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updated Sun. June 25, 2017

More than 3,000 people have been imprisoned in Bahrain since the 2011 Arab Spring as the government continues its crackdown on dissidents.
The Tanzania human rights Defenders Coalition (THRDC) plans to hold a countrywide demonstration to condemn the ongoing brutal killings of police and local ...
[nid:305656 field_ne_alignment=center]] (Bishkek) - The Uzbek government should immediately allow an independent investigation into the enforced ...
Honduras promised on Thursday to turn a new page in human rights -- protecting everyone from indigenous activists to gay rights campaigners -- in a ...
The activists were reacting to a graphic online report by the Kurdistan human rights Network (KHRN) about the death of Sirvan Azizi, a kulbar killed by a bullet shot from close range by a border guard near a village close to the city of Sardasht, West ...
Rockland County Honors human rights Activist. From Rockland County: Wilbur Aldridge, a stalwart of human and civil rights for more than four decades, was honored for his many contributions Tuesday during a ceremony overseen by Rockland County ...
The Internal Security Operations Command Region 4's Forward Command has withdrawn a complaint against three human rights activists accused of defamation over a human rights violation report. According to a press release issued by Col Pramote ...
Dr. Ora Mobley Sweeting, Co-Author of "Nobody Gave Me Permission", and human rights Activist was celebrated for her life's achievements on Saturday, June 10, 2017, at the upper Bel Air estate of her daughter, Candida Mobley Phillips.
Maria Baronova heads the human rights division of Open Russia - a public movement founded by exiled oligarch Mikhail Khordorkovsky.
The NYT's lead story recently featured a chilling story of the infamous Israeli cyber-security firm, NSO Group, whose Pegasus malware has been illegally utilized by Mexican intelligence agencies to spy on legitimate human rights and anti-corruption ...
The trial of 17 reporters and writers began in Turkey on Monday. More than 170 reporters are said to be held in Turkish prisons. The government says they are ...
... major court battle for gay activists who have contested the law, the court found in favor of three gay activists who claimed the law violated the rights to freedom of expression and prohibition of discrimination under the European Convention on ...
In response to an RTI application by a human rights activist seeking the inquiry report into the Sukma attacks, the CRPF said that the killing of 25 personnel by Naxals on April 24 does not qualify as a "human rights violation", news agency PTI reported.
Earl's civil rights activism prompted death threats from the white supremacist organization, Black Legion, forcing the family to relocate twice before Malcolm's fourth birthday, the biography states.
"Vietnam's human rights record was a major focus of the negotiations," it said in a statement. "It is possible that the government of Vietnam wanted to show a decrease in political arrests and trials but still pursued measures to crack down on dissent.
"Zakir Naik is an extremist preacher known to spread hate speech that attacks non-Muslims and moderate Muslims alike, and he has been banned from entering many countries," Khaled Merheb, a lawyer and human rights activist, was quoted as saying by the ...
[nid:305067 field_ne_alignment=center]] (New York, June 19, 2017) - Vietnamese bloggers and rights activists are being beaten, threatened, and intimidated ...
There is much to celebrate about technology. It has brought noteworthy advances and conveniences into our lives. However, these benefits come with a cost: our privacy.
In an interview with Zhanna Nemtsova, respected journalist and human rights activist Zoya Svetova stressed that the situation in Russia has only grown worse in all the years she's been working for people's rights.
In recent years, the Azerbaijan government has severely restricted independent activism, critical journalism, and opposition political activity by imprisoning and harassing many activists, prominent human rights defenders, and journalists. Draconian ...
On 12 June 2017, human rights activists gathered at Dhaka reporters Unity (DRU) to commemorate the anniversary of the the abduction and death of women's rights activist Kalpana Chakma, and requested the punishment of those who kidnapped her back ...
The peace and human rights activist is set to launch a campaign to become the first Afro-Colombian and first woman president of Colombia.
Khanjani, a 30-year-old Baha'i human rights activist, was first arrested on March 2, 2010 by the intelligence Ministry and released on bail after spending two months in solitary confinement.
How much is your government spying on people? Answering that question is tricky, especially because governments often might turn to other nations' Intel agencies to help get bypass their own laws limiting spying at home.
repressive regimes think if they shut human right defenders in jail they will put and end to their work. They are wrong. A new guide out today deta...
Denisse de Leon, born Luis Alberto Leon, was killed four days after she publicly denounced the security situation in the prison, criticizing the federal government for not respecting and protecting inmates' human rights. "They seek to silence people ...
