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updated Sat. May 27, 2017

There are plenty of theories as to why President Trump might want to destabilize our alliance with our European allies and upend the global liberal internationalist order. But that he wants to do that seems basically beyond question at this point. His ...
Laffitte said he spoke to Cornell on a daily basis and on the afternoon of his death, they were discussing plans for him to perform at the 2017 global citizens music Festival this September in New York. He sounded upbeat when he talked about plans for ...
Whenever we visit new countries, we try to learn at least a few words to use in our daily interactions with the people we meet and encounter.
In conjunction with the global citizens Initiative, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which aims to empower young global citizens from all sectors of society to be lifelong leaders of change, Matsui gave a brief presentation titled "What It Means To ...
"fracking kills, and it poisons the whole land," Westwood told global citizen. "The majority of people in England are against fracking.
It is hard to avert one's eyes from the flaming train wreck that is the Donald Trump presidency. But with respect to foreign policy, Trump's rise has raised a question that will endure even after his time in office ends: What is the future of American ...
politics isn't something that can actually be put on hold, writes Abi Wilkinson for our series covering the UK General election.
Abraham Lincoln neither spoke nor read any language other than English and would never travel abroad, but he was an internationalist in sentiment, conviction and politics. His internationalism was not a vague or transient feeling, but a firmly rooted ...
OPINION: climate change sceptics swim in blissful ignorance. Bill North | 25th May 2017 5:00 AM. Bill North. Full Profile Login to follow.
Havana, Cuba, May 23.- Maria Eugenia Neto, widow of the father of the People's Republic of Angola, Agostinho Neto paid tribute on Monday in Havana to the Cuban soldiers that fell in combat during their internationalist mission in Africa. The ...
The theme of the global citizens seventh-grade social studies curriculum, "there is not one right way to live," has led the middle schoolers this year on a journey to explore cultures and cultural adaptation across the globe.
A scholar of global education, he had created a curriculum at the request of a private school to teach students about their diverse global neighbors and the role of global citizens in facilitating world peace and sustainable development. He decided ...
We are leaving the European Union. We want to ensure our departure is smooth and orderly and to agree a deep and special partnership with the 27 remaining member states.
Adult and youth leaders can help other youth and children learn about topics related to Sustainable Development Goal 9 in order to be informed and active global citizens. Here are some activities highlighted by UK-based Global Dimension that can be ...
Cyrus recently celebrated the five-year anniversary of her own sobriety, following drug & alcohol issues, and Lovato is pleased she has also given up using narcotics.
The upcoming election has two key features. One is that voters have a genuine choice for the first time in a generation. But the other is that media disinformation backing current foreign policy and attacking Jeremy Corbyn is so great that the election ...
Adult and youth leaders can help other youth and children learn about topics related to Sustainable Development Goal 10 in order to be informed and active global citizens. Here are some resources and lesson plans that can be used to help learn, and ...
He had pedalled away before I could tell him that my opposition to the EU (among other international organisations) was not primarily nationalist but anti-internationalist. I would have added that such anti-internationalism has a long and impressive ...
(MENAFN Editorial) Dubai, UAE, May 17, 2017: Global Residence and Citizenship advisory firm, Henley & Partners is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the 2017 global citizen Award. The Award was established to pay tribute to individuals ...
(AllHipHop News) French Montana has announced a partnership with global citizen to promote the #2BSTRONG petition campaign.
London (FOX 5 NEWS) - From castles to pre-Victorian townhouses to futuristic conceptual architecture: the skyline of London has been changing and changing fast.
The words "global citizen" prompted some discussion at the Board of education meeting Monday May 8, during a first read of the district's revised mission statement.
French Montana announced today that he is partnering with global citizen, furthering the rapper's recent philanthropic endeavors.
(MENAFN Editorial) It is a great pleasure to meet friends from afar! As 'May 19th National Tourism Day of #China comes, the Tourism Promotion Conference & 'global citizens traveling to Quzhou free Press Conference was held in Quzhou and sincere ...
internationalists everywhere cheered as Emmanuel Macron won the French presidency, scoring two thirds of the vote against the far right's Marine Le Pen.
