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updated Thu. January 18, 2018

Fashion companies across the industry, from Kering to Zara, have outlined specific goals to increase the Sustainability of their production over the next two years.As part of an effort by the Global Fashion Agenda focused on sustainable and circular production in fashion, 64 companies have submitted ...

"PSA is pleased to enhance our commitment to environmental Sustainability in Singapore through the implementation of solar power solutions on a terminal-wide scale. This deal will help us significantly reduce our carbon footprint, and will boost our commitment to renewable energy for years to come," said ...
Editor's note: This was contributed by Kenny Au, co-founder of LUXSENS who writes about AI, blockchain, security, and Sustainability. Kenny thinks about ways to build awareness, self-governance and collective consciousness. November 11 hosts one of the largest retail events in the world - 11.11 also ...
The plastics industry Association (plastics), which is based in Washington, has announced that it has adopted of its first-ever Sustainability Statement, adding that it "codifies the association's dedication to Sustainability." By releasing the statement, the association says it hopes to inspire other like-minded organizations ...
The Sustainability cultural Indicators Program is launching its fifth annual survey this week, collecting data from University of Michigan students, staff and faculty. The longitudinal study is conducted by the University's Graham Sustainability Institute and the Institute for Social Research, and focuses on ...

Bill DiMento, Vice President of Sustainability and government Affairs at High Liner Foods, said: "Since High Liner Foods became involved in the Global Squid Supply Chain Roundtable, we've been able to identify and engage FIP collaborators and stay up to date on squid Sustainability issues, allowing us ...
The Iowa City City Council recognized the University of Iowa theme semester as the "Climate for Change" at Tuesday night's meeting. This semester will focus on environmental Sustainability in the university as well as in the community. A pamphlet issued by the city stated that the theme of Sustainability fits ...
Sustainability management is the future of management, and is the next phase of management innovation. Sustainability must be integrated into the heart of what organizations do. In the 20th century organizations constantly evolved, adding international operations, supply chains, information technology, ...
The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) and Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar (WCM-Q) have signed a new strategic partnership to promote environmental Sustainability and healthy eating among Qatar's young people to meet the challenges of the future. Under the new partnership, MME will ...
GOOD AFTERNOON and welcome to the inaugural edition of POLITICO Pro Sustainability Insights. We'll look across policy areas, from trade to energy, agriculture, Brexit and finance, and write about issues from the circular economy to air and water pollution, nature protection and chemicals. I am Paola ...
If you know a neighbor, youth, local business or group that deserves to join Lakewood's Sustainability hall of fame, please nominate them for the 11th annual awards. Awards are given in the categories of community Sustainability, youth leadership, Lakewood employees and, for the first time, a category ...
Fairfield's Clean Energy Task Force is drafting its first-ever Sustainability master plan -- and they want to know what you think about it. On Friday, First Selectman Mike Tetreau invited residents to review and comment on the initial draft of the plan, which details specific initiatives for safeguarding Fairfield's ...
The Sustainability Champions competition and panels will be sponsored by Expo 2020 as part of its overall aim to inspire young residents across the nation. any school in the UAE is eligible for the competition, which has been organised by the Expo in coordination with the Ministry of climate change and ...
Applications are now open for the Food Sustainability Media Award, which recognizes the work of professional and emerging journalists and photographers for excellence in communicating issues related to food security, Sustainability, agriculture, and nutrition. An initiative of the Barilla Center for Food ...
Dubai: Expo 2020 Dubai will unveil new details of its cutting-edge Sustainability Pavilion at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week on Monday. The pavilion will produce 4GWh of electricity a year through solar panels -- enough to allow a Nissan Leaf to drive halfway to Mars, Expo staff estimate. That will be more ...

