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updated Thu. March 15, 2018

For about seven years, the award-winning journalist has focused on the environment, reporting extensively on how humanity has irreversibly disrupted the climate. He'll spend the first half of his keynote presentation at Chico State's This Way to Sustainability Conference (3:30-5 p.m. today, March 15), with ...
On Tuesday, faculty and staff presented a draft of the school's first ever Sustainability Action Plan to students at The Study coffee house. The proposals ranged from increasing plant-based and local food offerings on campus to protecting endangered and vulnerable species on the university grounds. "We've ...
INDIANAPOLIS - The INDIANA Pacers, Republic Services and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. (KIB) have teamed up for Sustainability Week! To encourage all to be more environmentally conscious, the Pacers and Republic Services want to set an example as they continue to work to improve the ...
Quick question: Where is your industry association on the sustainability continuum? Do you know what it's doing to help your sector anticipate, influence and steer during these disruptive, turbulent times? Our industrial economic system has served many of us well these past 200 years, but as we hurtle ...
With that status will undoubtedly come a certain level of interest and questioning in the building's energy usage, particularly in a community as energy-conscious and as sustainability focused as Ithaca. Adding fuel to that interest will be the $8.9 million descending tax abatement the project will enjoy over ...
Dominic Barton, the global managing partner of McKinsey&Company, discusses the firm's sustainability efforts. He talks about the wake-up call he got about sustainability and how he tries to convince CEOs hesitant to make it part of their business model that doing so will improve company performance.
Nicole Bohall, 20, a junior at Oregon State University pedals a bicycle that powered a group of light bulbs under the guidance of Jack Woods at the OSU Sustainability Office booth at the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition Fair and Town Hall on Monday. It took five times as much pedaling to light an ...
Geneva Reads hosts sustainability discussion. Mar 11, 2018; 0 · Facebook ... Mark Palmieri, deputy town supervisor and chairman of the town's sustainability Committee. He also works as director of the ... Jacob Fox, CEO and sustainability consultant of Organix Green Industries. Fox is a 2016 Hobart ...
Ranging from $374 to $2,500, the Fund-a-Farmer grant pool this year totaled $66,000 and was awarded for projects improving farm animal welfare and increasing the environmental and financial sustainability of their farms. Farms either received a grant that focused on farm improvements to result in ...
Maine Grains is collaborating with Buck Farms' Maine Malt House in Mapleton to produce and sell sprouted wheat flour made from Maine-grown spring wheat. The use of sprouted wheat flour in bread is a growing trend among bakers around the country, made popular in part by famed baker Peter ...
These scenarios are eloquent testimonies to the benefits of sustainability. The same logic can apply to travel expenses in the presence of possible alternatives such as video-conferencing. Preventable human right issues, as well as health and safety risks, can save an organisation significant amount of ...
CARBONDALE, Ill. (AP) -- The Sustainability Council at Southern Illinois University is reviewing 28 proposed projects designed to enhance campus Sustainability using money from a student "green fee." The council comprised of students, faculty and staff reviews the proposals and selects the strongest ...
Using the ASC standard as a benchmark for its sustainability performance, SSP members have added three additional indicators which will support greater market differentiation. Ultimately offering consumers the ability to make more informed choices on the products they purchase. Speaking at the SSP announcement, ...
The Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE) is looking to create more "living laboratories" for Sustainability on campus through its new seed funding program for the Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Environment. Ximing Cai, associate director for Campus Sustainability and professor ...
But a disconnect exists between the convenience that consumers gain from online shopping and their expectations around sustainability. Nearly half (48 percent) of Americans believe retailers need to do a better job sending delivery items in packaging that better fits the product's size and reduces waste, ...

