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updated Tue. January 16, 2018

The state Republican Party declined to comment on whether it coordinated with the Examiner but sharing the site's stories greatly increased their visibility. ... Chin said that the man had been known as a Lewiston activist but that he did not participate in the campaign and had been asked not to attend any ...
The deal would have undoubtedly disappointed immigration activists on the left. Many regard public dollar directed to a physical barrier, in any form, as a moral obscenity. Making matters worse, Trump would surely go out and tout the deal as evidence of his bargaining super-skills and call it a campaign ...

"She was on the phone all the time" talking to GOP activists, Weinholzer said. Axdahl was Minnesota's Republican national committeewoman from 1989 to 2011, when she stepped down to care for her late husband, former Maplewood Mayor Les Axdahl. "She was a genuinely nice person who was beloved ...
GOP leaders and Trump could then explain away a bill that is not as conservative as some party activists and the party's most conservative members would like by saying that it had to be bipartisan (and have some Democratic ideas) in order to pass. So imagine that Republicans come up with a bipartisan ...
As a state coordinator with National Action Network, he and other civil rights activists expressed anger and outrage while standing together outside the Charleston County Courthouse in downtown Charleston. They talked about their frustration over the president's reportedly rude statement on people entering the country ...
(CNN) As Tim Pawlenty weighs whether to run for Senate in Minnesota, Republicans have been attempting to persuade the former governor to jump into the race -- with outreach by a roster party leaders, donors and Republican activists, according to multiple sources familiar with the discussions.

Not just a Republican, but a President Donald Trump supporter. A Bill Schuette endorser. And a tireless advocate for the cause. "Linda Lee is a hardworking, dedicated and passionate Republican activist," Schuette, the Michigan attorney general and a Republican candidate for governor, said in an email to ...
President Trump accused Democrats of "doing nothing" for Dreamers and predicted Hispanic voters and activists pushing for Congress to address the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program will start "falling in love" with him and Republican lawmakers. "Democrats are doing nothing for DACA - just ...
Despite the setback, the Republican group has chosen to host the anti-Muslim figure at a new location. Gaubatz works closely alongside his boss John Guandolo, the founder and president of UTT. Both regularly travel the country briefing law enforcement and civilians alike about the so-called "threat" of ...
Last month's letter to Sessions, spearheaded by Representative Ken Buck, a Republican, and signed by at least two Democrats, said that when ...
Bob Goodlatte, the Republican chairman of the House Judiciary ... has drawn the ire Republican activists in his district, including those who run ...
12 election and the possibility that Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy ... is gospel among conservative activists and hardcore Republicans ...
"Republican activists" in Oakland County are urged by local party leaders "to take part in boycotting the Mainstream Media and Fake News ...
But, at a time of rising grassroots frustration with Republican leaders in ... and said GOP leaders are in the political crosshairs of party activists.
Vukmir, R-Brookfield, got into politics as an education activist in the ... So far, conservative activists have laid blame on the GOP Congress ...
"Republican activists" in Oakland County are urged by local party leaders "to take part in boycotting the Mainstream Media and Fake News ...

The latest platform, adopted by Texas GOP activists in 2016, spells out positions that nominees are expected to champion -- among them, ...
Iowa GOP leader eyes caucus change favoring Trump ... The overwhelming consensus I see among activists is they're not disgusted with ...
Joshua Recalde-Martinez, an 18-year-old College Republican and campus ... Shawn steel, a dedicated campus free speech activist and RNC ...
Here are five areas where Republican lawmakers, and the groups that .... president of Americans for Prosperity, a conservative activist group.
During Mr Straus's dozen years in office, Texas Republicans have ... sides; they will have to disappoint either Republican activists or business.
Topeka -- Gene Bicknell, a retired Pizza Hut magnate from Pittsburg and one-time Republican candidate for governor, is asking a district court ...
... because she is one of the rare black female Republican Anti-Abortion rights activists. (No, I will not use the GOP marketing phrase "pro-life.
The mayor of Athens was ousted from the local Democratic party after she endorsed the GOP candidate in the race. Republican activists in ...
Attorney and activist Fred Brewington holds up a mailer sent to boost ... Dozens of civic activists, religious leaders and elected Democratic officials ... in Mineola to criticize GOP County Executive candidate Jack Martins for a ...
The latest platform, adopted by Texas GOP activists in 2016, spells out ... The story quoted Jim Barnes, a tea-party activist, calling Straus an ...
activists Pledge To Haunt Their Republican Representatives For All ... physically crushed by student debt, activist Jessica Jin has come up with ...
But for one weekend, party activists at a convention in Orange ... former state party activist, doesn't discount the chance that no Republicans will ...
It's an uphill struggle: Republicans now control both statehouse chambers in 32 states (up from 14 in 2010) and 34 of the 50 governorships (not ...
But none of that seems to matter anymore. California GOP activists now celebrate a president who violates that commandment on a daily basis.
... credit for anything that works and distance himself from anything that doesn't -- particularly if there's a backlash from Republican activists.
Andrew Hirsch, a Republican activist who recently relocated from Palm Springs to upstate New York, said he respects Bannon but thinks the ...
political activist and author Mary Baker will be the guest speaker at the Intermountain Republican women Federated (IRWF) meeting on ...
Bob Corker is hardly the only Republican lambasting Donald Trump and ... potential primary challenges from pro-Trump activists on the right, ...
Hawley, the state's Republican attorney general -- who has been ... Republican activists in Missouri and nationally already were lining up ...
Democrats and liberal activists have sought to pressure California's ... billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer slammed the Republican tax plan.
For years now, Anti-Abortion Activists in the United States have been ... Legislation to that effect passed in the GOP-dominated House last week.
(AP) -- The rules for who can run as a Republican in deeply red ... to avoid activists from trying to interfere with races outside their home areas.
Ruben Estrada is a longtime Republican activist, a party loyalist and conservative who says he has faithfully supported President Trump since ...
Republicans in Congress are in a difficult spot. They have failed to repeal and replace Obamacare after campaigning on the issue for seven ...
But Anti-Abortion activists are calling President Trump's ... Similar bills passed a Republican-controlled House in 2013 and 2015 but did not ...
MACKINAC ISLAND - Attorney General Bill Schuette is the choice for governor by most GOP activists who attended the Mackinac Republican ...
A longtime GOP activist in southern Utah has launched a bid to ... Mary Burkett, a member of the Republican State Central Committee and ...
The operative, Peter W. Smith, was an Illinois-based Republican activist who during the presidential campaign sought to obtain emails he ...
Republican activists are claiming credit for the resignation of a key party official, but former Assembly Minority Leader Kristin Olsen says she ...
Tonya Schuitmaker, a Republican state senator and lawyer, ... conservative to Republican activists who will choose their candidate at a 2018 ...
(CN) -- In Alabama's runoff election for the Republican nomination for a ... Phyllis Schlafly, a conservative activist known for pushing the GOP to ...
CROWN POINT -- A Republican activist wants an investigation into whether his party has failed to make all the campaign finance disclosures ...
activists have until September 30 to kill this bill, after which any repeal ... Publicity is critical, as Republicans are counting on activist fatigue to ...


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