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A report from Scotland tells us that Scottish socialist party plan to stage a demonstration outside the shop in Princes Street, armed with a 7ft replica iPhone X and placards demanding: "Give workers a bigger bite of the Apple." Hugh Cullen of the Scottish socialist Party said that "Apple is the richest company ...

The former director of the group responsible for the report, Augusto Lopez-Claros, didn't immediately respond to requests for comment sent to personal and work email addresses listed on his personal website….A former professor at the University of Chile, Mr. Lopez-Claros is on leave from the World Bank ...
Like Budapest, Zagreb is two cities divided by a river. Novi Zagreb lies to the south of Zagreb, across the river Sava, and was developed to house the growing population. Its skyline is dominated by the socialist realist monoliths, that I, on a grey January morning, set out to explore on foot. As an important hub within Tito's ...
Taken to an extreme, it could potentially mean that state universities would be banned from providing any resources to campus chapters of the Democratic socialists of America. Some local socialists worry that it could also be used to prevent socialist candidates from receiving Clean elections funding.
socialists have as yet few truly high-profile adherents. America's most left-wing politician in the top ranks, Bernie Sanders, self-identifies as a "democratic socialist," but in practice he is much more concerned with bringing America up to the top standard of the developed world rather than leapfrogging past it.

The gathering was an "open strategy" session of the local Democratic socialists of America chapter to talk through DSA's nascent Medicare for All campaign. A poster affixed to the door showed a line representing the cardiac-rhythm strip of an ECG monitor and featured a rose, an old socialist symbol that ...
Once one of France's most powerful political parties, these days the socialists are seeking a leader to rescue them from a future of obscurity. ... Wanted: A dynamic leader for France's historic socialist party, able to rebuild the brand after a year of watching the political ground crumble beneath its feet.
In fact it seems to me that Seattle, rather than being some sort of socialist haven, instead is a shrine to unbridled capitalism. Housing prices and rents are outrageous, and continue to increase by double digits yearly. Car tabs, property taxes, insurance, restaurant meals, tickets to entertainments, and pretty ...
Venezuela, once the most prosperous country in South America, can no longer pay its debts. After missing $200m of interest payments on two ...
The Kent State socialist Collective and the Kent State Young Democratic socialists said they would participate in a separate food drive. (iStock ...
As a member of the national political committee of the Democratic socialists of America -- the most prominent socialist organization in the ...
Last week more than a dozen socialists won office around the ... long ago, in a pre-Bernie Sanders America, that "socialist" was a smear, used ...
Lee Carter, a first-time candidate for elected office, defeated Republican Delegate Jackson Miller in the race for a seat in the House of ...
"The House GOP whip might lose to a socialist Marine veteran? ... groups, including the D.C. chapter of the Democratic socialists of America, ...
The Democratic socialists picked up a historic 15 seats across the country, ... In Cheektowaga, New York, last night, Democratic socialist Brian ...
His burial at Friedrichsfelde marked the beginning of a socialist-communist right of ... I. The Nazis demolished it in 1935, and the present monument to socialists, ...

The Washington, D.C. chapter of the Democratic socialists of America has ... to identify as a socialist now," Smith wrote in an email to The Hoya.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaking about Phil Murphy, the Democratic contender for the state's governor's race. Current polls show ...
The son of Donald Trump has used a photograph of the US president's granddaughter on Halloween to unleash a scathing takedown on ...
This socialist City Council Candidate Wants to Ban Fur in New York City ... and have been endorsed by the Democratic socialists of America.
The Chattanooga chapter of the Democratic socialists of America will host a panel discussion on the political ideologies of anarchism, ...
Send your news, views and criticism in not more than 150 words to socialist Postbox, PO Box 24697, London E11 1YD, phone 020 8988 8771 ...
The Huron Valley Democratic socialists of America club is hosting "Gimme a Brake (Light)" from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 11, at St.
Arizona's Democratic socialists Inspired by Bernie Sanders Seek Political ... It's now the largest socialist group in the U.S. since World War II.
students today are living in a period unlike any in history, with unprecedented levels of inequality, escalating military violence and the looming ...
Convened every five years, the Communist Party of China's week-long 19th National Congress has closed in Beijing. The congress is the ...
And the Democratic socialists of America, where she is the Washington, DC, chair, ... Allegations of sexism against the socialist left aren't new.
The Democratic socialists of America, the largest socialist organization in the U.S., has grown exponentially since the election of Donald Trump ...
In the report, Mr Xi outlined a two-step approach to build China into a great modern socialist country after the completion of building a ...
The socialists in question were the Stanford branch of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) -- a leftist political group that advocates ...
Spain's ruling conservatives and main opposition socialists have ... threat to secede from Spain, according to Socialist politician Carmen Calvo.
The Young Democratic socialists of America (YDSA) chapter at Iowa ... A socialist student group at Iowa State University has repeatedly made ...
"Let me just ask, since this is a tax debate, what is the difference between a socialist and a Democrat on taxes?" Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) asked ...
Socialist Ginger Jentzen is the greatest city council fundraiser in ... Jentzen's campaign finance records reflect that socialists are eager to ...
Venezuela held its second election in four months, the 22nd election since the beginning of the socialist Bolivarian revolutionary process in ...
Tibisay Lucena, president of the government-stacked National Electoral Council, announced late Sunday that the socialist party had won 17 of ...
Nicolas Maduro speaks after gubernatorial elections brought surprise victories for many ruling party candidates in Venezuela. Photograph: ...
socialist Prime Minister candidate Laszlo Botka attends an interview with Reuters in Budapest, Hungary May 24, 2017. REUTERS/Laszlo ...
If America's democratic socialists learned anything from watching ... The DSA is still nowhere near the levels of the socialist party in 1920, ...
Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of being too RIGHT-WING by the socialist party - who have dubbed him the new Maggie Thatcher.
In a signature speech at the Labour Party conference, Jeremy Corbyn laid out an agenda to return power to the people.
He became a dues-paying member of the Democratic socialists of America and ... Democrat Lee Carter, a democratic socialist, won an election ...
Lee Carter's unapologetically socialist and passionately populist candidacy ... After the November 7 election, Democratic socialists of America ...
The Democratic socialists of America, which sometimes butts heads with socialist Alternative, has also put its weight behind Jentzen.
At their national conference in Chicago in early August, the Democratic socialists of America - the largest socialist organization in the country ...
The Affordable Care Act is illegal, government-sponsored, socialistic health care, as government is only supposed to protect the populace from ...
An overwhelming majority of SYRIZA's "socialist Trend" faction under MEP Costas Chrysogonos have voted to part ways with the ruling leftists ...
News 5 spoke with a representative from a new socialist group who tells us they plan to join the Native American groups who regularly ...
socialist Prime Minister candidate Laszlo Botka attends an interview with Reuters in Budapest, Hungary May 24, 2017. REUTERS/Laszlo ...



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