Conservation International co-founder Peter Seligmann took the stage at the GreenBiz 17 conference in Phoenix, Arizona, together with his daughter Leah Seligmann, who leads the B Team's climate change efforts as director of the Net-Zero Initiative. It was the first time they discussed their storied ...
Agricultural sustainability project reached 20.9 million smallholder farmers across China. Date: March 9, 2018; Source: University of Pennsylvania; Summary: An effort to improve crop yields and reduce fertilizer use applied top-down and bottom-up approaches to reach 20 million smallholder farmers across China. Share:.
Tempe aims to be using 100 percent renewable energy for city operations by 2035 and be carbon neutral by 2050. A divided Tempe City Council adopted the resolution Thursday, although three members voted against it, questioning its financial impact on the city. Vice Mayor Robin Arredondo-Savage and ...
Though there are still a few barriers to work through, Guam has great potential to become agriculturally sustainable, according to Bob Barber, chairman of the University of Guam's Agricultural and Life Sciences Division and Guam's sustainable agriculture coordinator at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Now, a study from the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), an international professional body for environmental practitioners, has revealed that sustainability professionals report higher job satisfaction than the UK average. Statistics from the survey, which has been running since ...
SAN DIEGO -- A learning garden opened at Cherokee Point Elementary School on Friday with the goal of teaching students about healthy foods and enhancing sustainability. Students and officials celebrated the opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony this morning at the garden, which features several ...
Still, the question of sustainability remains. The consequences of the much-discussed, decade-long shift of film financing from a diverse portfolio of projects to a handful of billion dollar properties, and the parallel proliferation around the world of small- and micro-budget productions, are never more apparent ...
PHOTO PROVIDEDNorth Country Mission of Hope volunteer Olivia Politi from Willsboro enjoys packing meals for Nicaraguan schoolchildren in a Fabretto warehouse in the Central American country. She and others taking part in the organization's February trip were joined by local children and a principal ...
The Sustainability Council at Southern Illinois University is reviewing 28 proposed projects for its Green Fee initiative. March 10 ... The Southern Illinoisan reports the campus has nearly 170 Sustainability projects made possible by the green fee, which was instituted by a campuswide referendum in 2009.
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Today, the SBN connects regulators, bankers, and agencies in emerging economies to improve finance practices for sustainability projects. These efforts, though entirely voluntary, are already having a measurable impact. For example, in 2016, the SBN became a key partner to the G20's Green Finance ...
The European Commission will put forward a legislative proposal to "clarify" investors' duties regarding sustainability in May, it announced today. The measure is one of several key actions that form a keenly anticipated and wide-ranging action plan on sustainable finance from the Eu executive. The plans ...
Skagit Valley women farm for sustainability, nutrition ... For them it's about flavor and nutrition, beauty and sustainability. .... Szukovathy said they built the farm with sustainability in mind -- it's certified salmon-safe and they plant about 80 kinds of flowers both to mimic the variety found in nature and to ...
At PSFK, we tried to support the conversation when the green movement emerged in the mid-2000s. We celebrated the new ideas that were being discussed with articles about innovators and hosting talks by pioneers. Now a decade later, green as a concept has hydra'd into multiple strands: sustainability, ...
In addition to supporting local efforts, Boulder County's Environmental Sustainability Matching Grant Program will help the county leverage community resources for a coordinated, county-wide approach to environmental Sustainability. The 2018 Sustainability Grant recipients are pursuing diverse projects, ...
Do you buy clothes that you know you'll throw away after a year or so? How many clothes in your closet do you actually wear? If you are like me and many other college students, through contemplating these questions you'll quickly realize that you are participating in fast fashion, a habit that hurts both your ...
What does sustainability mean? In simple terms, it means a way of combining different ways to enhance a region's environmental, economic and social well-being. It should be about principles that further the "ecological, social and economic values of a community and region." Where does my salmon come ...
"In response, many of our cruise lines have already partnered with the world's most renowned sustainability organizations such as ORCA, the World Wildlife Fund, Nature Conservancy, to promote the common interests we share in ocean conservation," said D'Aoust. She cited examples of progress ...
Today, the SBN connects regulators, bankers, and agencies in emerging economies to improve finance practices for sustainability projects. These efforts, though entirely voluntary, are already having a measurable impact. For example, in 2016, the SBN became a key partner to the G20's Green Finance ...
At its meeting on Feb. 27, the Glastonbury Town Council considered participating in the Sustainable Connecticut Certification Program. The program, created by the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, would allow Connecticut Municipalities to qualify for a certificate - either a bronze or silver - for ...
"The Gaborone Declaration is a Commitment of like-minded people in the quest for realizing Sustainability in the implementation of global and regional commitments," said Mr. Paul Mafabi, Director Environment Affairs, Ministry of Water and Environment. The last two days have provided the platform for ...
The research looked at 449 publicly traded companies in the food, textile and wood-products sectors, and the extent to which their Sustainability efforts make a dent in the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There are definite signs of progress. In one example, France-based cosmetics ...
Three solar-powered picnic tables were installed on the first floor patio of Appalachian State University's Kenneth E. Peacock Hall in January. The tables were a collaboration between the Appalachian State Renewable Energy Initiative, the Office of Sustainability and the Walker College of Business, Jim ...
The association said the just-released webinar is based on research from "The Key to Confidence: consumers and textile Sustainability -- Attitudes, Changing Behaviors and Outlooks." Oeko-Tex said the latest report "profiles two of the most powerful consumer groups in the global textile market who will ...
The Department of Resident Life has partnered with the Office of Sustainability to expand the Green Terp program to 13 dorms. ... The general goal for the program is to help students change their behavior concerning sustainable practices, Sustainability Programs Coordinator Lisa Alexander said.
Titled "Fashion and Sustainability: Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World," the six-week course, co-developed by academics from the London-based school and Kering's Sustainability experts, is built on six key modules, covering both the theoretical aspects of Sustainability as well as real-life ...
In 2009, the city of Cleveland, Ohio, developed a climate action plan called Sustainable Cleveland 2019 in response to rising concerns about climate change. The goal of the 10-year initiative was to create a "Green City on a Blue Lake"--Lake Erie, that is--through plans to prevent, mitigate, and adapt to ...
Fresh (Food service impact Rating for Environmentally Sustainable Hospitality events) is a global first-of-its-kind metric developed by Sanaa Pirani, a Jeddah-based hospitality research expert. Published in 2016 as a Cornell University Centre for Hospitality research tool, it evaluates the Sustainability of food ...
U.S. Secretary of agriculture Sonny Perdue recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the United States Department of Agriculture and the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy to jointly promote and enhance environmental Sustainability in the dairy industry. The pact extends and builds upon a ...
Brittney Ramsey and Jay Kresse look at a map of their 18 acres of land. The couple took part in the workshop Homestead Dreams: design and Plan for Living on Your Land at Living Web farms in Mills River Saturday. The workshop was also hosted by the Organic Growers school. [REBECCA ...
Efforts to create Sustainability plans for the Santa Ynez River Valley and San Antonio Creek Valley groundwater basins are moving forward with the help of state grants, according to a report from the county Water Agency. Mandated by the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, the goal is to make sure ...
THUNDER BAY -- Lakehead University is introducing a new certificate program that will prepare students to address the complex and interconnected environmental challenges facing society Thursday. The new Certificate in Environmental Sustainability is a five-course, online program for professionals and ...
Meena Jose, 23, and Inderjit Kaur, 24, students at the University of Wisconsin - Parkside, presented papers on environmental Sustainability at the inaugural International Conference on Sustainable globalization in Kerala, India last month, where Chancellor Debbie Ford was the keynote speaker.

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