These videos were taken at an event at Goldsmiths, London, where panelists discussed "how human rights activism can impact on the technical standards that govern internet design and its day-to-day running.
President Muhammadu Buhari has been urged to recognize the acclaimed winner of June 12 election, MKO Abiola, as a former president of Nigeria, by Comrade Adeniyi Alimi Sulaiman, a human rights activist and Executive Chairman, Centre for Human ...
While his family waited for him outside Rajaee Shahr prison the day he was supposed to be released, on June 6, 2017, Navid Khanjani was told he would have to spend another year behind bars for his peaceful human rights activism. "There was no ...
police are investigating allegations that members of the Bahraini royal family threatened two human rights campaigners in the heart of London.
June 10, 2017 (Ramona) - Nonie Darwish, a human rights activist, will speak on "The Difference between Biblical and Islamic Values" at a Ramona Tea'd forum on Saturday, June 24th. Darwish was born and raised in Egypt as a Muslim, but converted to ...
In Venezuela, for example, digital-rights group Access Now says it discovered recently that twitter accounts belonging to a local journalist and a member of parliament and human-rights activist had been hijacked, using a procedure it refers to as "the ...
But unless the government can develop something successive ones have failed to deliver - a corporate social responsibility process with real teeth - its broad-based advocacy of human rights, and plans to partner with business on aid projects, are ...
Bernardo Cuero died Wednesday at his home in the town of Malambo, according to a statement by the National Association of Displaced Afrodescendants.
Documentaries illuminating workers' rights, environmental activism, gender equality, police violence, and the morality of capital punishment, by filmmakers from around the world, are being showcased in the 2017 Human Rights Watch Film Festival.
Norwich University's College of Graduate and Continuing Studies is honored to announce that Nazanin Afshin-Ham, an award-winning international human rights activist and Master of arts in Diplomacy graduate, will deliver the university's 2017 ...
torture, politically motivated imprisonment of human rights activists and others, and heavy restrictions on protests and the operation of nongovernmental groups and the media are leading concerns.
Vaguely defined subversion charges are frequently leveled against human rights activists and perceived political foes of the ruling Communist Party.
Ailing political activist Hengameh Shahidi, who has been on hunger strike in Evin prison since March 16, 2017 to protest her detention without charge, is being subjected to renewed interrogations by security agents, the Center for human rights in Iran ...
She has had no access to a lawyer and has not been allowed to contact her family, Amnesty International reported. The exact reason for her arrest has not been made public but Amnesty said they believe it is due to her human rights activism in the country.
"Different partners must understand that Burundi government is lying about the security situation in the country", says Anshaire Nikoyagize, one of the Burundi human rights activists. He reacts to the declaration made by the Senior advisor in charge of ...
THE human-rights watchdog Karapatan has belied the claim of President Duterte that he had conceded so much to the demands of the National Democratic Front (NDF), including the release of almost all detained activists. Karapatan said on Tuesday ...
Earlier this year, COHA wrote about the ongoing, violent targeting of social leaders and human rights activists in Colombia whose mission has angered many military groups.
Prominent teachers' rights advocate Esmail Abdi, who has been on hunger strike for more than 30 days, was transported from Evin prison to a hospital in Tehran on June 3, 2017, the Center for human rights in Iran (CHRI) has learned. An informed source ...
More than 80 allegedly unlawful attacks in Yemen have been carried out by the Saudis, human rights activists have discovered, and some attacks have used UK-made bombs.
On his visit last month to Saudi Arabia, President Trump devoted special attention to the U.S. alliance with Bahrain, a major non-NATO ally that is home to the ...
police arrested U Tun Tun Oo, leader of the human rights activists Association, for streaming the drama entitled "We Want No war" staged by high school students and undergraduates of Pathein University during a peace discussion in Pathein on Jan. 9.
(Moscow) - A Russian human rights activist is facing criminal charges for allegedly failing to comply with the "foreign agents" law, Human Rights Watch said today. On June 27, 2016, Russian authorities notified Valentina Cherevatenko, a prominent ...
He said some plain-clothed men who spoke Georgian, beat him and handed him to Azerbaijani security forces, according to Human Rights Watch. Azerbaijani investigative journalist and opposing activist Afghan Mukhtarli waves to supporters in Baku on May ...
Prior to that, she led a discussion on human rights while presiding over the U.N. Security Council. This past week, Haley held a major meeting with human rights and humanitarian relief activists. Haley also has sought to enlist Trump's daughter Ivanka ...



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