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updated Sat. May 27, 2017

Meanwhile several open source community projects are offering alternatives to TXLOS for DIY Pi-based thin clients. The Raspberry Pi Thin Client project, which now supplies a RPiTC v3 1.12 release, supports Citrix Receiver 13.4.2, VMWare Horizon 4.3, ...
The Broad Institute is set to release version 4 of its Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK) under an open source software license, ending a five-year experiment with a hybrid model.
A self-service portal for end users to deploy their choice of the most popular open source community databases. These include MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Redis, Neo4j and Apache Cassandra in minutes.
San Francisco - May 23, 2017 - The linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today announced that Sheryl Chamberlain has joined as Chief of Staff. She will be responsible ... "The Foundation, through its ...
... its contributors back the less common 21-inch rack design. Industry watchers regularly cite OCP's support for 21-inch racks as being a partial barrier to adoption of its technologies outside the hyperscale cloud and internet provider community ...
PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - May 23, 2017) - Symphony Software Foundation (the Foundation), the nonprofit organization fostering open source software (OSS) innovation in Financial Services, on the Symphony secure collaboration platform and beyond ...
Software-Defined Networking disrupted the network into many fragments. Now, the open-source community must package for real-world users, according to Arpit Joshipura (pictured), general manager of networking and orchestration at The linux Foundation.
... Zuckerberg Initiative. "Not only does it make this critical tool available to as broad as possible an audience for use, reuse, inspection and contribution - it provides a powerful example to the community for how an existing project can embrace ...
GATK4 will be released as a fully open source product, thanks in part to a collaboration between Broad Institute and Intel Corporation to advance high-performance analytics so researchers can study massive amounts of genomic data from diverse sources ...
Google, IBM and Lyft are merging some of their learned best practices around microservices to create a new open-source project called Istio.
The platform allows administrators and developers to deploy a fully configured private cloud with automated provisioning for open source database services. The supported open source databases include MongoDB, EDB PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, ...
Daytona was built Yahoo to be open source from the start, with the aim that the open source community can help extend its use cases and make it suitable for an even broader set of applications and workloads.
It's an important win for the open source community. In order for Hancom to incorporate Ghostscript into its word processing software for free, it needed to open source its software, or pay Artifex a licensing fee. Because Hancom didn't do either ...
Increasingly, the IT community is leveraging open source software as an integral part of new application development.
"In 2015, we set out some open source software principles and by January 2016, we had 400 repositories on GitHub," she said.
The federal government has become a key member of the open source community. In 2016 the White House encouraged agencies to use open source technology and provided guidance to help them do so. And for good reason: open source solutions fortify ...
In order to involve community members, who otherwise have their say in the form of comments in the bottom of the article, WikiTribune intends to have professional journalists and community members work side by side as equals, supported by readers and ...
The advent of open source analytics, along with its modest licensing costs, extreme mutability, agility, and growing support of community users has not only impacted the data sphere, but has affected the whole of IT industry. With the help of open ...
In the open source community, "it's more of a startup nature right now," he told FierceWirelessTech. "There's a lot of overlapping open source communities that are developing in parallel and there's a degree of chaos associated with that, but that's ...
So, even as things turn into 'products by vendors' or services through cloud, they're generally started with some sort of open source community. The only place where I think there's innovation going on [outside open source] would be some more niche ...
However, one of the most significant uses of open source is in the enterprise community. Open source tools, frameworks and databases are used to construct the vast majority of back-end systems, and power a huge amount of the technology that underpins ...
... rocked the community. Only a couple of weeks before the event, Intel pulled out of a partnership with Rackspace to build an OpenStack-based test facility, and OpenStack poster boy Mirantis pivoted from a pure OpenStack strategy to one covering a ...
A Kickstarter campaign has just been launched for the Evezor, an open source robotic arm manufacturing platform that is capable of 3D printing, welding, carving, milling, cutting, engraving, and much, much more.
Building a community around an open-source project requires a number of practices regarding support, pull requests handling, licensing, and more, writes Pete Warden, TensorFlow Mobile lead at Google.
In the case of OpenStack, and its pool of contributors and supplier partners, any hint of a company opting to downsize their involvement is often seized upon by industry watchers as a sign the wheels are coming off the open source cloud juggernaut ...
