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updated Sat. May 27, 2017

Courts must consider any history of domestic violence when they make orders for access to children, an expert on children and domestic violence has said.
Anti-austerity Alliance to launch Anti Father Peter McVerry, Richard Boyd Barrett and Ruth Coppinger TD as Anti-Austerity Alliance launch Anti-Evictions Bill.
women for sex Huitzil I am not cooperating with the GAL because he is the epitome of the anti-father framework that is currently in place.
The new Missouri law, designed to combat an anti-father bias, is the fourth of its kind in the nation. The Massachusetts-based National Parents Organization has led the battle for equal parental treatment in divorce court for two decades.
The notion of anti-father court bias, however, is often dismissed with claims that fathers don't do enough to fight for custody.
Like the slouching would-be anti-fathers that Maury Povich never tires of publicly shaming, he just refuses to recognize his kids.
This is exactly the reason why family courts are extremely anti-father and do not honor requests of fathers to grant them visitation of their kids.
Ed O'Neill, who played Al Bundy, the anti-father figure from the original show, had something to say about it. The star has played many seasons as a somewhat positive father figure on Modern Family, and has made the news after getting his picture taken ...
The reason I felt confident George Galloway was not another time-waster was that I had heard that he had himself become a casualty of family-court anti-father tyranny. Now on his fourth marriage, he has been in dispute with a former spouse concerning ...
Days after the cyber attack a pro-father hackering group, called DadSec, claimed responsibility because of what it called Mumsnet's "anti-father" attitude. The Anonymous group, also known as DadSecurity, launched the digital assault, referred to as ...
Miami attorney John DeLeon says, "This anti-father Corces group at St. Rose has resorted to the worst type of Joe McCarthy-like tactics to further their agenda and achieve their goal of removing the Pastor even at the cost of destroying the parish.
The anti-father theorists believe that the family justice system is biased against fathers, so that mothers are preferred in any dispute over with whom children of separated parents should reside, and fathers are often given limited contact with their ...
The Hungarian unit of UNICEF, the United Nations children's Emergency Fund, has launched a campaign to persuade Hungarians to donate 1 per cent of their personal income tax to the office.
Mumsnet, a forum for parents, attracted attention in 2015 from an unknown group of individuals who claimed they disliked what they described as the 'anti-father' sentiment of the site. The group set up fake user profile and started bombarding the sites ...
The anti-father antipathy displayed by some of the bill opponents strikes me as sexist and antiquated. Times and thinking change.
To borrow from Donald Trump, HUGE things happened last week on "Empire" with Camilla Marks (Naomi Campbell) going out 'ding dong, that b*tch is dead' style at the end of episode 12 and pulling her wife Mimi Whiteman (Marisa Tomei) with her into that ...
In our trendy, gender-bendy culture, this anti-father talking point is respectable among the brainiacs who read The Atlantic (professional intellectuals, soft-handed media types, people who hold degrees in gender studies).
In 2011, the Supreme Court, weighing in a second time, upheld the father's primary custody, having been largely swayed by mother's "anti-father attitude." The mother, who by then was convinced that the couple were persecuting her, had also created a ...
In our trendy, gender-bendy culture, this anti-father talking point is respectable among the brainiacs who read The Atlantic (professional intellectuals, soft-handed media types, people who hold degrees in gender studies).
Still, there are people out there who want the lie to go on, and they've developed a new browser extension to help brainwash their kids block out all anti-father Christmas content. The 'Keep Believing in Santa' extension is available on Chrome and ...



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