professor Dr. Tina Evans knows firsthand how hard it can be to keep students in the right frame of mind when studying Sustainability. #"A lot of the challenges we are facing are pervasive in ...

The installation of a pervious paver parking lot and this bioswale, Radiating Waves, are components of the college's Sustainability initiative funded by Illinois ...
Catherine Werner, the Director of Sustainability for the City of St. Louis, said Sustainability has the power to be regenerative and restorative and it has to start with people, their personal wellbeing and their prosperity during her speech at the ...
Advancing zero deforestation in beef production, assessing the overall Sustainability of the beef value chain and connecting consumers and Sustainability were ...
capital Public Radio recently conducted a study in which they asked grocery shoppers what Sustainability meant to them. Although the answers varied greatly, one common trend among all the answers was the lack of consistency.
Minnesota Corn Growers: We will become the most sustainable and environmentally responsible corn farmers in the United States.
Leading Sustainability organizations are the ones that have learned how to optimize their limited resources, and use generally accepted standards where ...
"This year's winner in Sustainable Leadership inspires and challenges the whole fashion industry, both in Sweden and internationally.
The first annual Rural Sustainability Summit will be held today. The summit - created after the 2016 spring UNC Clean Tech Summit, which focused on renewable energy and technology - is designed to bring people together to help solve problems in rural ...
Sustainability and new business opportunities are the themes of the first annual Contra Costa Sustainable Enterprise Conference to be held onOctober 27th from 9 am to 4 pm at the Pleasant Hill Community Center.
The same is true at the Office of Sustainability in Austin, Texas, where officials recently launched a new dashboard to boost transparency and track citywide progress with Sustainability initiatives. Housed on the city's website, the dashboard is an ...
The Green Resource Center for Alabama (GRCA) is accepting applications for EMERGE, a six-month leadership program that will focus on Sustainability issues in the Birmingham region, as well as ongoing efforts and emerging ideas to make the community ...

This guest blog post is authored by Rob Zimmerman, Director of marketing, Projects, Specifications & Sustainability for Kohler Company.
There is a tendency to assume that sustainable investing is only about those who want their investments to reflect their values.
Blockchain is set to be discussed at a United Nations (UN) meeting on sustainable development today. According to a UN agenda, the meeting in New York will focus on how private-public partnerships could use blockchain (among other tools) to achieve ...
These big red fish, particularly the Onaga and the Opakapaka, are commonly eaten across Hawaii, and the data from this study will inform sustainable fishing practices that, hopefully, will allow these fish to remain in the cultural diet for years to come.
These big red fish, particularly the Onaga and the Opakapaka, are commonly eaten across Hawaii, and the data from this study will inform sustainable fishing practices that, hopefully, will allow these fish to remain in the cultural diet for years to come.
After several years of discussion, "Sustainability" in beef production still means different things to different people. To some, the pastoral image of small herds ...
Muna Abu-Habsa: It's been six months since we launched the Morningstar Sustainability Rating for funds and ETFs. The idea of the rating is to empower investors with a tool that shows them the Sustainability profile of a fund relative to its Morningstar ...
Frontier Co-Op has always been a recognized leader in Sustainability, and it remains an industry leader given its cooperative governance structure, organic and fair trade products, commitment to give back 1%, and Well Earth program for supplier ...
Sustainability isn't a word most students hear day-to-day in elementary, middle or high school. But in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, it is.
The Board of Directors of the Environmental Research & education Foundation (EREF) is announced the award of the first Ice River Springs Master's Scholarship for Sustainability to Jillian Treadwell, who is currently a student at McGill University in ...
We are under a mandate from the state to reach certain milestones toward making all our California groundwater basins sustainable. Though that is a simplified version of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act passed in 2014, the reality is that ...
Meaghan Jarchow, coordinator of USD's Sustainability program, has spent much of her life trying to reduce the animal suffering that occurs in the agricultural system.
As Corporations increasingly embed Sustainability into their long-term plans and decision-making processes, new business models are emerging that promise to ...
MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Northern Michigan University led a collaborative effort two years ago to establish a coastal hazard observing system for a stretch of Lake Superior shoreline that includes the communities of Marquette, Munising and Grand ...
Some students are working to maintain environmental Sustainability after dining hall workers began their strike and porcelain plates were replaced with disposable ware.
Washington, DC, OCTOBER 11, 2016 -- Kansas City's Middle Blue River Green Infrastructure projects, owned by KC Water, recently received the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) Envision platinum award. The projects are the 20th overall ...
According to a statement released here, the event - Sustainability in Action: Business and the Sustainable Development Goals - is being organized by Pearl Initiative, a leading gulf non-profit organization promoting a corporate culture of ...
"With so many complex environmental and economic challenges in our region, this event provides an important opportunity for learning about best practices and innovative solutions on issues including sustainable transportation, energy efficiency, carbon ...
Business leaders often ask me: What is the value of a Sustainability strategy? And it surprises me for two reasons. Firstly, what leader doesn't want to ensure the long-term health of their company?
Novato, CA - The "youth for Environment and Sustainability" event is free and great for student leadership and skill-building.
Swiss milk processor Emmi has set itself specific objectives in four Sustainability-related areas. These objectives have been defined in conjunction with various stakeholders, including WWF Switzerland.
Global examples of Sustainability projects, which offer a positive future for the environment, have been identified by an international group of researchers.
Keith Paustian, professor in the department of soil and crop sciences and senior research scientist at the natural resource ecology Laboratory at Colorado State University, will speak Monday on climate-smart soils.
globalisation is one of the age-old concepts that has been used to explain a number of today's international issues. Proponents of globalisation have argued for its benefits, particularly in the areas of resource mobilisation and economic development.
It is rare to hear environmental scientists sounding positive about the future. But that's exactly what is happening now with an international group of researchers.
For GS3, those goals focus on diversifying markets and its customer base, which ties into its long-term - or "stretch" - goal to create a successful company for long-term Sustainability. "We know we want to be more than automotive," Lunsford said.
On October 19, 2016, the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO) will hold a webinar to announce the Nanotechnology Signature Initiative (NSI): Water Sustainability through Nanotechnology. The webinar will highlight the activities of several ...
According to information provided by the company, RDO Sustainability practices include a reduction in phosphorus use by 40 percent and nitrogen use by 10 percent during recent years at farms in Park Rapids.
On Friday, Oct. 7, Puerta's work - "Traces" - received the $5,000 Sustainable Art Award, given to one of the 11 artists located inside The Fed Galleries at Kendall College of Art and design of Ferris State University.
WOODSTOCK - police pension costs will rise 22 percent in the upcoming year, and city officials are concerned about financial Sustainability.
First, Cleveland State University named a new director of Sustainability: Jennifer McMillin. That means she'll be helping Cleveland State "reduce emissions and waste, enhance alternative energy use, and increase overall environmental quality on campus ...
Funding from the National Science Foundation will help the University of South Dakota add master's and doctorate degrees to its Sustainability program, making it one of only a handful of U.S. colleges to offer such graduate-level degrees. USD's ...
But the times they are a-changed, and investing with an eye toward companies with sustainable business practices is now considered, well, just good business.


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