The key driver for using open source code is to avoid paying money to proprietary software suppliers, such as Microsoft and Oracle, with the FOSS community on hand to provide a high level of support in response to any problems that crop up. That said ...
But Sprint is putting its own stamp on the space this week with its debut of a new open source SDN/NFV mobile core solution.
The technology also continues to underpin the network transformation at AT&T, which has made a big commitment to open source more generally. That commitment has seen the operator release its ECOMP software platform into the open source community ...
The sorry state of open source security was further revealed by Google, which reported its fuzz testing tool has found hundreds of potential security ...
Some were on display at this week's annual TM Forum Live conference in Nice, where Shahar Steiff, an assistant vice president at Hong Kong's PCCW, described open source as an "overrated necessity" in front of conference attendees. Steiff clearly thinks ...
The IBM i community should not be napping. Several years ago, it became clear to IBM i chief architect Steve Will that open source was a necessary focus area for the growth of IBM i and the IBM i community. PHP and Will arrived at just about the ...
As a result, the federal court ruled that an open-source license is, in fact, an enforceable contract. This is a small victory for the open-source community, as this case sets a precedent that shouldn't be ignored. It's still uncertain whether Artifex ...
Nowadays, the development of crucial software like artificial intelligence and navigation for autonomous vehicles is taking place in collaborative environments involving multiple companies or even full-blown open-source community collaboration. The DIY ...
Have you launched an open source project or are you considering doing so? Making a success of your project can involve everything from evaluating licenses to community outreach. The good news is that there are many free resources that can help you ...
The appearance - in telecast form - of information liberator-in-chief, Edward Snowden, at the OpenStack Summit raised more applause than hackles, and his views on the role of the open source community as a collective protector of people and defence ...
When the South Korean developer of a suite of productivity apps called Hancom Office incorporated an open-source PDF interpreter called Ghostscript into its word-processing software, it was supposed to do one of two things.
According to advocates, open source software is just the first step in a larger movement -- one that aims to make open source an integral part of our daily lives. ... Alicia Gibb, executive director for the Open Source Hardware Association, based in ...
The numbers are in - and judging by them, OSS-Fuzz, the program Google unveiled last December to continuously fuzz open source software, has been a success. In five months time the effort has unearthed over 1,000 bugs, a quarter of them potential ...
Every major technology that enterprises are likely to bet on - cloud, artificial intelligence, mobility - has a lot of its current innovation happening upstream in the open source community," he stated. "The small university-centric collaboration model ...
Stefan Arold (right) and his team play a vital role in the local scientific community through collaboration with other research groups in the Kingdom.
OIN's community practices patent non-aggression in core linux and adjacent open source technologies by cross-licensing Linux System patents to one another on a royalty-free basis.
"We wanted the community to be able to take advantage of our core technological innovations, and that meant open sourcing essentially the entire core of the system," explained Todd Mostak, co-founder and CEO of MapD Technologies.
The process itself is well-established, and with the introduction of OSS-Fuzz to the community at large this year, over 10 trillion test inputs are being processed every day.
open source. Snowden is a strong advocate for open-source technology and processes. When he leaked his NSA revelations in 2013, open-source and linux technologies played a key role, including the Tor network and the Tails Linux distribution.
Cohort company sea has developed innovative data visualisation software and made it available as open-source for the environmental data science community. The software, developed by SEA's Research and Technical Support (RTS) division, enables ...
Innovative data visualization software developed by Cohort company sea is available as open-source for the environmental data science community. The software, developed by SEA's Research and Technical Support (RTS) division, enables users to easily ...
At the summit, Red Hat also recognises women who have done exceptional work in the open source community. Avni Khatri, president of Kids on Computers, and Jigyasa Grover, a student at Delhi technological University, were the 2017 Women in Open ...
I think the real strength of open source lays not so much in the final product, but the values of collaboration and participation espoused by the open source community in software development. Even if businesses pick a piece of proprietary technology ...
Clever, unexpected and innovative uses of open source were nominated for consideration, as were those wrapped in social initiatives, as in the case of Avni Khatri.
When the government collaborates with the open-source community, information technology takes on a whole new meaning. In British Columbia, Canada, the BC Developers' Exchange is taking a different approach to working with developers to solve ...




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