It is a great pleasure to meet friends from afar! As "May 19th" National Tourism Day of China comes, the Tourism Promotion Conference & "global citizens ...
From a conference on dalit discrimination in London comes a message to Pope Francis, writes Mari Marcel Thekaekara.
While atrial fibrillation (AFib) and heart disease continue to plague patients globally, some cardiologists have made it their mission to help underserved communities in foreign countries as they look for ways to use their specialties for good.
Even though we think ourselves as global citizens, we still differ in terms of how we behave online and what motivates our behavior online.
Srinagar: Twenty victim families whose relatives have been subjected to custodial killings, enforced disappearances, and torture by the Indian forces in the Kashmir Valley met on Tuesday to appeal world citizens to push India for justice after their ...
Their second major gift, he said, "will allow the college to support its students as they become responsible, global citizens while educating them about the issues and challenges that the international community and planet face." "Today, no one will be ...
First Data CEO Frank Bisignano and Flywire CEO Mike Massaro to tell us what's behind the cross-border payments partnership they announced last week.
London (FOX 5 NEWS) - London is one of the most visited cities in the world. It is a place where history meets modern decadence. Just ahead of the busy summer travel season, I went on a unique tour of the capital of the United Kingdom.
French presidential election. French choose between an internationalist and a protectionist president. France is electing a new president who will have to bring together a country that is heavily divided.
"workers united, will never be defeated," echoes through the streets of central Hong Kong on May Day. Over 100 people joined the first ever May Day demonstration in Hong Kong jointly organised by socialist Action, migrant group Kobumi and the refugee ...
Henley & Partners is calling for nominations for its 2017 global citizen Award. The award was established to pay tribute to individuals who have worked towards improving and supporting the global community, and whose actions or thinking have ...
Galway Bay fm newsroom - Three NUI Galway students have been awarded the global citizen Award through their volunteering with Nurture Africa and the Experiment Intercultural Learning (EIL) initiative, which was set up to assist and develop ...
Brighton-based independent publisher Myriad Editions is to merge with non-profit media co-operative New internationalist, based in Oxford, effective immediately.
Senior Tiffany Yeh explores health care and poverty through working abroad, and cultivates her love of music while at home. Kate Telma | MIT News correspondent.
Al-Kuwari and AlDosari are part of a growing number of QF students who are breaking new ground as global citizens, ensuring that Qatar has a voice on the world stage.
Maintaining its spot as one of the best no-frills retro runners on the market from Nike, the internationalist is back this spring with a series of three season-appropriate looks for women.
We are building a fundamentally different type of workers' organisation - independent of political parties and employers but not apolitical, democratic, worker-controlled, militant, socialist-orientated, internationalist, Pan Africanist from a Marxist ...
Rwanda is making strides to bring the African nation's education system into the 21st century by going digital with the aim of churning out global citizens. Microsoft's partnership with the government of Rwanda takes a four-pronged approach to the ...
Many have commented on the age gap between France's Presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron and his older partner, but what does it mean?
Moving away from narratives that spell fear of climate-related catastrophes, "Tomorrow" tells stories of how ordinary people - from Icelandic volcanoes to Indian slums - employ innovative ways to fight the effects of climate change.
The new internationalist SD boasts an all-rose upper, over the suede and leather construction alike. The two-tone midsole and gum outsole provide necessary contrast, and a distinct metallic "heel bracelet" rounds out the kick.
'The Kurds': internationalists or Narrow Nationalists? By: Marcel Cartier. Kurdish people. Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) fighters wave their flag in northeastern Syrian town of Qamishli.
Peter Kenworthy, British citizen based in Denmark, tried to register to vote for the next UK general elections, and discovered he can't.
Elon University prides itself as an institution that helps create global citizens. We can see aspects of this mindset in the required freshmen class "The Global Experience," the International Station at Lakeside and various international studies and ...
the JA programme 'Enterprise in Action'. Armando has been involved in teaching financial literacy and entrepreneurial education in high schools since 1996.





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