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But now it must do more: it must meet young practitioners where they live: in the cloud and in the open source community. For them, cloud makes the onramp easy, while open source is synonymous with the place that the community innovates. And by the way, open source provides career portability.
Though it may have initially sprouted from the software development community, open source is now a movement, a philosophy. In this new way of thinking, we emphasise collaboration between brilliant minds, traversing different domains of knowledge, different countries and cultures - to ultimately tackle ...
Let's be clear: This is basically an impossibility. Windows 10 Mobile is built on the same platform as Windows on the PC, and there is a ton of code in there that Microsoft wouldn't ever send to the open source community. It isn't like Android, where AOSP is just the basic bits and the Android you see on a ...
There's no longer any point in ignoring the truth: during the age of open-source software, which was supposed to democratize software development and usher in a new era of community-driven advancement, the most powerful companies in technology have consolidated their power and become the most ...
The cloud is growing faster than ever, and OpenStack, the open-source cloud for the enterprise, is growing with it. By next year, 60 percent of enterprise workloads will run in the cloud, according to 451 Research's Voice of the Enterprise: Cloud Transformation, Workloads and Key Projects survey.

Open source software debuted 20 years ago in February. While arguments attempting to define its actual purpose (free speech versus free beer) sometimes seem perpetual, it has opened up new possibilities for organizations looking for affordable and customizable software code to help run their ...
FundRequest, a decentralized marketplace built for open source collaboration, has announced a partnership with Indorse, a reward-based ... The partnership between the two platforms will potentially be hugely beneficial for the open source community and also help provide skilled blockchain developers ...
The latest - and 17th - version of open source infrastructure software Openstack, named Queens, is now available. Six months on from the previous release, among the new features in Queens is full support for virtual graphic processing units (vGPUs) in the Nova provisioning component, so if a user is ...
The government has two major initiatives to facilitate contributions to the open source community: and The .gov variant was launched in November 2016 and contains thousands of named projects that span every branch of the government, including NASA, the General Services ...
The flow of information out of the country is notoriously thin, so experts often turn to open-source material for clues. That's especially true for those operating outside government in the so-called parallel intelligence community. Jeffrey Lewis and his team at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies ...
VALLEY, a new virtual infrastructure project that promises to be a cynosure of the global crypto community as an interactive and informational pool. ... SPACE was unveiled recently as a 3D and VR open source platform, leveraging the power of blockchain technology to deliver a user-friendly tool for the ...
London-based Regulatory technology (RegTech) Pontus Vision has released an open source GDPR tool. ... Government, we have applied our knowledge and expertise in security to the development of Pontus Vision GDPR and are pleased to offer it as an open source solution to the financial community." ...
After all, most decentralized protocols are open-source - copying their code is free and 100 percent legal. .... If society truly becomes open-source, the only factors that will keep protocols defensible in the long term are an exceptionally talented team, a loyal community and significant network effect. Perhaps ...
Microsoft didn't always embrace open source, but by late 2016, when Microsoft joined the Linux Foundation, the community had an idea of what the future of the company that once said "Linux is a cancer" was going to look like. According to Ramakrishnan, if instead of embracing the opportunity Microsoft ...
SalesAgility has joined the Open Source Initiative (OSI) as a Premium Corporate Sponsor. In some ways it is surprising ... We're thrilled to see the success of open source and the success of companies like SalesAgility who are authentically engaged in the open source community. This is where our work ...
"The OpenStack Foundation Edge Computing Group is asking the open source community to begin exploring these challenges and possibilities. We recognise that there is work to be done to achieve our goals of creating the tools to meet these new requirements. We welcome and encourage the entire ...

