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A solid economy, a Pro-Suv consumer base, and cheap gas have helped fuel the surge in the demand for SUVs. However, the luxury-car market is extraordinarily sensitive to shifts in the economy, with premium SUVs being particularly vulnerable during ...

Vijf jaar geleden sloten we onze review af met de stelling dat het Pro-Suv kamp in de Sorento misschien wel zijn grootste troef had gevonden. In vijf jaar is er veel veranderd en de grote SUV's zien we minder en minder in ons straatbeeld. Op zich is ...
How do you distill the essence of Toyota off-road SUVs from the last couple of decades? It will have to be this 2015 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro.
The 4Runner is Toyota's last body-on-frame SUV kept around for the owner who values a serious vehicle that can keep up with an active outdoor lifestyle over keeping up appearances.
also pro SUV seit ihr auch, jubelt dort bei fast jedem SUV, aber gegen eine Langversion von S-Klasse oder allgemein Sportwagen. Alles klar... Jedes SUV ist ineffizienter als die Sportwagen oder S-Klasse!



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