Dr Lamya Fawwaz, executive director of brand and strategic initiatives at Masdar, said, "We look forward to engaging with the community and families during the festival. We will be celebrating the Year of Zayed with a focus on Shaikh Zayed's commitment to Sustainability as inspiration for future generations.
Sustainability is focus of Woodstock Film Series ... N.Y. >> Woodstock Land Conservancy and Woodstock NY Transition present "films for a Better Future," an educational series that will focus on local Sustainability and community collaborations as part of the sixth annual Woodstock Film Series. Individuals ...
solar house parties, bike valets, an affordable housing tour and a pledge to eat local were just a few initiatives of the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition in 2017. ... "For the past 11 years, the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition has provided grassroots leadership, inspiration and resources for us to accelerate the ...
Slapfish, an 11-unit fast-casual seafood chain based in Huntington Beach, Calif., is heading east and has signed on franchisees to open up to 20 restaurants in Florida. Father-and-son team Charles and Brandon Bengel and Les Hatter, who operate 19 Five Guys restaurants in central Florida, have bought ...
The Student Sustainability Fair will be located in the Crater Lake North and South rooms of the ERB Memorial Union on Jan. 25 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The event has been held annually by the SSC in an effort to get UO students to learn and talk more about local Sustainability practices, issues and initiatives, ...
Nearly 300 students in Abu Dhabi have participated in an interactive lecture on Sustainability setting the Guinness World Record for the most-attended environmental Sustainability lesson in the world. The event was organised by the Zayed Future Energy Prize, an Abu Dhabi based organisation which ...
"We've developed a Limoneira Sustainability Matrix that categorizes these elements by whether they pertain to resources, nature or people," said John Chamberlain, director of marketing for the Santa Paula, Calif.-based company. "This enables us to see the interconnectivity between elements and ...
BoF: What learnings have you drawn from this work that you can apply to build momentum for improving Sustainability in the fashion industry? EM: Every sector is of course unique -- and fashion is very different from plastic packaging in many ways. Yet five learnings stand out as prerequisites for successful ...
Like many brand owners these days, you embrace Sustainability and leverage it in your marketing strategy to appeal to eco-minded consumers. So how can you extend that halo, as it's called, through to your packaging? Packaging authority and consultant Robert (Bob) Lilienfeld will share his sustainable ...
The Philippines leads the world in terms of environmental Sustainability in energy resources, according to a World Energy Council (WEC) index that also assesses countries based on energy security and energy equity. These three criteria make up what the United Nations-accredited WEC calls a "'trilemma ...
The Montclair-based Northeast Earth Coalition will hold its annual Sustainability conference on Jan. 27 at the Montclair ... And there will be the premiere of a short movie, "Spotlight on Sustainability," by Julia Sickler and Nelson DePasquale that was shot in Montclair and in other locations. MONTCLAIR: ...
Facilitator Annette Mills welcomes guests to the 2017 annual meeting of the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition. The coalition's annual meeting for 2018 ... Saving Green, a program that was initiated this past August to provide free Sustainability assistance to businesses and organizations. • News about a new ...
Supermarket buyers, (i.e., procurement managers) have erected what wineries call a "Sustainability hurdle" that must be traversed to sell in those stores. Notable examples are UK retailers Tesco and Marks & Spencer, Whole Foods, Walmart, SAQ of Quebec, LCBO of Ontario and Systembolaget of Sweden ...
The Unesco Constitution reflects the true spirit of UNESCO. The preamble states that: "The government of the state parties to this constitution on behalf of their peoples declare THAT SINCE wars BEGIN IN THE MINDS OF MEN, IT IS IN THE MINDS OF MEN THAT THE DEFENSES OF peace MUST BE ...
With a Bachelor of arts in Global Development and Sustainability from St. John's University, you learn to develop systemic solutions that promote global solidarity and to effectively strategize in response to rapid global change. The program provides you with a broad framework for understanding global and sustainable ...
Supermarket buyers, (i.e., procurement managers) have erected what wineries call a "Sustainability hurdle" that must be traversed to sell in those stores. Notable examples are UK retailers Tesco and Marks & Spencer, Whole Foods, Walmart, SAQ of Quebec, LCBO of Ontario and Systembolaget of Sweden ...
Goleta has been awarded a 3-STAR Community Rating for national leadership in Sustainability, STAR Communities has announced. Goleta is the 65th city in the nation to receive recognition from STAR Communities for its participation in the STAR Community Rating System (STAR), which evaluates the ...