For the Air Force, leveraging the knowledge of the open source community, such as that inherent in Arduino, helps accelerate innovation, enabling new technologies with tremendous potential for the Air Force. The NextFlex institute plays a key role in this innovation process and is a valuable asset for the ...
Convenience: With simple license management without an expiry date, a dedicated support community platform and discussion forums to share constant updates and identify and resolve software glitches and bugs, open source CRM offers simple user experience. Additionally, with free access to source ...
This event is an opportunity for those firms to come and learn directly from the open source community about how best to participate, contribute to, and use open source. It also provides them an opportunity to meet the people building open source tools and give them feedback on what type of tools would be ...
"We've learned a lot by talking to service members, program offices, and contractors across the DoD excited about participating in the [free and open source software] community," Chivukula, DDS engineer Jordan Kasper, General Counsel Sharon Woods and Chief of Staff Reina Staley told Nextgov in an ...
Only months after debuting the Freedom U540, the world's first linux-compatible processor based on the open-source RISC-V chip architecture, RISC-V chipmaker SiFive has surprised the open-source community again by unveiling a full development board built around the ISA. Called the HiFive ...
A healthy developer community is essential to the success of any open source project. Without a cohort of willing volunteers even the best software will wither and die. This holds true for new ventures and for mature projects alike, and open source software don't come much more mature than PostgreSQL ...
"The OpenStack Foundation Edge Computing Group is asking the open source community to begin exploring these challenges and possibilities. We recognise that there is work to be done to achieve our goals of creating the tools to meet these new requirements. We welcome and encourage the entire ...
An Air Force Research Laboratory-led project in conjunction with NextFlex, America's Flexible Hybrid electronics Institute, has led to the development of a new, flexible Arduino circuit board system that takes advantage of flexible hybrid electronics manufacturing processes. (Photo courtesy of NextFlex).
OSRF is an independent non-profit organisation founded by members of the global robotics community to support the development, distribution, and adoption of open source software for use in robotics research and education. The group oversees the development of the Robot operating system (ROS), ...
Microsoft has been nipping at the top open source contributor position for years, but a new analysis by Adobe developer Fil Maj puts Microsoft into a whole other universe of ... Maj, unlike Hoffa, analyzed profile information (specifically, the company field) for GitHub's 2-million-strong developer community.
When a teenaged Nikki Stevens built her first website, she did not foresee the barriers she would encounter in pursuit of her newfound passion. Now a doctoral candidate with Arizona State University's school for the Future of Innovation in Society, she has founded two organizations, works a lucrative ...
Peters insists that the open source community has changed not only how software is developed but how companies collaborate. Pointing to the number of times she has read about things in science fiction books and then gone on to using them in everyday life, she says that even when new solutions are not ...
Yet, the developers contributing code to the open source community are far from diverse. For instance, in a random survey of around 5,500 respondents from over 3,800 open source projects on software development platform GitHub last year, it was found that women formed a mere 3% of the community.
The introduction of the term "open source software" was a deliberate effort to make this field of endeavor more understandable to newcomers and to business, which was viewed as necessary to its spread to a broader community of users. The problem with the main earlier label, "free software," was not its ...
From the beginning of time, there were information hoarder / controllers and disseminators / distributors. Information science tells us that 99% of information is public and only a tiny portion is significantly restricted. The explosion and spread of technologies from the 19th century onwards have favored ...
"These organizations, which represent a huge swath of industries from around the globe, are contributing significantly to the growing open source community. We are proud to have their support across so many linux Foundation projects." In addition to joining the Foundation, many of these new members ...
OpenX announced this month that it is one of the first advertising exchanges in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), four months before the deadline. OpenX is also making available a GDPR-ready data processing agreement (DPA) drafted in consultation with leading ...
The organization is also inviting members of the open source community to share their stories. They're looking for personal anecdotes that "highlight the significant accomplishments and contributions that have made open source software a valued asset and community for your organization." Some are ...
"The linux Foundation welcomes the dNOS project to the open source community," said Arpit Joshipura, general manager of Networking, The Linux Foundation. "The dNOS project will help create a network operating system community that will benefit existing Linux Foundation projects like FRRouting and ...
Automated software container security company Twistlock claims to be passionate about open source contributions. Company CTO John Morello points out that all too few firms actually contribute with 'code commits' despite many claiming to be open source advocates, or openly stating their use of open ...
But state and local government can't go it alone when it comes to open source. Instead, agencies must find the right partners to move forward with. Leaders present in the discussion encouraged finding partners who were regular contributors to the open source community, and not just ones who use the ...
Being fully open source means a lot of things. It is modifiable, open to scrutiny and audit, and unemcumbered by patents and other ugly legal hindrances to a vibrant community-developed platform. That means anyone and everyone can potential help make Mycroft AI better. Most importantly, Mycroft doesn't ...
The linux Foundation, said to host nine of the top 10 open source networking projects, is seeking to foster collaboration among those disparate offerings with a ... "What we can expect to see under this shared governance model is increased community collaboration focused on building a shared technical ...
Developed by Seattle's Bassam Tabbara while he was CTO of Quantum Systems, Rook is an open-source project that allows Kubernetes users to enjoy the benefits of having storage more closely connected to their clusters. It's the latest move by the CNCF community to make Kubernetes -- the popular ...
open-source community leaders have slammed the 'absolute sh*t show' of an embargo process that left many key constituencies just days to develop complex software patches. Fake Meltdown-Spectre patch emails hiding Smoke Loader malware. Cybercriminals are attempting to profit from confusion ...
On a positive note, startups too have given back to the open source community by opening up some of their core products. ... viral Shah: There are a lot of ways that one can make money from open source software -- offering training, targeted ads, customisation for certain additional functionalities and ...
Mycroft needs and deserves community backing. Whether you're pledging toward a new Mark II unit, contributing to the project, creating new Skills (which we'll be covering soon), or even reporting bugs, all help is welcome and the Mycroft team has immense appreciation and respect for the community ...
Siemens PLM Software and Launch Forth are partnering to empower and educate the future workforce by offering free professional CAD software to a co-creation community of 185,000 innovators that are focused on product development, idea generation, and creating solutions for challenges both big and ...
We don't know who's going so fast on their bike that they need to measure air speed, but of course the hacker community never ceases to amaze us. Even if you don't have a jet fighter that could benefit from a high performance ADC such as Asgard, you have to be impressed by the incredible work the team ...
Now, the company wants to go one step further and create an ecosystem of open-source services that respect your privacy. When I met with Cozy ... The startup is partnering with Linxo for those connectors, but the open-source community will be able to build more connectors. With those fundamental bricks, ...
Open/R, which leverages existing open source codebases for a number of core functions, is an extensible network routing platform that removes some of the ... "By releasing the modern, easily extensible, and well-tested Open/R platform, we intend to push the state-of-the-art in the networking community.".
"I am confident that the linux Foundation Networking Project will serve as a huge source of innovation for next generation networks, including 5G. As a member of the project, Samsung will work with the open source community to ensure that new carrier-grade solutions based on new technologies such as ...
Rotary encoder specialist POSITAL has expanded its interface offerings for its magnetic Kit Encoders, launched with great success last year, with support for the non-proprietary open-source BiSS Line communication protocol. This enables the practical implementation of single-cable technology, which is ...


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