Mr. Wilson said LEED for Cities will now help Washington put all its Sustainability data in one place, highlighting potential synergies - for instance, a gauge of miles driven per capita can double as a measure of emissions and walkability. He also hopes the city can publicize its data in innovative ways, ...
France leads a new sustainable tourism index. -- AFP picLONDON, Jan 3 -- France has emerged the world leader in promoting sustainable tourism, in a new report which ranks which countries are best at preserving their social, cultural and environmental capital. In The Economist's Sustainable Tourism ...
Although most wine shoppers don't take notice of terms such as organic, biodynamic, Sustainability, natural, carbon neutral or "wine miles," the businesses that sell to those consumers -- retail chains, restaurants, hotels -- increasingly demand purpose-made plans that show the wineries' commitments to ...
Yolo Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice and Cool Davis will offer Think Resilience, an eight-week discussion course to get community members thinking about and creating a sustainable future. The discussion group will meet each Tuesday evening from Jan. 16 through March 6 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Repower Yolo ...
London, United Kingdom -- Sustainability will be at the centre of innovation in the fashion industry in 2018, with front-runners harnessing the circular economy to unlock technical innovations, efficiencies, and mission orientation. Fashion companies have started to embrace the importance of Sustainability ...
Two tribes in the foothills of the Cyclops Mountains in eastern Indonesia have ratified a village regulation that aims to formalize their age-old traditions of sustainable forestry, farming and fishing. Though practiced for generations, the traditions have increasingly been abandoned in favor of higher-yield ...
Learn all about the top headlines, new restaurants, and best-bet events to attend this weekend with Bungalower and the Bus. Hosted each week by Jon Busdeker and Brendan O'Connor. This week's episode was sponsored by Green Builder Media and the City of Orlando's Sustainability Sumposium on ...
I have always had a passion for ethics and Sustainability and I think my upbringing has been very influential in this. I was born in Poland and arrived in New Zealand with my family as political refugees. Not only was New Zealand very welcoming of our family, it had some of the most beautiful nature.
For the second year in a row, Structure Tone tapped into the real-world knowledge and experience of our clients to help determine how Sustainability and wellness are perceived by the real estate and construction community. Our survey measures what matters to real estate decision-makers -- from third-party rating systems ...
Yolo Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice and Cool Davis will offer Think Resilience, an eight-week discussion course to get community members thinking about and creating a sustainable future. The discussion group will meet each Tuesday evening from Jan. 15 through March 6 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the ...
Inspired by the wonderful Overheard in the Newsroom twitter feed that chronicles journalism's lighter moments, Eco-Business started the @OHSustainability Twitter account in February to capture some of the funnier stories from the super-serious world of Sustainability. Here are a few things that tickled us ...
Pioneer natural resources (PXD) just published its first Sustainability Report, a sign that a growing number of oil companies are feeling the heat from investors over climate change. Environmental groups have mostly targeted the largest oil companies, both because their sheer size means that they have a ...
But inspiring breakthroughs and innovations have emerged toward solving all of these issues, from corporate Sustainability commitments to grassroots organization for climate resilience. Here are 11 films from the past year, from feature-length documentaries to short animations, that highlight the work that's ...
We have a president without a shred of understanding of the nature of the global Sustainability crisis who operates as if he is in a time warp stuck in 1975. He is in the process of deconstructing the U.S. EPA, shredding environmental regulations and enforcement, opening up natural treasures to exploitation, ...
At its core, Sustainability is about intervention, transformation, improvement and shifting the course of development so future generations have access to the natural resources they need to succeed. That is why I believe Sustainability will be one of the world's most powerful change agents. Over the next 35 ...
If you haven't seen Jane Dolan lately, or thought about her in a few years, you might think she's disappeared from advocacy and public service. Dolan had a high profile in Butte County--Chico in particular--for the better part of four decades, most notably as an eight-term county supervisor. Her run ended ...

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